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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 It Feels Very Comfortable

Han Lu’s figure is very sexy . Even if she is in occupational outfit, her beauty makes man hard to breathe . If she changes the underwear on the bed, there must be a flock of men crazy about her body .


Being stared at by Li Yong, Han Lu cannot help being a little nervous, thinking that Li Yong is the cheater again and again, nevertheless she discovers very quickly that the expression in Li Yong’s eyes changes . There is a flirt in his greedy eyes .


Han Lu turns her head curiously, and sees a pile of underwear on the bed . She is so surprised and quickly turns around to pick it up, while grumbling, “This little girl has taken these things to my room again . ”


After tidying up, Han Lu’s face is still red . She is embarrassed and explains: “Well, it is not what you think . This is what my younger sister has done . ”


“You don’t have to explain it to me . ” Li Yong chuckles . However, Han Lu can read from his smile that he thinks that is a lame excuse .


“Why should I explain to Li Yong? He is not my man . ” Han Lu thinks for a while .


“But what did he mean? It’s like I have a crush on him . ” Han Lu thinks angrily and says hurriedly, “let’s start the treatment . ”


“Okay . ” Li Yong nods earnestly . He scans the room of Han Lu, comes to desk, picks up a pen and a paper and then begins to write .


He thought this prescription for a long time . He is sure that can treat Han Lu’s disease .


When the prescription is finished, he hands it directly to Han Lu and says earnestly, “You’d better boil this medicine, take it once in the morning and once in the evening . ”


“Well, do you have human body meridian diagram here?” Li Yong asks .


“No . ” Han Lu shakes her head . She is not a doctor, how will she get that thing? She asks curiously: “Why you need it?”


“Although your disease is not serious, but the chest pain is hard to bear, if there is a meridian diagram, I could tell you a few acupoints which you could press to relief . ” Li Yong says earnestly .


However, he looks back and forth on Han Lu’s breasts, hates not to help her to press .


While mentioning the sensitive part, Han Lu suddenly becomes embarrassed, ignoring Li Yong’s eyes .


Nevertheless, as Li Yong says, she has to suffer from chest pain every day, and now there is a way to cure . She does not want to miss it .


She thinks for a while and finally makes a decision: “You could use a pen to point the acupoints on my chest, but I have to warn you not to touch it, or my two bodyguards will punish you . ”


Speaking of that, she is already on the alert . Although the man is using a pen, but after all, he is a man . She has to be careful!


Li Yong signs, does he look like a bad egg?


If Han Lu knows what he is thinking, she would shake her head seriously and say, “Yes, you do . ”


Seeing Han Lu is on full alert, Li Yong saves his energy to say much: “You can choose not to do that . ”


“That is impossible . ” Han Lu shakes her head . She does not want to be tortured again .


She simply also throw her chest out, very proudly, and says: “Come on . ”


Seeing her act, which seems that she is going to sacrifice, Li Yong cannot help laughing, picking up a pen to point several acupoints on her body, and says, “Well, you could press them by yourself . I will go now . ”


“Wait for a minute . ” After what he said, he directly walks outside, but Han Lu pulls him, and anxious to say, “Could you sit outside for a while? I want to ask you something . ”


Han Lu does not explain, just pushes Li Yong outside the room and has the door locked .


Han Lu does have some tricks . She has to try what Li Yong said in the room first, if it does not work, she would let the bodyguards punish him .


Li Yong does not know Han Lu’s trick, he is still thinking that Han Lu is prepared to thank him .


He does not have a thing want to do anyway, so he walks out . After all, there are fewer opportunities to contact with the beauty like Han Lu .


When he walks towards the sitting room, a scream comes out . Li Yong looks up only to find a beautiful girl wearing a pink halter-top skirt, with the length is just to the thigh, two slender white tender legs expose completely .


The belt of nightgown is very long, with no covering on tender and slippery sweet shoulder, especially that sexy clavicle; it is too beautiful to believe it .


However the girl’s facial expression is not normal, it is frightened . She stares at Li Yong and asks: “Who are you? How did you get in here?”


The look of girl and that of Han Lu have something in common, so Li Yong almost knows who the girl is . He smiles: “I am a doctor, who is invited by your elder sister . ”


“I see . ” The girl’s name is Han Fei . When she hears that, she feels relieved, but very quickly, she’s excited to jump to Li Yong’s side and says: “Handsome, there’s something wrong on my elder sister’s chest, did you touch it?”


“Well, did my sister’s breasts feel comfortable?” With excitement, Han Fei keeps jumping and the peaks on her chest are following, up and down .


This is a problem for Li Yong . He controls himself not to see, but cannot help it . He keeps looking back and forth on her breasts .


Han Fei is excited . After a long while, she finds Li Yong does not answer, so she looks up, just on Li Yong’s eyes, her small face turns slightly red, but does not directly dodge . Eyes are rolling, she says, “You, the handsome boy, if you tell me, I will let you touch mine . ”


When speaking, she deliberately straightens up her chest to let Li Yong see .


Looking at her funny gesture, Li Yong’s blood almost gushes out . Nevertheless, he indeed has a little crush on her .


Han Fei is staring at him all the time, and naturally notices the change in his eyes . A wild gleam comes into her eyes . She says softly, “Be quick, once you answered, I will let you touch . ”


Li Yong cannot hold it anymore, but he does not touch Han Lu’s, how to talk about feelings now?


He does not want to miss such a good opportunity, simply says: “Really comfortable . ”


As he speaks, he glances at Han Fei . It is a lie, but he is going to experience it right now, which truly excites him .


Hearing this answer, Han Fei smiles with satisfaction, straightens her chest and closes her eyes . “Come on! You have my word . ”


Although Han Fei has closed her eyes, he does not notice that Han Fei is holding the mobile phone in her hand and her finger is already pressing the dial-up button .


Now Li Yong is so excited, staring at Han Fei’s breasts, which he straightens out of his hand .


However, at this time, Han Lu’s door opens, Han Lu runs out excitedly and says: “Wow, it really works, I feel not pain anymore . ”


While she is excited, she catches the action of Li Yong, surprised to ask: “What are you doing?”


Han Fei is ready to dial the phone, when she hears the voice of Han Lu . She quickly jumps a few steps, laughing and saying: “We are discussing the feeling of touching your chest, he said it was very comfortable to touch . ”


Then she goes straight up to the second floor .


After a slightly distracted look, Han Lu instantly comes over and yells at her sister: “You, the naughty girl, give me stop!”


However, Han Fei has already gone upstairs . Han Lu is clear about her sister’s character and knows that the girl must be hiding .


She cannot square the accounts on her own sister, only turns the target to Li Yong, gnashes her teeth: “Is that true?”


Stared at by her, Li Yong cannot help shivering, hurriedly explains: “I talked nonsense, and there’s nothing to worry about . ”


Peering at his nervous expression, Han Lu’s worry also disappears . She knows Han Fei, who must use some tricks to make Li Yong lie .


She does not bother, and says, “Your method is so amazing that it actually cured me . ”


“This is a famous doctor’s prescription . How could it not be cured?”


Even though Li Yong proudly thought in that way, he keeps calm to respond: “This is just to ease the pain, if you want to be completely cured, you must take medicine on time . ”


Han Lu keeps nodding all the time . From this moment, she begins to look Li Yong as a highly skilled doctor .


Next moment, she comes to Li Yong’s side suddenly, with excitement: “Do you have any other magical prescriptions? For instance can maintain beauty and keep young, lose weight, shape body figure or to lift breasts? “


She said many things, which surprises Li Yong . He looks up and down at Han Lu’s figure and says, “Don’t tell me you need these . ”


In his eyes, Han Lu’s figure is perfect, how could she need those things?


“No! I . . . ” Han Lu quickly waves her hand and explains in a hurry .


It tips Li Yong that Han Lu’s family is doing cosmetic business, which enjoys a good reputation on the market . Therefore, when Han Lu sees Li Yong’s magical medical skill, she wants more recipes to produce better product, and sell them .


She is very good at calculating . However, Li Yong does not directly answer, and he smiles: “I really have some, but what can I get if I tell you?”


Han Lu is a businesswoman and she knows how to respond, “Well, I’ll give you 1 million yuan for each prescription, but only if it is verified to be valid . ”


Li Yong has never seen 1 million yuan in his life, and he has so many such prescriptions, which could worth several million yuan .


Nevertheless, Li Yong remains unmoved: “Just forget it . I still have other business to do . ”


He is answering while walking outside . This pushes on Han Lu’s nerve . She is a businesswoman, how could she let such a good business opportunity go away?


She becomes worried and pulls Li Yong in an urgent way: “Alright, name your price?”


Li Yong did not really think about making money from selling prescriptions, but now that he thinks, it is a good idea . After a little reflection, he says earnestly, “2 million yuan plus 10% of the sales revenue . ”


When she heard 2 million, Han Lu was about to be excited because it was quite a bargain to pay two million yuan for a prescription . But once she finished listening to the words behind, she becomes very serious, and shakes her head: “It is impossible, the price is too high . ”


“Then forget it . ” Li Yong shakes his head indifferently and is about to leave .


“Well, well, I promise you . ” However, as he turns around, he hears Han Lu’s exasperated voice .


As a businesswoman, Han Lu understands the inside rule . She says instantly: “I will let lawyer prepare a contract first . After signing, I will pay some earnest money to you first . ”


She has a short temper and needs to make a phone call, but Li Yong stops her . “There’s no hurry . We haven’t talked about the consultation fee yet . ”


“What do you mean?” Han Lu cannot believe it, staring at Li Yong . In her mind, Li Yong has made so much money and he will not care about such little consultation fee .


However, Li Yong really cares and tickles, “If I guess right, you would also use my prescription for production?”