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Published at 14th of May 2019 11:52:57 PM

Chapter 37

Chapter 37 He is My Husband

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It is Li Yong’s consistent style that if he has an idea, he will put it into practice as soon as possible . He turns on his computer and begins searching the Internet for cars . Foreign automobiles have a good reputation, but imported automobiles are highly taxed and expensive .


Although home-made automobiles are not perfect, they are cheap . He can’t drive, so his first car doesn’t have to be too good . He searches the Internet and chooses a domestic brand .


When Zhang Yurong comes back from shopping, Li Yong looks up and asks, “Yurong, do you have a driver’s license?”


“Yes!” Zhang Yurong says with a smile, “I got it when I was still in college . ”


“That’s great . I take a fancy to a car . Let’s go and drive back now . ” Li Yong takes Zhang Yurong to the 4S Shop by taxi and immediately buys a new car in cash for 140,000 yuan .


Li Yong has run out of money since he spent more than five million yuan on his property . Fortunately, he cured Sun Qiang’s grandpa of his illness and earned another one million yuan . After repaying 300,000 to Zhang Yurong and buying a car, he now has about 500,000 yuan .


Now, money is no longer a difficult problem for Li Yong . He has medical skills, so money comes naturally . He has clairvoyant vision, so beautiful women are all there .


They don’t have to return to Happy Clinic by taxi . After hanging up the temporary number plate, Zhang Yurong drives back directly . Zhang Yurong, who didn’t drive for a long time, is very excited . When she is just on the road, she takes the accelerator as the brake and almost runs into the front car . She is frightened and her palms are sweaty .


Li Yong smiles and says, “You want to hit it from behind!”


“Bah, I’m not as good as you . ” Zhang Yurong blushes at one . She calms down gradually and begins to concentrate on driving .


“Yurong, hurry up . The car’s maximum speed is 280 kilometers per hour . How can you drive like a snail? Didn’t you hear anybody keep pressing the whistle behind our car?” Seeing many cars passing by, Li Yong urges .


“What are you anxious about? We’d rather wait for a minute than fight for a second . Safety comes first . ” Zhang Yurong looks ahead and says .

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However, she still raises the speed of the car . She is not nervous after becoming familiar with the car gradually .


They drive along the ring road to observe the changes of the city . On the third circle, Li Yong receives a call from Han Lu . Han Lu asks him to come to her immediately . When he asks Han Lu what she is doing, she has hung up the phone .


The rich lady is self-willed . If she orders, he will have to do it like a robot because Han Lu pays him five million yuan a month . Li Yong really wants to continue going for a ride with Zhang Yurong! In the evening, they can find a place where has nobody and have sex in the car . Li Yong feels it will be exciting .


But he still tells Zhang Yurong the thing . Zhang Yurong knows it is his job and then she drives Li Yong over right away . She doesn’t go in and she drives back to Happy Clinic directly after Li Yong entered .


Operating a clinic requires someone to stay there . Zhang Yurong stays in the Happy Clinic every day without anything else . If someone comes to see a doctor, she will call Li Yong . Zhang Yurong is very active because Li Yong can at least earn 100,000 yuan after curing a patient . She is happiest to see that Li Yong can make money .


Han Lu is checking the company documents in the living room of her villa . Although she doesn’t work in the company for the time being, some things still need her signature to be implemented . She is still the general manager of the company .


Han Lu wears a black jacket today, and her hair at the back of her head looks like a chrysanthemum . Li Yong makes sure that it is like a chrysanthemum, he really does not think about it deliberately .


Now, Han Lu sits quietly on the sofa, with thick documents on her slender legs . She lowers her head and checks the contracts carefully and scrupulously .


“Ms . Han, you asked me to come here, what’s the matter?” Li Yong comes in and asks with a smile . His eyes linger on Han Lu . Li Yong appreciates Han Lu’s charming appearance completely rather than seeing through her body .


Han Lu shakes her pen and says without raising her head, “Don’t call me Ms . Han, please call me President Han or Manager Han . ”


“How about calling you Lu?” Li Yong smiles .


“What did you say?” Han Lu raises her head, glares at Li Yong and threatens .

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“Okay, President Han, what do you want me to do?” Li Yong has to change the address and continues to say with a smile, “I will come to sleep with you at night, and it is not night yet!”


“Hum, who let you sleep with me? My father gives you a monthly salary of five million yuan, you have to be on call . ” Han Lu says unhappily .


“But you can’t call me over at will!” Just now, Li Yong was happy to take a ride with Zhang Yurong, he really wanted to go on for a little longer .


“I didn’t ask you come over at will . It’s Lyu Chun who wants to see you . You go to see her . ” Han Lu glances at Li Yong and then continues to read the documents in her hand . Lyu Chun is her senior bodyguard, not her servant . Lyu Chun told Han Lu that she would like to see Li Yong, Han Lu had no reason to refuse .


When Li Yong comes to the side room next to the villa, he sees Lyu Chun in green clothes sitting cross-legged on the bed and sweating anxiously at Li Yong’s written ordinary mental cultivation method . Even her chest is wet with sweat, but it is like two saliva marks . Li Yong clenches his fist and thinks, “Who took two bites on her chest? What a jerk!”


“Why, why can’t I cultivate?” Lyu Chun takes a deep breath to calm herself down .


Seeing Li Yong coming in, Lyu Chun jumps out of bed immediately and says with joy, “Li Yong, you are here at last . I have studied all day and night . According to the method inside, I can’t cultivate at all . I even can’t feel the existence of meridians . ”


So she finds him for her cultivation . Li Yong has no obligation to help her . However, seeing the two wet spots on her trembling chest, Li Yong smiles and says faintly, “To cultivate this, you should understand with your heart, not your strength . ”


Since Lyu Chun got the mental cultivation method, she was sitting there with her great efforts . She thought that she needed to use her own strength to open the meridians . As a result, no matter how hard she tried, no matter how much sweat she sweated, she still couldn’t make it .


If it hadn’t been for her strong spiritual will, she would have been exhausted after a day and night of hard work .


Lyu Chun suddenly realizes that she should understand with her heart .


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Lyu Chun understands a lot in an instant . She sits on her big bed again . She is relaxed now . She reads the mental cultivation method of Li Yong and feels with her heart in the meantime .


Lyu Chun ignores Li Yong because she is devoted to cultivating her internal strength . She had a lot to talk with Li Yong at first . But now she is totally immersed in cultivation and forgets everything .


Li Yong looks at the room which is about 30 square meters . Just as his room, there is a bed, a desk and a chair but there are fewer works of art and artistic styles .


It seems that he is more important than this senior bodyguard in the eyes of members of the Han Family . Actually, the Han Family doesn’t need any bodyguards . As long as the salary of the bodyguards is given to Li Yong, Li Yong can do two jobs . He can protect Han Lu while treating her illness . He can take two things into consideration .


However, he will have to stay here every day and not be able to work in the Happy Clinic in that case .


Everything has two sides . Li Yong is only one person, he can’t take care of too many things .


Finally, Li Yong’s eyes fall on Lyu Chun . He has to say that Lyu Chun has an excellent figure . There is no excess fat and no unshapeliness of her body, which is the result of her martial arts training since childhood . Such a figure must be very elastic and smooth . Especially her plump breasts must be like balls .


Li Yong purses his lips and really wants to suck Lyu Chun’s breasts .


Li Yong’s body reacts while thinking about it . He hurries out of Lyu Chun’s room . And then he sees a luxury car parking at the gate of the villa and a handsome man getting out of the car .


But the handsome man’s face is gloomy . He knocks down the bodyguards who stop him easily and goes into the villa directly .


Han Lu is shocked by the sound outside . When the handsome man comes to the middle of the villa yard, Han Lu also walks out of the living room . They look at each other and then both stand there at once .


Li Yong immediately sees sparks in their eyes, not small sparks of love but raging flames of fury . Li Yong can understand that Han Lu is angry .


Han Lu has reason to be angry because the handsome man injured her bodyguards .


But Li Yong can’t figure out why the handsome man is so angry! Generally speaking, when people see beautiful women, especially the most beautiful women like Han Lu, they should be relaxed and happy .


What is the handsome man angry about? Can he get angry just because he is handsome?


“Zhao Hongyu, get out of here . ” Han Lu shouts angrily when Li Yong thinks .


Zhao Hongyu seems to have known Han Lu would say this . He smiles and then also says with anger, “I brought your antidote, but you asked me to go away? Lu, do you really let me go?”


Zhao Hongyu shakes his brown curly hair, takes out a small glass bottle from his pockets, holds it in the air and continues to say, “If I leave, you are bound to die . ”


Han Lu wrinkles her eyebrows and still has some tangles in her heart . However, she still says angrily, “Go away . Even if I die, I will not marry you . ”


“Well, you are going to die!” Zhao Hongyu grounds out grimly . And then he laughs again and says, “When you die, I will marry your sister . Han’s Pharmaceutical Group will be mine sooner or later . ”


Han Lu is very angry . She feels dizzy which makes her body sway and she almost falls down . Li Yong rushes over to hold her . He sees a glittering tear sliding from her eyes and which makes her look delicate and attractive .


Li Yong is so heartbroken that he can’t help holding her in his arms . He comforts, “President Han, don’t worry . I will cure you . You won’t need the antidote in his hands at all . ”


Zhao Hongyu is about to leave, but when he sees that Li Yong and Han Lu are so close, he snorts and turns around . He looks at Li Yong with his indifferent eyes and asks coldly, “Who are you?”


Han Lu has calmed down at this time . When she finds herself in Li Yong’s arms, she does not push Li Yong away but hugs Li Yong closer . She glares at the handsome man and says slowly, “He is my . . . husband . ”

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