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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 I’ll Do Whatever You Ask in My Name

After signing the contract, Li Yong thinks of what Mr . No Balls asks him to do, but he hesitates for a while and says nothing . He is never intended to bring Han Fei there .


Han Fei doesn’t leave right away . Instead, she looks around the clinic, frowning at him and saying, “Mr . Li, after our company is opened, it will make a lot of money for you . Why do you run such a small clinic? Now that you take 70% of the shares, you are basically the owner of the company . You can take charge of the daily operation and make all the decisions . No need to care about the little profits of this clinic . ”


Yet, Li Yong replies seriously, “We made a deal before . I’ll take 70% of the shares and only provide the prescription . If you want me to manage the company, I’ll ask for 80% then . ”


Han Fei puts on a straight face and sticks her tongue out, hurrying to say, “Mr . Li, you might as well run your clinic and make it a franchising business . You will make a lot of money then . We don’t need you to get involved in the company operation . We can take care of it ourselves . ”


What a joke! If Li Yong really takes 80% of the shares, Han Fei has no choice but to eat dust bunnies then .


Li Yong says with a smile, “If there is anything that you cannot take care of, you can come to me . I may help . ”


“In this world, how can it be anything I cannot take care of?” Han Fei smiles arrogantly . Then she asks, “How come you’ve got no patient here?”


“No patient in the place for illness treatment is a great thing in the world . It at least shows that everyone is healthy . ” Li Yong laughs .


“I think it is not because everyone is healthy but just no one is willing to come to your place for medical advice . Your clinic is just open . After all, you have to let others know about this and hold an activity to promote your clinic . ”


Han Fei starts to talk without cease . Hearing her words, Li Yong finds it quite reasonable .


She was truly born in a family of business engagement . She does hit the nail on the head .


Hence, after Han Fei leaves the clinic, Li Yong goes to buy some fireworks and light them up in front of the clinic .


With a sound of cracking, Li Yong puts a board above the door, which says, “Free medical consultancy and paid treatment . Half price for some medicine on the 1st day of business . ”


It does work . Following the fireworks and board setting, someone walks into the clinic instantly .


However, when they find that Li Yong is such a young man, they are quite skeptical . Some of them just turn around and leave, not believing at all .


Li Yong has nothing to do about it . He cannot force them to go to him anyway .


It takes quite a while to talk some of them into sitting down and accepting his treatment . All of a sudden, a group of bullies come over outside the door, who knock down the advertising board with their legs .


“Quack will get your killed . Don’t trust him! He is such a young man that he must have not finished his college degree . How can he have a medical license? Just be careful or you may die for taking his advice . ”


The leading person is a tall and thin man . Shouting that, the present patients run away immediately . In a blink of an eye, only Li Yong is left in the clinic .


Now Li Yong understands why the previous owner lets go of this place so easily . He looks at these troublemakers without any fears .


He stands up and asks out loud, “What do you want?”


The tall and thin man waves his hand and then a group of gangsters who smashed the advertising board flood into the clinic . The place becomes dark instantly as if a brown cloud blocks the sun .


The tall and thin man glances at Li Yong indifferently and roars, “We just kicked one out of here and now another one who doesn’t fear death come . Boy, how dare you open a clinic in the place of Tianhu Gang . You are unlucky then . Guys, smash the place!”


Seeing the gangsters about to smash the clinic, Li Yong goes into a rage . He never expects that these people should be so lawless . Are we living in the legal society or not?


Tianhu Gang .


Li Yong snorts . He doesn’t care what the Tianhu Gang is . If they dare bully him and act in a tyrannous manner, he will not allow them .


“How dare you!” Li Yong clenches his fists and gazes at the leading man with resentment .


Li Yong is not tall or strong, but he is not easy to bully .


“Crap, you are dead meat . ” The tall and thin man shouts and comes at Li Yong directly . In his eyes, Li Yong is merely an unsophisticated and weak ordinary citizen . He has fixed so many people like him . Faced with their strong power, no one dares disobey .


Since a fight is inevitable, Li Yong will not just fight back after beaten by others . He urges the internal skills secretly and jumps forward . He knocks down the tall and thin man with a kick first and then goes at the rest bullies . Then screaming and yelling fill the clinic .


Seeing that he can take down one bully with one punch, he feels so excited .


When he knocks down all the bullies, he steps above the chest of the tall and thin man, asking, “Who asked you to come here?”


“Boy, how dare you beat us from the Tianhu Gang? Death bell shall ring for you!” The man doesn’t answer Li Yong’s question and threatens with a fury instead .


He didn’t expect that the doctor should know martial arts . Kicked in the abdomen by Li Yong just now, he cannot get up anymore, feeling his intestines already broken .


Yet, he knows martial arts, so what? If he dares mess with Tianhu Gang, there is only one ending for him, that is, death .


Slap .


Li Yong bends down and slaps the thin and tall man hard across his face, “Tell me, who sends you here? You don’t want to say . Fine, you do have guts . I like it . ”


Slap again and again…


When Li Yong slaps the tall and thin man for the 6th time, the man finally gives in and says, “Please stop . I’ll tell you . Everything . ”


“Good boy . ” Li Yong praises him .


The man touches his red and swollen face, saying bitterly, “It’s Uncle Wang . He is a member of our Tianhu Gang . He makes an agreement with us that there can only be his clinic in this industrial area and no other clinics are allowed here…”


“Oh . ” Li Yong recalls that there is a clinic called Wang Hui’s Clinic across the street . He once went there and found there were many patients inside . The hall for taking drips is crowded with people all the day .


It is not until now that Li Yong realizes why Wang Hui’s Clinic charges high price and still has so many patients coming . It turns out that the clinic is backed up by Tianhu Gang .


“Bro, I’ve told you everything . Please let me go . ”


Li Yong lifts his leg and says, “Leave!”


The thin and tall man gets up anxiously and so do the rest 10 bullies . When they are about to leave, Li Yong stops them suddenly, “Wait!”


“Bro, what else can I do for you?” The thin and tall man loses his arrogance and suddenly turns as obedient as a sick cat .


Li Yong pointed at the advertising board they broke, “You broke my thing . ”


“We will compensate you right now . We will go to order a new one for you…” Saying so, the thin and tall man leaves the clinic with his fellows .


In half an hour, Li Yong doesn’t have the board as expected . Instead, more bullies come . This time, the leading man is of tall and strong shape . Li Yong takes a closer look and realizes that it is the man he met at the bar last night .


“Hu, it’s here . ” The thin and tall man points at Li Yong’s clinic and says ferociously .


“Smash it!” Hu’s face is still red and swollen . Because his two incisors have been knocked off by Li Yong last night, he can barely speak clearly . When he catches sight of Li Yong, he is sure that the doctor is the young man who beat him last night . He gets grumpy immediately and gives a gesture, shouting, “Beat him to death . ”


Li Yong is already standing at the clinic door, staring at these people . When he is about to fight against them, a luxury car comes out of expectation . It stops between Li Yong and the bullies . When the door is opened, Sun Qiang gets off the car, exhausted .


He runs towards Li Yong instantly, crying painfully, “Yong, please save me . ”


Li Yong is quite surprised . He has already passed the first level of the mental cultivation method to Sun Qiang . As long as Sun Qiang practices accordingly, he will become healthy just like him and his disease will be cured then .


However, judging from the bitter face of Sun Qiang, his illness is not cured and gets much worse .


Li Yong wants to ask about it but when he sees Hu is already standing in front of him with tens of bullies, he has no other choice but says, “Wait a minute . I need to take care of them first . ”


Sun Qiang cannot wait any longer . It is concerned with his sexual life after all . He turns around and looks at Hu, roaring, “Hu, what are you freaking up to?”


Hu was insufferably arrogant first . However, upon seeing Sun Qiang, he starts cooing and toadying, “Mr . Sun, why are you here?”


“Do I have to tell you why I am here? Get your ass out of here right now, or I’ll ask my uncle to arrest you all . ” Sun Qiang shouted .


Hu’s face is etched with fears . The henchmen behind him also become frightened and can’t help stepping back . Bullies are most afraid of policemen and Sun Qiang’s uncle happens to be Director General of the Public Security Bureau .


When they meet Hu, they always behave like a flunkey, trying their best to play up to Sun Qiang . Now Sun Qiang is so outrageous, Hu has no choice but leave immediately .


“Wait,” Li Yong stops them suddenly, pointing at the broken advertising board and saying, “What about my thing that you broke?”


Hu slaps the thin and tall man in the face, exclaims in anger, “Get your hands on it right now . ”


Then he turns back and faces Li Yong, saying in a flattering voice, “Yong, please forgive me . We’ll have it done right away . ”


Li Yong says indifferently, “I don’t care who you are, but if you dare make trouble here, I will not let you go . Tell Wang Hui that I will have the clinic here for sure . If he is capable, just compete with me in terms of medical skills . I am always ready . ”


“Okay, okay, okay . ” Hu replies and runs away with his fellows .


Then Li Yong brings Sun Qiang into the clinic, asking him about the practicing status .


According to Sun Qiang, he locked himself in the room to practice based on the mental cultivation method as soon as he got home . However, the method was not suitable for him at all . No matter how hard he tried, it didn’t work anyway . In the end, he got so anxious that he passed out .


When he was awake, it was already noon . After checking his body, he realizes that he doesn’t get better; instead, it turns even far worse . He is freaked out, so he comes here in a hurry .


“Yong, can I be saved? Look, the black spots are getting more and more, and they become increasingly itchy . Will my private part get rot?” While saying, Sun Qiang is about to take off his pants and show the thing .


“Stop it . Let me think . ” Li Yong stops him instantly . He can see the same thing whether he is wearing the pants or not . If Sun Qiang takes off his pants, it is absolutely unnecessary .


Moreover, it is a bit gross . It is enough for Li Yong to take one glance only .


Seeing Li Yong falling into deep thought, Sun Qiang is getting increasingly anxious . He can’t help nagging, “I don’t want to become a eunuch . Please help me . As long as you have me cured, I’ll do whatever you ask in my name . ”


“Be quiet . ”


Li Yong yells at him . Sun Qiang shuts his mouth immediately and barely takes a deep breath .