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Published at 20th of August 2019 11:12:14 PM

Chapter 131

Chapter 131 This Is the Lightest Punishment for Them

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“What should we do?” Han Lu is so frightened that she steps back in a hurry .


Han Fei puts her left hand on her waist, raises her right hand, points at Hu Guangcan and shouts fiercely, “If you dare to come over, I will hit you to death . You can come over if you have the courage . ”


After Han Fei shouts, Hu Guangcan is a little afraid . He takes a deep look at Han Fei and can’t help stopping . The obscenity in his eyes disappears . He looks at Han Fei again and he is a little more cautious .


“Is it true that a very beautiful woman should have such momentum? Can her kung fu be as good as the woman in black leather?” Hu Guangcan touches his chin and thinks .


He doesn’t want to fail in this task . When he was facing Du Duoduo at that time, he was too careless to fail .


“Fei . Run quickly . ” Han Lu sees that Han Fei is going to fight with Hu Guangcan . She is so frightened that she rushes back and takes Han Fei to run with her . She also saw Hu Guangcan fight with Du Duoduo with her own eyes .


Hu Guangcan sees that Han Lu can pull Han Fei back easily and Han Fei almost falls down . Hu Guangcan scolds himself for being too careful and cautious . He is almost frightened by an ordinary woman . He doesn’t hesitate anymore and chases after them directly .


“Stop . I’ll see where you can go . If you run to a place where there is no one, I’ll catch you . ”


Under the grey evening sky, Li Yong and Mrs . Hu are neck and neck on the other side . Although Mrs . Hu looks old and clumsy, her tactics are endless, deadly and vicious .


When they began to fight, Li Yong was almost fooled by her . After nearly being injured, he hurries to use the exquisite set of boxing and then fights against Mrs . Hu equally .


Gradually, Li Yong finds that although he can resist Mrs . Hu’s attacks, he can’t defeat Mrs . Hu in a short time . Mrs . Hu seems to have infinite internal strength to support her . So it is extremely difficult for Li Yong to predict whether he will win in the end .


Suddenly, Li Yong hears Du Duoduo screaming miserably . He turns his head and finds that not only is Du Duoduo in danger under the siege of the three men, but also Han Lu and Han Fei are chased by Hu Guangcan and they have to hide everywhere .


Li Yong is shocked . He only cared about his fight and forgot their safety just now .


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Li Yong determines not to fight with her slowly . He exerts all his strength . Even if they are internecine, he must solve her quickly . When Mrs . Hu jumps up high again and kicks Li Yong, Li Yong also waves his fist to hit her . When they hit each other with their feet and fists, Li Yong takes several steps back and Mrs . Hu also turns upside down in the air and lands in a terrible state .


“Young man, you seem to be more powerful than a three-stage warrior . ” Mrs . Hu is a three-stage warrior and she has been a three-stage warrior for many years . She sees that she can’t get the upper hand, so she thinks highly of Li Yong .


“Old witch, continue to fight . ” Li Yong doesn’t want to waste time here . He is worried about Han Lu and Han Fei . So as soon as he stands upright, he rushes up .


Mrs . Hu doesn’t want to fight hard, so she avoids far away . The fight between them changes . Li Yong’s tactics are deadly and vicious while Mrs . Hu tries to avoid Li Yong and defend herself .


Li Yong is flustered . He turns his head to Han Lu and Han Fei again and finds that they have run to the farmland outside the service area and are running farther and farther under Hu Guangcan’s pursuit . If Hu Guangcan catches up with them, the consequences will be unimaginable .


Li Yong grits his teeth and has to give up Mrs . Hu . He suddenly rushes to Du Duoduo who is in danger .


Li Yong takes the advantage of speed, attacks Hu Sanhu first and knocks Hu Sanhu down with one punch . Then he stops Hu Dahu and Hu Erhu . After punching them, Li Yong says to Du Duoduo, “Go and protect Han Lu and Han Fei, and ensure their safety . ”


Du Duoduo wipes the blood from the corner of her mouth and turns to run to the farmland .


“Sanhu . ” Hu Dahu screams sadly when he sees Hu Sanhu falling to the ground .


“Sanhu . ” Hu Erhu is also sad .


“Mrs . Hu, what’s wrong with you? Can’t you stop your opponent? Aren’t you going to avenge your husband? Can’t you beat him?” Hu Dahu and Hu Erhu stare at Mrs . Hu and blame her .


“Don’t talk nonsense . Kill him together . ” Then Mrs . Hu rushes to Li Yong first . Li Yong escaped from her hands and seriously injured Hu Sanhu, which made her very disgraceful . She is amazed at Li Yong’s speed and power . But she still attacks Li Yong fiercely, trying to restore her dignity .


“Great . ” Li Yong tries his best again and hits Mrs . Hu with one punch . He finds that although Mrs . Hu’s tactics are vicious, her internal strength is not as strong as him . As long as he fights hard, she can be forced back .

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Li Yong punches Mrs . Hu in the palm of her hand . Mrs . Hu cries out painfully and takes three steps back . Li Yong doesn’t retreat this time, and he stands firm . In terms of strength, he is obviously better .


However, Hu Dahu and Hu Erhu who follow Mrs . Hu have taken out their daggers and cut fiercely in front of Li Yong . Li Yong has no time to respond and has to back off . On the surface, when he beat Mrs . Hu back, he was also beaten back by Mrs . Hu . They are neck and neck .


Mrs . Hu takes a deep breath, suppresses the blood surging in her chest and rushes to Li Yong again . She also suddenly has a dagger in her hand, which greatly increases her strength .


Three daggers surround Li Yong, and chop at and stab Li Yong incessantly . Li Yong is in danger . He is chopped repeatedly . A few moments later, there are several wounds on his legs and arms bleeding .


If it goes on like this, Li Yong will die of bleeding even if he is not chopped to death .


Faced with the three masters, Li Yong gradually feels powerless and his eyes slowly show despair .


This is seen by Mrs . Hu . She laughs strangely and says, “I will take your life . I will kill you today . ”


“Cut him down to avenge Sanhu . ” Hu Dahu also shouts .


“I will take your life . ” Hu Erhu rushes up directly . Even if he dies, he will kill Li Yong .


At this moment, Li Yong smiles slightly, which makes Mrs . Hu, Hu Dahu and Hu Erhu immediately realize that the situation is not good . But before they can stop, Li Yong has had a round bead in his hand . He crushes it directly and throws it outward . A strong fragrance instantly permeates all around .


“No . Withdraw . ” Mrs . Hu first flees outside .


“What is this?” Hu Dahu smells deeply . Then he becomes dizzy suddenly and almost falls down . He finally realizes that it is not good . He pulls Hu Erhu and has no time to take care of Hu Sanhu who is on the ground . He turns and runs away .


But after running a few steps, they fall to the ground suddenly and faint directly . Even several onlookers 100 meters away fall to the ground and lose consciousness when they smell the fragrance .

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Li Yong smiles slightly and thinks, “Lyu Chun’s Bone Weakening Powder really works . I will ask her for more pills . ”


Looking at the bleeding wounds on his arms and legs, Li Yong doesn’t chase after Mrs . Hu, but he takes out his silver needle and quickly pierces around his wounds on his body for several times to stop bleeding first .


Then Li Yong carefully acupunctures the wounds . After making sure that every wound can heal quickly, he stops .


Then Li Yong looks at Hu Dahu and Hu Erhu, smiles slightly and steps over . Looking at the two unconscious strong men, he raises his foot and steps on their arms without hesitation .


Li Yong hears the sound of their arms breaking . Breaking their arms is a punishment for their atrocities .


“Darling, are you all right? How come you bleed so much? Are you okay?” Han Lu and Han Fei were saved by Du Duoduo . When they see many wounds on Li Yong’s body, they can’t help crying .


“Brother Yong, will you die? If you die, what should we do?” Han Fei says directly . She even mentions death . What Han Fei said makes Han Lu worried .


“I’m all right . I can recover after having a rest . ” Li Yong smiles faintly and then he asks Du Duoduo who is tired, “How did you deal with that man?”


“I maimed him . ” Du Duoduo says faintly .


“You did well . This is the lightest punishment for them . The old woman ran away . I didn’t chase after her . I let her go this time . It’s not good to stay here for a long time . I’m afraid that she will find some helpers and kill us again . Let’s go back to Zhonghai City as soon as possible . ” Li Yong says quickly .


“But our car broke down . ” Han Lu says helplessly .


“Call the police and let them send us . ” Han Fei is smart .


“If the police come, can we go back? When they cross-examine us, we’ll get into trouble . It’s just a car . I’ll handle it . ” Du Duoduo has the best way . She walks to a Geely car not far away, raises her hand and touches the door . Then she opens the door in some way .


Du Duoduo sits in the cab and quickly starts the car . She turns the car around and drives the car to Li Yong, Han Lu and Han Fei . Then she opens the window, smiles slightly and says, “Get on the car!”


“Secretary Du, you are really great . ” Han Fei gets on the car first . She admires Du Duoduo very much .


“Secretary Du, you are stealing a car! You are guilty . If you’re caught by the police, you’ll go to jail . ” Han Lu says uneasily . She stands in front of the car door and hesitates . She is afraid that she will commit a crime as Du Duoduo after she gets on .


“Get on!” Li Yong pushes Han Lu into the car from behind .


When the car goes on the road, a man shouts at the back, “My car, my car has run away . . . ”


After returning to Zhonghai City, they park the car at the exit of the expressway and dial the number of the car owner left in the car . They tell the car owner that they find his car by the roadside .


The car owner thanks them very much . Then they take a taxi and go home directly .


It is 9 o’clock in the evening, and they are very tired after two busy days .


Li Yong goes straight back to his room to practice and heal his wounds, and tells Han Lu and Han Fei not to disturb him .


Han Fei runs to ask Lyu Chun to get up for night snack . Han Lu calls Han Dongtao, saying that Li Yong has raised 800 million yuan . She asks how much Han Dongtao needs . Han Dongtao is very happy and he says that he needs 300 million yuan .


Han Lu transfers the money directly to Han Dongtao . She also transfers the rest of the money directly into the company’s account . She decides to develop the company and make the company return to the top of Zhonghai City .


Du Duoduo also finds a room and begins to practice .


After a lot of fighting, she has a deeper understanding of the method . She gradually finds that the Rainy Planting Method Li Yong taught her not only can promote the growth of herbs, but also enhance her strength and improve her internal strength .

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