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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The Third Party


Zhang Yurong is merely making a joke, but now when she is under Li Yong’s body, she is truly a bit turned on .


In the past countless nights when Huang Xin is not at home, she has been dreaming that someone would show up to moisturize her heart and go above her . The day finally comes .


She decides to take the risk . After all, Huang Xin is always philandering with other women and will not care about her cheating on him .


Thinking of that, she closes her eyes and waits for the following wild thing .


To be honest, while he is on top of Zhang Yurong, Li Yong is indeed tickled, but he doesn’t think in that way . They are used to making jokes and would not walk across the line .


Yet now looking at Zhang Yurong’s reaction, he would be a fool if he doesn’t get the vibe .


Li Yong cannot help hesitating . If he does sleep with her, he will be content but Zhang Yurong is married after all, what is he then?


The third party . The shameless party .


Li Yong shakes his head hard . Lecherous as he is, he will never do such a shameful thing .


He comes back to his senses immediately and gets up from Zhang Yurong, saying with a forced smile, “Ms . Zhang, I am kind of leaning in on you finally . ”


“By the way, I have errands to run . I will give you the rent tomorrow . ” He says hastily and runs out quickly .


“Xiaoyong, you…” Zhang Yurong is well prepared but she cannot believe that Li Yong steps back and leaves in the end .


“Does he not like me for I am not a virgin?” Thinking of this, Zhang Yurong cannot help sobbing then .


Li Yong doesn’t take a deep breath until he hurries back to his apartment . It was so close just now . He almost lost control and did something regretful .


But undoubtedly, Zhang Yurong is so hot!


He starts indulging himself in flights of fancy again, and it gets wild in the end . However, on thinking Zhang Yurong has husband, he stops then . He cannot do such a disgraceful thing .


He tries to be sensible, but his mind is out of control . In order to stop himself wandering around, Li Yong calms down to practice the mental cultivation methods .


He also decides to move out as soon as possible . Otherwise, something will surely happen if he spends more time with Zhang Yurong .


It is not until the noon Li Yong sneaks out of his apartment . He is afraid to meet Zhang Yurong again .


He grabs a bite downstairs and then goes to an Internet café . Now that he has enough money, he must open his own clinic . He is an ambitious man and will not be content with only 2 million .


He does some research online for a long time and finally finds a suitable place that is located around the industrial area and ready with medicine cabinets . The transfer fee is cheap too and costs only 80,000 .


All the criteria are satisfying . More importantly, Li Yong used to go to the industrial area, where there are a lot of female employees . Every day when it is off the clock, they will go out . What an enjoyment to see so many gorgeous at one time!


He calls the shop owner immediately and makes an appointment before he leaves for there .


The shop owner is a thin middle-aged man with tan skin . He is so excited to receive Li Yong . They sign the contract very quickly and the owner gives the key to Li Yong before he leaves .


Seeing the owner is so anxious to let go of the shop, Li Yong is a bit worried . Hmm, isn’t there anything fishy in the shop?


He looks around in the shop carefully and makes sure nothing is wrong before he takes a deep breath . He begins to do some cleaning then .


There are two floors with four rooms in the shop . The ground floor is taken as the shop front with the medicine cabinets and tables . One of the rooms upstairs will be used for the patients to take the drips and the other one is his bedroom .


After cleaning the place, Li Yong intends to go back to his apartment to take his things, but then he has to meet Zhang Yurong . He feels a little awkward .


“Heavens! You ran so fast! I am so tired . ” A sweet voice comes along with the door pushed away when Li Yong is thinking about what to do next .


He looks up only to see Han Fei walking in .


Now Han Fei has already put on a new look with light blue jeans covering her long and tight legs, and a clean white shirt . She looks so pretty and pure .


Li Yong is distracted and asks out of curiosity, “How do you find me?”


“You tell me . I asked my sister for your address, but I went there only to find you were gone . So I asked my friend, a traffic policeman for help and finally know you are here . ” Han Fei starts to complain .


While she is talking, she bends down to massage her legs . She does look really tired for looking for Li Yong .


Yet, she doesn’t notice that when she bends down, she happens to leave her unbuttoned collar faced to Li Yong . Her beautiful boobs are such a lure that Li Yong keeps swallowing saliva and is so eager to use his clairvoyant vision to see the whole body of Han Fei .


Upon thinking of this, Li Yong shakes his head and gives up the thought . Though the ability of clairvoyant vision is a gift, it is so cheap if he uses the ability to do those disgraceful things .


Hearing Han Fei’s complaint, Li Yong is speechless . She is the one who insists finding him . He doesn’t request her doing this . Why does she complain about that to him now?


He doesn’t tell her his real thought and then leans on the medicine cabinet, asking, “Tell me, what do you need from me?”


“Good stuff for sure . ” Han Fei becomes excited suddenly and runs towards Li Yong, asking hastily, “Handsome, are you working with my sister?”


“Yes . ” Li Yong doesn’t need to hide from her, so he admits it then .


“Gosh, aren’t you silly!” Saying this, Han Fei stares at him with her face full of contempt . She continues to say, “Think about it . Your prescription is so effective, but my sister only spends 2 million and 10% profit to for that . Isn’t it a great loss for you?”


Beauty, we are talking about 2 million . It is not 2 hundred!


Li Yong wants to tell her that, but he doesn’t . Since Han Fei says so, there is more to come . He is very straightforward and says, “Don’t give me that noise . Just go straight to the point . ”


Han Fei is surprised though . She has prepared a lot on her way here, but Li Yong should act like this .


She can’t help feeling disappointed then, but she snaps her fingers with ease instead and says, “I love your straightforwardness . To put it clearly, I come here to have a deal with you . ”


Li Yong is speechless . No surprise these two girls were born from a business family . All they can think of is how to make more money .


Yet, he is interested in what Han Fei will offer him, so he asks with a smile then, “Well, how much will you give me in return?”


“Not a cent . ” Faced with his hope, Han Fei replied simply .


She sits down nearby and keeps talking seriously, “If you do as I tell you, I assure you that you won’t get less than what you earn from my sister . ”


Han Fei seems so confident, and goes on and on with her plan .


However, Li Yong does feel interested in her plan . According to her business plan, they two open a company together . Li Yong provides the prescription while Han Fei takes care of production and sales . Then they share the profit with fifty against fifty .


Although he won’t have money directly at the very beginning, once the product sells well, the profits will go way beyond 2 million in the long run .


Han Fei notices he is interested in what she says, she asks, “What do you think? Is it no worse than my sister’s offer? As long as you want, I’m sure that the product will become popular in the market . ”


Li Yong is interested indeed . With Han Fei’s resource from her family, production and sales will not be a problem . The key is his prescription .


But he will not worry about that . If the prescription is not good enough, Han Lu will not be happy to offer him so much money .


“I’m okay with the plan, but not the profit sharing . I’ll take 70% . ” Li Yong tells her in a serious tone . The biggest issue at present is profit for sure .


“Hey, aren’t you so greedy! I have to deal with production and sales while you need to do nothing but wait for profits . Now you are asking for 70% of the profits . That’s too much!” Han Fei is pissed off immediately and starts to complain again .


“Without my prescription, you cannot even open the company . Thus, stop your complaining to me . ” Li Yong replies with a smile .


Knowing that he has seen right through her, Han Fei doesn’t feel embarrassed at all and instead, she says, “Fine, 60% for you at most . If you insist asking for more, I have to eat dust bunnies then . ”


“Okay, then go eat dust bunnies . ” Li Yong says with laughter, getting ready to leave .


Han Fei gets into a tizzy . Li Yong is right . The prescription is the pillar of the company . If Li Yong doesn’t agree, all her work is in vain .


However, judging from Li Yong’s reaction, if she doesn’t agree on his requirement, the deal will be definitely off the table . She makes up her mind and says, “Okay, 70% . But you have to promise me that you will not provide prescription to my sister in future . ”


Li Yong agrees with a nod . Actually, there’s no need to ask him . Since he is about to open a company, he will certainly not offer the prescription to Han Lu any more .


After all, according to the contract he signed with Han Lu, it is only stipulated that he will provide prescription and Han Lu gives him money in reward, and there is no regulation on the number of prescription .


Han Fei gets thrilled and comes to have Li Yong in her arms, saying, “As celebration for our cooperation, let’s go get a drink . ”


“My lady, are you okay? Have a drink in the daytime?” Li Yong gets off her arms and says grumpily .


Han Fei is too happy to notice that . Indeed, it is not appropriate to drink in the daytime, but she always doesn’t care about such things . She says without much thinking, “Forget about it then . I’ll leave you alone then and go back to prepare for the contract . ”


Saying so, she walks out of the clinic gaily .


Watching her leaving, Li Yong feels amused . She is so funny . She should have the guts to steal the business from her sister and behave so happy .


Nevertheless, it is none of his business . Reminded by Han Fei, he thinks it through and decides to buy new furniture and not move the things from the apartment . As to the apartment, he can go back once in a while .


After all, it already hurts Zhang Yurong and he doesn’t want to make it worse .


After sorting things out, Li Yong is hurrying to buy things . Just then, two men in uniform come in and look around before they turn to Li Yong, asking, “Are you Li Yong?”


Li Yong doesn’t know what the two policemen want to find him for . He doesn’t do anything illegal recently .


He admits it anyway . There is no use denying . Since they come to him, they must have him investigated .


Confirming the man is Li Yong, one of them says in a low voice, “You are reported for giving medical advice without a license . Now you have to come with us . ”


Saying this, the guy takes out the handcuffs .


Li Yong realizes what’s happening then . It must be the rat Wang Jiandong who exposed him to the police . But indeed, he does not have a medical license .


Yet, he wouldn’t worry about that . After all, only Wang Jiandong and Han Lu know about this, and Han Lu is cooperating with him so she won’t do anything bad to him for sure .


He reaches out his hands with ease, following the two policemen out of the clinic and walking towards the nearby paddy wagon .


Just then, a luxury car runs up fast and stops at the door of the clinic . When the door is opened, Sun Qiang gets off the car hastily and goes right to Li Yong, crying out loud, “Please help me, God!”