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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 What’s Wrong with You?

With her little trick exposed, Han Lu cannot help being a little embarrassed . She really has this idea . After all, gynecological medicine creates a big market .


But this only lasted for a moment, she replies: “OK, I will count that in . ”


Then, Li Yong nods with satisfactory . Although talking about money will somehow destroy the atmosphere, that’s a horse of different color, you could not put yourself in an unfavorable situation .


Han Lu goes straight to make a phone call, when she returns, she cannot help mumbling: “What a penny pincher!”


We have to say that Han Lu’s work efficiency is very high . After making a phone call in less than half an hour, there comes a lawyer with a contract . Two people readily signs .


Han Lu is relieved and says with a smile, “You have such a good name as Li Yong, don’t you?”


One thing she doesn’t say is that he is a little mean .


“You have a nice name, too . ” Li Yong expresses his sincere praise . The name of “Han Lu” is as beautiful as the woman herself, who can leave a deep impression on others .


“Thank you very much . ” Han Lu smiles smugly and then stretches out her hand and says, “Give me your card number and I’ll pay you some of it, and then I’ll give you the rest after I make sure the prescription is effective . ”


Li Yong doesn’t hesitate to take out his bank card, and sends to her .


He opened short message notice service for the card, so very quickly, a short message comes over . Counting the digit of the money in heart, Li Yong feels like it were a dream .


Yesterday he was worried about the rent of 800 yuan, but now he has two million yuan . Life is but a dream indeed!


When things are done, Han Lu is eager to push Li Yong to do his job and urges him in a hurry: “You can start writing now, so that I could ask the lawyer to take to experiment it . ”


“Well, there’s no need to worry . ” Even with discontented grunt, he takes what she says seriously and quickly writes two prescriptions .


Jokingly speaking, only the fool will give up the opportunity to make money .


Handing the prescription to Han Lu, Li Yong says, “Let’s just try these and check the effect . I’ll go back first . ”


Han Lu does not supposed to ask for too many, so she carefully hands the prescription to the lawyer, smiles and says: “Allow me to send you off . ”


It’s a rare opportunity that Han Lu would personally send someone off . It’s guessed that fewer people in Zhonghai City are qualified to deserve it .


But Li Yong is not that excited, because in his mind, he is now the god of wealth, he deserves to be treated like this .


As they walk out of the villa, it calls to Han Lu’s mind that Li Yong has no car, and it’s hard to take a taxi around the villa . So she simply wants to show kindness to him and says, “I’ll send you home . ”


As she starts to drive, a luxury sports car pulls into the villa and stops at the door . A young man steps down .


Dressed in a casual gray suit, with short flowing hair and a handsome face, he stands next to the sports car, looking like a model .


Once he sees Li Yong, his sight becomes unfriendly and his voice sinks: “Darling Lu, who is he?”


“Sun Qiang, what’s wrong with you? Should I tell you who is he?” Han Lu curls her lips with indifference, and turns round to start the car, says to Li Yong: “Let’s go, I send you back . ”


It should not blame Han Lu . Sun Qiang also lives in the villa area, he is a famous dandy and only knows how to pick up a woman . Recently, without any cause, he annoys her all day .


Han Lu is such a proud woman, how can she have a crush on such a person? After being harassed a few times, she is also annoyed and simply ignores him .


Li Yong does not know the identity of Sun Qiang . There is no bother to intervene the contradiction between them, so he follows Han Lu directly .


This makes Sun Qiang angry . He has always been proud of himself possessing such a lot of money . He had never been treated like this, especially in front of a poor loser .


He is very angry, but he does not dare to do something to Han Lu, so he turns to Li Yong, with angry voice: “You poor, I do not care who you are, immediately disappear or I won’t let you see the sun tomorrow . ”


“Han Lu, why is your bodyguard so irresponsible to let the dog in . What if it bites me?” Li Yong ignores Sun Qiang and complains to Han Lu instead .


When he speaks, he pretends to be truly afraid, as if there were a wild dog chasing him .


This is Li Yong . He never makes trouble, but he is never afraid of trouble .


Han Lu cannot help giggling . She feels that calling someone’s names is a kind of art, like what Li Yong did, he did it without even a dirty word, but let her feel soothing .


“Bastard, you are dean . ” Sun Qiang is furious and comes over, shaking his fist .


In his eyes, Li Yong is just a poor loser, and timid is the nature of this kind of people, as long as he waves his fist, the next moment Li Yong would kneel for mercy .


His self-righteous ideas once let him to be pretentious for many times, however, it doesn’t work for this time . The moment he raised a fist, Li Yong paces moves suddenly, and kicks in Sun Qiang’s belly .


How poor Sun Qiang is! He did not think Li Yong would strike, and then he is kicked directly on the ground .


Sun Qiang has a blank in his mind for a time . He climbs up difficultly, with an angry shout: “You bastard, you dare beat me!”


As he speaks, he strikes again, but as soon as his fist almost reaches Li Yong’s face, Li Yong shouts suddenly: “Wait a minute . ”


“Are you afraid?” Sun Qiang snorts proudly and sneered, “If you want me to give you a break, just kneel down and give me three kowtows . Then call me grandpa three times . ”


“Well, it’s a serious illness . ” Li Yong helplessly shakes his head, “Let me guess, you often meet women with illness, now you have been infected with the virus . In three days, it will break out . If not cured immediately, you will be disabled . ”


“You bastard, what the hell are you talking about?” Sun Qiang is furious again, is this man cursing him?


“You know what I was saying . Believe it or not, you could go home and check it, whether there are some black spots underneath?” Li Yong says with an ease, directly walks to the car . Han Lu urges him: “Let’s go . ”


Han Lu doesn’t want to see Sun Qiang and starts the car quickly .


“Hey . . . ” Sun Qiang yells in the back of car, but he suddenly remembered something, rushes into the sports car and hurriedly leaves .


Han Lu drives out of the villa, and jokingly speaks: “You are really too bad, see how angry Sun Qiang is?”


Though it is said like that, she feels relieved which you could tell from her smile .


Li Yong feels to be misunderstood, “Can we call this bad? It is absolutely smart, OK?”


Han Lu doesn’t say much about it, instead, she asks curiously, “By the way, is that true?”


“Of course it is . Just wait and see . In three days he will kneel down and beg me . ” Li Yong smiles with full confidence .


The thing underneath counts for much, no one will ignore it . Sun Qiang must come to beg him .


“You are bragging . ” Han Lu curls her lips with disdain, but in her mind, she chooses to believe Li Yong’s medical skills, it seems not difficult to see through these .


So soon they arrive at Li Yong’s rental house, while they talk very happily along the way that Li Yong doesn’t want to get off . He simply says goodbye to Han Lu, and turns to go to the rental house .


Now he has money . He wants directly to see Zhang Yurong, letting her know that he is a rich man . There is no need to push him for only 800 yuan .


When he just comes to the sixth floor, he hears Zhang Yurong angrily quarrels with her husband: “Bastard, you didn’t come back home for a few months, and when you back home, you bring trouble to me . If you want to divorce, just tell me as early as possible, I don’t care about you . ”


“Zhang Yurong, don’t be nonsense . ” There comes the impatient voice of a man .


“I am indeed nonsense; if you can’t accept that, just go away . ” Zhang Yurong is really angry .


Her anger sounds reasonable . She is exactly at the age craving love from husband; however her husband is always out . If she were single, it’s alright . But she is married; no one could blame her for the grudge .


Zhang Yurong’s husband named Huang Xin . He is so angry that he slams the door and goes out . When passing by Li Yong, he looks at Li Yong with a cold hum .


Li Yong is angry immediately, “Why is he showing cold hum to me? I did not bother him . ”


He just thinks in that way for a little while, and does not break out . There is no need to make a fuss by an indifferent cold hum .


Since Zhang Yurong just quarreled, Li Yong thinks there’s no need to blow himself . When he is about to go back, he hears the sound of crying when passing the door of Zhang Yurong .


Li Yong cannot help feeling sorry for her . Zhang Yurong is not easy to live a life by marrying such a man . Her life is ruined .


Thinking it in his heart, he pushes the door open carefully and asks with concern: “Ms . Zhang, are you all right?”


Zhang Yurong never imagines Li Yong would come at this time . She does not want to be seen through her embarrassment, quickly wipes away tears, with a bitter smile: “Xiaoyong, I am OK, is there anything I can do for you?”


“Absolutely, I saw your door open; worrying someone comes in and did something bad to you . ” Li Yong jokingly speaks as nothing has happened before .


We have to say that he is born with eloquence, which could amuse anyone by many tricks .


Zhang Yurong is supposed to be sad, but is then amused while she hears his joking expression: “I think you are much more like the man to do the bad thing . ”


“Then thank you very much . ” Breaking into a smile, Li Yong directly rushes into Zhang Yurong, which scares Zhang Yurong to escape .


By what he has done, the atmosphere immediately turns up, Zhang Yurong is no longer sad, turning to Li Yong in coquetries: “Xiaoyong, tomorrow is the deadline, if you don’t pay the rent, I can throw you out . ”


“Well, there’s no big deal for such 800 yuan? I’m going to pay . ” Li Yong takes out bank card directly with a relaxed smile, “Punch the card . ”


“I’ll punch your head . ” Zhang Yurong glares at him angrily . It’s not a supermarket, how could she have the POS machine?


“See, it’s you who don’t want the money . ” Li Yong smiles and puts the card away . He is deliberately teasing Zhang; he knows that the rent was due .


And now he has money for not only opening a clinic, but also renting a bigger house, and there is no need to continue to live here . However when he thinks of moving out, he is loath to move out, in fact, it’s not bad to joke about Zhang Yurong every day .


Seeing Li Yong is absent-minded, Zhang Yurong cannot help asking him: “Hey, what are you thinking about?”


Li Yong draws back his mind and says with a smile, “I am wondering how to push you down . ”


“You are nonsense . ” Zhang Yurong feels shame, grabbing the pillow and throwing over him .


Li Yong hurriedly catches the pillow, pretending to feel wronged: “Ms . Zhang, I am telling the truth . ”


“Alright, just come on . If you don’t push me down, you are not a man . ” Zhang Yurong also pretends to be so, slanting eyes staring at Li Yong, in a disdainful and provocative way .


While talking, she can’t help peeking at Li Yong . She has constrained herself for too long, at the moment she really has a crush on him .


In order to prove himself a man, staring at the attractive red lips, Li Yong rushes towards Zhang Yurong and lays her underneath him with no time to wait .