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Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Magic Effect

Speaking of that, Director Yang stops for a second, appearing as if she is observing Li Yong’s emotional reaction . However, she cannot find anything special so she continues saying, “Within only a month, you have helped us arrest two serial killers . We know that it is not just luck . You are genuinely capable . We admire those who have real capabilities most and you are the talent that our country and people need most . ”


“Last time, you were rewarded with 500,000 . This time, you will have the same reward of 500,000 . Later, Ms . Wei will take you to get it . We will reward you with not only money but also glory . You are a young hero of the new era . ”


“I have a name list of killers, on which there are more than 500 wanted killers all over Huaxia . Please take a look . If you can help us keep solving cases, we will increase your reward . ”


Li Yong smiles and says reluctantly, “It turns out that you ask me to come here for this . Fine . If I meet with anyone on the list, I don’t mind catching them all and hand them over to you . ”


Li Yong takes the list to read, noticing that the list entails the killers’ names, their photos, crime scenes, homicide methods and aims . If Li Yong were the one he used to be, he would be tremendously startled and horrified .


Nevertheless, since Li Yong obtained the memories of 80 ancient divine doctors, many brutal images have left in his brain like an imprint, even those about peeling off skin, boning, eating fresh and drinking blood . As to these killers, at worst they dismember the body after killing the victim, which he thinks is much more human .


As the times advance, even the killing method is improving .


“Okay, thank you . ” Director Yang says plainly . No one knows whether she really means it or not .


Then she stands up suddenly, taking out something like a name card from the drawer and passing it to Li Yong . She says, “This is your new identity . Whether you find a killer or catch one, please contact us directly . From today on, you are an undercover agent for us, numbered as 007 . ”


Li Yong takes the name card only to find his identity information is on it, just like what his ID card shows . Along with the information, there is a code number--007 . It reminds Li Yong of a movie . The agent he admires very much is James Bond 007 .


Is it destiny that God also gives him an opportunity to show his talent?


However, the journey is full of hardship and danger .



The news that he has one more identity makes Li Yong have mixed feelings of happiness and fear . He feels happy that he can make contribution to his country; he feels fearful that he is only an undercover agent and cannot expose his identity .


No one knows that he is working for the people and country .


Li Yong ponders for a while and says causally, “Director Yang, you are really smart . If I make any achievement in future, it won’t be my own credit but the police station’s . ”


“A collective glory is the most precious glory . Ms . Wei is your contact person . If anything comes up, you can contact her directly . We will try our best to satisfy your requirement . ” Director Yang says with an amicable smile .


“I don’t have any requirement, except that this job is too risky . I may die anytime . The only one thing I am asking is…” Li Yong puts away the undercover identity card and then takes a glance over Wei Fangxia . He narrows his eyes and gives a sinister smile at her, making Wei Fangxia take a step backwards .


“Didn’t you say you had no requirement? How come you are asking for one thing?” Wei Fangxia feels something is wrong and hastens to ask . His contradictory words annoy her very much .


“Please keep saying . ” Director Yang waves her hand and asks seriously .


“Can you ask Madam Wei to bear a child for me? Even if I sacrifice my life one day, I can have a child left . ” Li Yong negotiates seriously .


“Ah? Bah . I won’t do it . I would rather die . ” Wei Fangxia flies into a rage after she understands what he is talking about . She stamps on her feet and waves her fists, feeling so anxious to knock down Li Yong and beat him hard . In the same time, her face becomes as red as fire . She is a virgin who has never fallen in love with anyone . Now she is asked to bear a child for a man, rendering her so embarrassed .


“Well…” Director Yang looks awkward and says hesitantly, “If she agrees, we won’t have any problem, but if she doesn’t, we cannot force her to do it . ”


“You can have a meeting to discuss . If you cannot reach a consensus, you can report to the senior department and keep discussing . ” Li Yong advises smilingly .


“Discuss about what? How can we discuss about this?” Wei Fangxia shouts out loud again .


Director Yang laughs bitterly and says, “This ought to be the matter between you two . If you can convince her, the child she bears for you will also be our organization’s…”


“Don’t even try to convince me . I won’t listen . ” Wei Fangxia covers her ears directly .


Li Yong puts on a sad face and sighs, saying, “Director Yang, you see, as a heroic undercover agent, I am willing to take the risk and sacrifice myself for the country and people . Yet, you cannot even let me have a child…”


Speaking of that, Li Yong takes out the identity card and passes it to Director Yang, saying in a determined voice, “I quit . You’d better ask others to do it . ”


Director Yang hurries to push it back and says with a reluctant smile, “Please allow us to discuss about it . ”


Li Yong says with a smile instantly, “Okay . After you come to a conclusion, just send Madam Wei to my home . I will prepare everything in advance, including the best bed and quilt…”


“Bah . We have not discussed about it . You don’t have to make any preparation . ” Wei Fangxia is so furious .


Director Yang tips her a wink, and she quiets down immediately . Then Director Yang says, “Please give us a few days and by then we will tell you the result . Now just go to pick up your reward . ”


Li Yong and Wei Fangxia walk out of the director’s office . Wei Fangxia points at Li Yong instantly, saying in a resentful voice, “Stop daydreaming . By no means will I bear a child for you . ”


“Aren’t you able to bear a child? It’s okay . If you have any disease about that, I can cure you . ” Li Yong says with a grin, “My skill is unique and I assure you that your symptoms will vanish as the medicine I give you takes effect . Moreover, I know a secret method to let you bear twins . ”


“Bah . You are the one who cannot bear children . I don’t have any disease . I am very healthy . I don’t need your treatment . ” Wei Fangxia touches her gun at the waist, wanting to shoot Li Yong so much . How dare he want her to bear twins! She is not obliged to do that .


“That’s good . ” Li Yong nods his head out of satisfaction .


“Shut up . ” Wei Fangxia takes a few breaths and then holds in her anger . She gazes at Li Yong and says angrily, “It wears me out to talk with you . You had better keep silent to me . Don’t say anything . ”


“It is more tiring to bear a child . ” Li Yong cannot control himself and says smilingly again .


“Ah! Get lost . ” Wei Fangxia would rather bump against a wall with her head and kill herself . She turns around and goes back to the director’s office . Li Yong is left alone in the corridor, leaving those in other offices reaching out their head to watch .


One of them even holds up his thumb at Li Yong, and a young cop runs over and passes a cigarette to him, saying with a grin, “You are impressive! I really admire that you should get the She-Devil so furious . ”


She-Devil? How dare this guy should call his woman as She-Devil? Li Yong throws away the cigarette and says ragefully, “You are the devil . ”


Then Li Yong just leaves . Following the signs, he finds the financial department of the police station and explains his intention . After they make a call for confirmation, he has obtained the reward of 500,000 .


It makes Li Yong so happy that just one trip to the police station brings him the income of one million .


Apart from the money, he has acquired a new identity with a code number of 007, which is the main reason why Li Yong feels so good .


He whistles and walks out of the police station . When he is about to take a taxi to leave here, he sees the thin Wu Dan walking outwards, who is surrounded by a group of strong bodyguards .


Because Li Yong has changed his verbal statement, Wu Dan is acquitted for lack of evidence . He stares at Li Yong from a far distance and pretends not to have seen him, getting into the luxury car and ordering angrily, “Get back . ”


“Wait a minute . ” At the time, a beauty jumps off the luxury car and walks towards Li Yong smilingly .


Li Yong takes a closer look . She has long bare legs and fair skin, dressed in a short blouse and a pleated skirt, which definitely makes a part of the beautiful scenery . She is so attractive that others would want to watch more and even desire to sleep with her .


It is not that men are dirty but that the beauty has the ability to make various men think in a dirty way .


Regardless of her body shape or face, when she stands in the sunset glow, she is absolutely the cream of the crop .


Li Yong narrows his eyes and recognizes her immediately . That’s Wu Yuting, the beauty in the luxury car who asked him for a prescription . Compared with her looks in his memories, Li Yong finds that she should become much more beautiful than before . How did she make it within only a few days?


“Hi, Doctor Li . What a surprise to meet you here! Isn’t it fate?” Wu Yuting greets him warmly . When she smiles, she looks even prettier .


“What’s your relationship with Wu Dan?” Li Yong is surprised to see her jump off Wu Dan’s car . Crap! Is she the lover of Wu Dan? If so, he suffers great losses then .


“Oh, Wu Dan is my elder brother . ” Wu Yuting gives a sweeter smile .


Gosh! They are brother and sister? Li Yong is so regretful . He should have not given her the prescription for beautifying and skincare . He cannot do the favor that helps his opponent to become stronger . If Han Lu and Han Fei find out what he did, he cannot explain at all . Thinking of that, Li Yong’s forehead is covered with sweat .


Li Yong turns around and pretends that he doesn’t know her . No matter how beautiful she is, he must draw a demarcation line with her .


“Doctor Li, don’t go! I have good news to tell you . ” Seeing Li Yong is about to leave, Wu Yuting stops him again . Moreover, she comes near Li Yong and stops him leaving directly .


“What is it?” Li Yong asks indifferently .


“I have made the medicine based on the prescription you gave me and tried it for three days . The effect is not bad, is it?” Saying that, Wu Yuting reaches out her hands and makes a pose .


Li Yong opens his eyes and takes a glance . Crap! It only took her three days to become so beautiful? Is the effect so magic? Li Yong gets more regretful . Yet, he merely nods his head and says, “The effect is fine . ”