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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Let’s Go Get a Room

Li Yong doesn’t care about what she says . Tonight’s problem, just leave it for tonight .


Now all he wants to do is to resign from the hospital and open a clinic . Gaily, he walks really fast and arrives at the hospital very soon .


It is still early in the morning but the hospital has already been crowded with people . Li Yong looks around and then heads straightly towards the gynecology department . He is an intern there and now at least he has to inform the physician-in-charge of his resignation .


Yet, when he reaches the door, a woman goes out all of a sudden . They almost bump into each other .


Looking at the beautiful face before him, Li Yong draws a deep breath . Oh my god, isn’t she the fairy lady from the heaven?


She is wearing a black business suit with a white shirt . Since she doesn’t button the two top buttons, Li Yong happens to see her cleavage from his angle .


She has black hair falling over her shoulder, two arched eyebrows above the large liquid eyes and a straight nose . Her fair cheeks are glowing with two enchanting lips pouted at the moment . She seems to have something bothering her .


Stopped the way by someone from nowhere, Han Lu feels rather annoyed . Noticing Li Yong’s look, she is even angrier with hate and then says grimly, “Get out of my way . ”


Han Lu is indeed unhappy . She is ill . She made an appointment with the chief of the gynecology department before, but she arrives here only to be informed that the doctor has gone on a business trip and will not return until tomorrow .


She is seriously sick so she has no choice but to turn to other doctors . However, when she comes here, she finds out the doctor has not come to work yet . One thing adding to another, she is completely pissed off, and hence she is bad-tempered at the moment .


Li Yong realizes he is rude and then steps aside quickly to give the way . Yet Han Lu doesn’t go out directly . Instead, she stares at him and asks hesitantly, “Are you the doctor?”


Li Yong is only an intern and barely qualified to give medical advice to the patients on his own . Nevertheless, since such a beauty asked, he won’t want to lose face and answered seriously, “Yes, I am . ”


Right after that, he realizes this lady is not the staff of the hospital and must be a patient . He already fronts once and doesn’t bother to keep doing that . He says gently, “If you are seeking for medical advice, come in with me then . ”


Han Lu is elated and follows him into the room . They sit down facing each other . Li Yong asks her straightly, “What’s your complaint?”


Being asked, Han Lu stammers with her flushed cheeks, “I… I . . . ”


She hesitates for a while and doesn’t spill out her problem .


Li Yong doesn’t know how to help her . Yet, it occurs to him that this will be a great chance to test his clairvoyant vision .


He waves his hand and says randomly, “Forget it . Don’t say it then . Let me take your pulse . ”


Han Lu is relieved . She wants to say but it is too embarrassed for her to talk about her chest problems with a man .


Listening what Li Yong proposes, she reaches out her hand and asks, “So you know traditional Chinese medicine too?”


Li Yong nods and puts his fingers on Han Lu’s white and tender wrist pretending he is feeling the pulse . Yet, he is staring at Han’s body actually .


Under his clairvoyant vision, Han Lu’s clothes begin to fade out and her perfect body curve gradually presents itself . Facing such lure, Li Yong can’t help but swallow his saliva .


He dares not to watch more and then clears his mind . Han Lu’s white skin is gone; instead, her bones and meridians begin to show in front of him .


With the help of his clairvoyant vision, Li Yong finds out Han Lu’s illness and the cause . He withdraws his vision and moves away his fingers, saying, “You are having endocrine disorders and lacking Qi, resulting in the distending pain and agglomeration in the chest . It’s not serious by now . Let me give you a prescription . And I will point out several acupuncture points for you . You can go home and press them regularly . ”


Saying so, Li Yong reaches out for her medical records .


Han Lu is so shocked then . She asks, “You can tell my disease only by taking my pulse?”


According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, it can be done for sure, but Li Yong hasn’t mastered it all . Yet, he doesn’t want to look stupid in front of Han Lu . So he says, “There are four ways of diagnosis based on traditional Chinese medicine--inspection, auscultation, inquiry and palpation . So, it’s easy to learn about your condition by taking your pulse . ”


Han Lu is so impressive and her beautiful big eyes are blinking like stars .


Right at the moment, the door is opened and there comes a balding man in white .


He sees Li Yong sitting on his seat and giving advice to the patient . He goes into a rage and yells, “Li Yong, who do you think you are? Without my permission, how dare you give medical advice to others?”


The man is called Wang Jiandong, the physician-in-charge of the obstetrics gynecology department . He is the master of Li Yong . Yet, he is a lecherous snob and dislikes Li Yong for Li doesn’t give presents or benefits to him .


Now he catches Li Yong on sight and he will never let it go easily . Li Yong would be scolded for sure and his salary may be deducted .


Li Yong means to quit the job anyway, so he doesn’t want to control his temper and is about to refute him . However, Han Lu stops him and stares at him with astonishment, saying, “You are not a doctor?”


“No way is he a doctor! He is merely an intern . Now because he breaks the rule, he will be fired soon . ” On entering the room, Wang Jiandong sees Han Lu . Amazed by her beauty as he is, he acts calm and indifferent .


Now he has the chance to show off in front of Han Lu, he will seize it for sure and tries his best to belittle Li Yong .


“Screw you . I wanted to quit long ago . And I came by today only to tell you that I officially quit!” Li Yong shouts with fury and throws the medical record on the table .


He passes Wang Jiandong with no glance and comes to Han Lu, saying with grin, “Beauty, let’s go to other places and proceed . ”


Han is such a beautiful lady . He doesn’t want to see her become a victim of Wang Jiandong .


Yet, Han Lu is shocked . She has seen what Li Yong can do and he can be regarded as a magic doctor . Now she is told that he is not a doctor . She can’t help hesitating .


Rumor has it that now there are some swindlers who trick women with some magic powers and take them to a quiet place, raping them and murdering them . Even worse, they may gouge their organs to sell for money .


And what Li Yong does is exactly like the so-called swindlers . Han Lu grows more and more frightened and shakes her head hard, saying, “No, I’d rather stay here . ”


“Li Yong, stop daydreaming! You don’t even have a license and how dare you want to take advantage of the young lady . ” Wang Jiandong sneers with fury . He is at a rage for the yelling of Li Yong .


Looking at his face full of chicken pox scars, Li Yong feels a little nausea and doesn’t want to leave like this . Thus, he bends down and whispers to Han Lu, “My lady, if you ask him to help with your disease, he will touch your chest for sure . Are you really willing to let such a disgusting man to lay his hand on you?”


Touched my chest by Wang Jiandong?


Han Lu is stunned immediately . Seeing his ugly face, she rejects quickly, “No way, I’d rather ask you to be my doctor . ”


After saying so, Han Lu strides away rapidly and is afraid to have nightmares after watching Wang Jiandong’s face for long .


Li Yong whistles excitedly and follows her out of the room .


Right in the diagnosis room, Wang Jiandong is furious to death and even more raging when thinking of Li Yong’s face .


Nevertheless, he becomes excited though and starts to make a phone call .


After hanging up, Wang Jiandong sneers and says, “Li Yong, you asked for it . ”


Li Yong follows Han Lu all the way . When they reach the gate of the hospital, Han Lu asks, “Hey, where are we going then?”


Emm . . .


Li Yong is stunned and realized that his clinic is not open yet . And they cannot go to his rented apartment . If they do, he will definitely be taken as a swindler and sent to jail .


Now that Han Lu has left the room, he cannot just leave her . He has an idea then and hesitates, “Let’s go get a room?”


“You rogue . . . ” Han Lu says with fury . This man is a liar indeed, who is so eager to get a room with her and he must want to do something to her .


For one moment, Han Lu feels like running away, but she is really amazed by Li Yong, who could learn about her physical condition by taking her pulse . Hence, she hopes Li would surprise her .


Realizing Han Lu has misunderstood him, Li Yong explains, “Miss, don’t take it wrong . I never mean that way . Seriously, I don’t have any other place to go . ”


“Are you serious?” Han Lu is a bit doubtful . If the nearby surroundings were not so crowded with people and she is not afraid that Li Yong does harm to her, she would have run away very fast .


“Yes . ” Li Yong nods gravely . Lecherous as he is, he will never do such a dirty thing .


“Well, let’s go to my house then . ” Han Lu decides to trust him .


She is proud of herself for making such a decision . If they are at her home, she can easily take care of this man as long as he does anything indecent .


Li Yong doesn’t think too much . For him, he doesn’t have other choices but to say yes .


They two walk out of the hospital . Han Lu gets in a nice car and Li Yong also sits on the co-pilot position without asking .


Han Lu lives in the villa area of the city, where the rich or the famous reside . During their journey, Li Yong sees tens of luxury cars worth millions of yuan . He can’t help mumbling:


“Crap, these people are rich!”


The car stops outside a villa . The moment they two get off the car, Li Yong notices there are two bodyguards neatly suited and standing at the gate . He is a bit frightened and wonders whether the lady is from any gangster group .


Han Lu notices his face and stirs up a smile, walking right in the villa .


“Miss!” Right when she walks into the door, the two bodyguards bent down and saluted respectfully at the same time .


Han Lu is rather satisfied and gives them a gesture, saying, “He is my doctor . Just leave him alone . ”


The two bodyguards nod and stand as straight as a tree, but they never take their eyes away from Li Yong and get prepared to fix him .


Yet Li Yong doesn’t care about that and walked right into the house . He has nothing to fear about .


Han Lu’s villa is so huge, divided into three floors with simple and elegant decoration . It can tell that she is a lady of good taste .


Though it is the first time that Li Yong comes to such a luxury villa, he is not that curious and doesn’t even check around .


He believes that with his clairvoyant vision and medical practice skills, he would definitely make a great fortune in the near future . And if he wants, he can buy a villa like this then .


Han Lu is ready to see his awed look but she is disappointed . Li Yong doesn’t look around and instead, he stares at her and asks, “Where do I give the medical consultation?”


“Emm, let’s go to my room . ” Han Lu just realizes and answers hastily, walking towards her room straightly .


She is so curious about this man . Isn’t he a bumpkin?


Li Yong doesn’t think much as she did and just followed her to the room . When he is about to say something, he is astounded and couldn’t believe this is real .


Han Lu’s room is nearly 40 square meters big with a king size bed . To his surprise, there are various underwear clothes on the bed, a few of which are lingerie .


Li Yong swallows hard and can’t help looking to the body of Han Lu .