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Published at 23rd of May 2019 12:46:01 AM

Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Wedding

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The moment they walk in, the door is closed immediately . With the storm blocked outside, the hotel is quiet inside .


Clap, clap, clap…


With the sound of clapping, under the bright light, Wu Dan shows up with a big smile on his face .


He is wearing a bridegroom suit with a red flower on his chest, appearing very energetic .


Seeing Han Fei, he is very happy and thrilled . He has his greedy eyes fixed on Han Fei, as if a hungry beast has located its prey and is ready to come at it anytime .


Behind him there is an old man who has a pair of round eyes giving off a green light just like a nightingale . He looks gloomy as if he holds a grudge against everyone and dislikes anyone .


“Good . Very good . Boy, you do keep your words . I like those who keep their promise . After all, it’s worthwhile to wait for you this time . ” Wu Dan shouts excitedly before he comes near .


As he says, tens of bodyguards in black look at Li Yong with fierce looks, making Li Yong the target for attack . However, he is not flurried at all and instead, he bursts out laughing .


Behind his back, Han Fei is not feeling well . She grabs Lyu Chun’s hand tightly and turns pale, saying in a trembling voice, “I knew it . They have prepared well . Now we are doomed and won’t be able to run away . Why is Li Yong laughing? Is he insane for being too frightened? What shall we do? I don’t want to be caught by that bastard . ”


“Ms . Han, don’t worry . These are garbage . Only that old man is a bit difficult to handle…” Lyu Chun comforts her in a soft voice .


It makes Han Fei look towards the old man . The old man gives an evil smile and says to Wu Dan, “The chick in green is not bad . ”


Wu Dan says with a smile, “That one is yours . ”


The old man’s eyes become wretched instantly . Just like Wu Dan who targets Han Fei, he has his eyes targeted at Lyu Chun .


At the moment, Li Yong says, “I’ve brought what you ask for . Where is my money?”

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“Hahaha… The money? How dare you ask for the money? Hahaha…” Wu Dan laughs for a while, as if he hears the most amusing joke . “Right, you kept your words . I will keep mine . I will give you the money for sure . ”


Wu Dan waves his hand and a bodyguard in black instantly carries a box, walking near . Wu Dan points at the box, saying with laughter, “Here is two million . Here you are . ”


Li Yong stares at the box for two seconds . He is sure that it is empty inside without a single dime . He frowns and says, “Mr . Wu, can you transfer the money to me?”


“Transfer? I don’t know how to do it . ” Wu Dan laughs even louder .


He doesn’t know how to transfer money? What the hell! Just stop fronting . Li Yong is pissed off .


“Since you don’t want it, forget about it then . It happens to be my wedding day today . Anyone who comes to my wedding must give a present as return . The two million is counted as your present then, okay?” Wu Dan asks as if he is negotiating with Li Yong, but his expression shows he is absolutely not negotiating .


“Congratulations! If so, take it as a present for you then . ” Li Yong says .


He wants to see what Wu Dan is up to . He brings Han Fei here not to ask for the money but to help her fix this problem .


“Great . Neat! You can have more drinks later . Don’t leave without getting drunk . ”


Saying that, Wu Dan gives a gesture . Then the festive music comes and four red ribbons fall from the ceiling of the hall, on which happy blessings are written .


Someone passes a microphone to Wu Dan . As the music stops, Wu Dan says instantly, “Get the bride dressed . ”


The bodyguards retreat towards two sides and make way for four ritual girls dressed in cheongsam . They walk towards Han Fei with a big smile on their faces, standing around her, “Ms . Han, please come with us . ”


Han Fei is confused . What is happening? She asks out of surprise, “Me? Is it me?”

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“Yes, it’s you . Congratulations to Ms . Han on being the 8th bride of Wu Dan . ” The ritual girl says politely with a charming smile on her face .


“The 8th?” Han Fei turns totally unhappy immediately . It is definitely an insult to her . She clenches her fists with anger on her face, gazing at Wu Dan furiously .


At the moment, Wu Dan says again, “Fei, you should’ve been my first bride . However, you didn’t show up on the wedding day so I asked someone to replace you . Afterwards, I realize that you are irreplaceable, so I am always hoping to have a perfect wedding with you . Thanks to Li Yong, he successfully convinces you and brings you here . Since you are here, just get dressed . ”


“What?” Han Fei gets even angrier . She glares at Li Yong instantly . Out of expectation, Li Yong should take the side of Wu Dan and tricked her coming here . At the moment, Han Fei feels hurt .




Impressed by Wu Dan’s scheme, Li Yong looks at Han Fei with a grin, saying seriously, “Ms . Han, congratulations . ”


“You, asshole . ” Han Fe curses Li Yong resentfully and almost crunches her teeth . Having worked with Li Yong over the past days, she has considered Li Yong as a trustworthy person . However, the more she trusts him, the more she gets hurt .


Yet, she doesn’t notice Li Yong wink at Lyu Chun in secret . And Lyu Chun also nods her head . She says softly, “Ms . Han, let’s go get dressed . ”


Han Fei shivers and looks towards Lyu Chun instantly . It is now that she recalls that Lyu Chun is the bodyguard that Han Dongtao hires at a high price, a tough woman . She hastens to say, “Lyu Chun, I will never marry Wu Dan . I would rather die . Take me away from here . ”


Lyu Chun and Li Yong have made an agreement that when they come here, she will listen to Li Yong and act as he orders . Now that Li Yong is unwilling to leave, she is unable to take Han Fei away from here . She cannot defeat the tens of bodyguards, not to mention the old man .


She says in a soft voice again, “Ms . Han, don’t be afraid . Keep acting . We will run away once we have a chance . ”


“Acting…” Han Fei is skeptical . Accompanied by Lyu Chun, she walks to the back of the hotel reluctantly with the ritual girls .


Nevertheless, she cannot help turning back to stare at Li Yong . She is tricked here by Li Yong . She hates him . She will beat Li Yong harshly if she can .


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Li Yong is walking towards Wu Dan smilingly, cupping one hand in the other before his chest and saying, “Congratulations, Mr . Wu . ”


Wu Dan, who was laughing happily, turns grim when seeing Li Yong, saying coldly, “Get lost . ”


“I haven’t drunk your wedding wine . ” Li Yong says with a grin .


“Go drink urine!” Wu Dan says resentfully . In the meanwhile, he gives a gesture when two bodyguards come at Li Yong instantly to take him away .


However, before the two bodyguards reach Li Yong, he lifts his leg to knock them down at an unbelievable speed from a remarkable angle .


“You are so week . ” Saying that, he stands there with his leg lifted, looking quite pleased .




With a few screams, two bodyguards are thrown to the ground with their hands on their chests, who look rather painful and keep rolling around with their faces twisted .


At the moment, the hall becomes quiet suddenly . Even the festive music stops . Everyone is staring at Li Yong and feels shocked .


Li Yong puts down his leg slowly and says with a smile, “I’ve given you two million as a present, but you don’t allow me to drink the wedding wine . Tell you, I will not leave until I have the wine . ”


“Hurry up . Ask Mr . Zhou to come here . ” Wu Dan comes to himself and orders instantly .


Mr . Zhou is the old man . Now he has followed Lyu Chun to the back of the hotel . He can tell that Lyu Chun is a young and pretty woman martial arts learner . He must get her under control so as to make Han Fei obedient to the arrangement for the wedding night .


Consequently, when Mr . Zhou is about to take action, a bodyguard in black runs over out of breath, “Mr . Zhou, they are fighting out there . Young Master asks you to go over . ”


Mr . Zhou has to give up Lyu Chun and return to the hall .


At the moment, tens of bodyguards have surrounded Li Yong with fierce looks on their faces . Some of them are holding steel pipes and some of them are carrying daggers, but none of them dare go ahead .


Li Yong holds his arms over his chest and looks indifferent . He looks around and says in an unhurried voice, “Is it so difficult to get a glass of wedding wine? Do you still want to fight? Who wants to have a fight? You, you, or you?”


Any man who is pointed by Li Yong feels frightened and cannot help retreating .


Wu Dan hides behind the bodyguards and keeps saying, “Besiege him . Mr . Zhou is coming right away . ”


“Here I am . ” Mr . Zhou whips his grey hair and runs over like a wind .


Seeing Mr . Zhou, Wu Dan feels so happy and hastens to come forward, saying happily, “Mr . Zhou, he hit my men . ”


“Leave him to me . ” Mr . Zhou strides towards Li Yong . With his eyes narrowed, he doesn’t say anything and instead, raises his fist to punch Li Yong .


Li Yong senses clearly that the punch carries with the sound of wind, which is fast and forceful . The strength of all the bodyguards cannot compare with that of his fist .


Li Yong knows he has met a real master . He urges all the internal strength inside his body and observes Mr . Zhou’s approaching calmly . When his fist is about to punch his face, he punches too with all his strength .




The people around them only feel a breeze blowing across their faces . That is the air created by the hitting of Li Yong’s Qi and Mr . Zhou’s . After two fists met, Li Yong still stands there unmoved while Mr . Zhou keeps retreating until he sits on the ground . He looks quite awkward .


“You…” Mr . Zhou feels his Qi and blood rotating inside his body and finally spits out blood .


He was careless and didn’t use his full strength . Consequently, he was injured by Li Yong’s one punch . Now that he is defeated, it is impossible to beat Li Yong . He is astonished indeed . It is unexpected that the young man should have internal strength, which is so terrifying .

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