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Chapter 95

Chapter 95 He Wants to Change a Wife

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Li Yong’s phone suddenly rings while he and Zhang Yurong are eating in a small restaurant .


When Li Yong sees that Han Fei is calling, he is overjoyed and hurries to answer the phone .


“Brother Yong, do you miss me? Mom and Dad don’t allow me to contact you but I’m calling you now . You can’t say it out . ” Han Fei’s voice is very low as if she is afraid of being heard by someone nearby .


“Okay, I’ll keep it secret . ” Li Yong smiles lightly .


“Brother Yong, it was a misunderstanding last time . Don’t take it seriously!” Han Fei feels guilty . If she hadn’t made fun of Li Yong at that time, Sun Xiaomei would not have heard what she said, nor would she have moved away . After moving away, she was surprised to find that she actually liked Li Yong and would miss him from time to time .


Li Yong doesn’t want to mention what had happened last time . He wants to forget it deliberately whether or not it was a misunderstanding . Hearing Han Fei mention it, he quickly changes the topic and asks with a smile, “What’s up?”


Han Fei smiles and says, “I want to talk to you about a trivial thing . I hope you can help me . I don’t know if you’re free . . . ”


“Speak directly . ” Li Yong interrupts her nonsense . His sister-in-law asks him for help . Can he say he’s not free?


“Brother Yong, this is the case . Our company has taken over Huakang Pharmaceutical Company in an all-round way and occupied the market share of Huakang Pharmaceutical Company . The scale of our company’s assets has expanded six times . Now, our company’s assets have jumped from 60 million yuan to 400 million yuan . Since our company’s assets have been over 100 million yuan, our company has become a member of the Zhonghai Enterprise Club . ”


Hearing this, Li Yong smiles and says, “According to what we said before, you get 30% and I get 70% . That is to say, I have already had 280 million yuan, not including annual profits, right?”


“Yes, Brother Yong . Are you satisfied with our cooperation?” Han Fei grins and asks .


“Yes, of course . ” Li Yong laughs . Seeing his happy look, Zhang Yurong stops eating and looks up . What can make Li Yong so happy? Even in bed, he never laughed so loudly .


Because Li Yong’s laughter is a little loud at this time, it has attracted the attention of the people next table .

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Of course, Li Yong has reasons to be happy . From not being able to pay the rent of 800 yuan to owning 280 million yuan of assets, it only takes three months . In these three months, his fate has changed tremendously .


If he adds his real estate and money in his card, his assets will be more than 300 million yuan!


He has 300 million yuan in Huaxia . No matter where he goes in the world, he will spend his life smartly . Even if he deposits the money in the bank, the interest will be enough for his daily expenses .


When Li Yong is complacent, Han Fei says again, “Brother Yong, Huakang Pharmaceutical Company once signed a sales agreement with a pharmaceutical sales company . Wei Bao Jian is sold by this pharmaceutical sales company . ”


“We took over Huakang Pharmaceutical Company, so the product belongs to us and the right of sales should also belong to us . After many negotiations with the company’s director, we finally compensated them for 2 million yuan . They returned the right of sales to us and signed an agreement with us . However, after we used our own channels to put the products into market, they sued us again, saying that we violated their rights and we should compensate them for 50 million yuan . ”


“Brother Yong, can you guess what I did?” Finally, Han Fei pauses and asks .


Li Yong doesn’t know, so he has to ask, “What did you do?”


“Meeting such a dishonest businessman who broke his word, of course I should fight to the end!” Han Fei says indignantly .


“Yes, you should be like this . ” Li Yong agrees .


“However, the owner of the sales company insisted that he had signed the agreement under our pressure, so the agreement was invalid and could not be used as a legal document . Moreover, he broke his head and injured his arm, saying that employees in our company beat him when they forced him . What’s funny is that he also had witnesses and two employees in our company admitted beating him . They were obviously bribed by him . It’s too irritating . ”


“Moreover, he has relatives in government departments that can affect the verdict of the court . Brother Yong, do you think we should compensate them for 50 million yuan or continue to appeal?”


Han Fei finally asks Li Yong to make a decision . That’s why she called Li Yong . Since Li Yong is the biggest behind-the-scenes boss in the company, Han Fei thinks that she should let him know .


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“Of course, we will continue to appeal and fight to the end . ” Li Yong says angrily . It seems that some people are jealous of Feifei Pharmaceutical Company’s annexation of Huakang Pharmaceutical Company . They want to take advantage of this opportunity to make profits .


Even officials from government departments have stepped in . But can Li Yong be a person who they can look down on at will?


After hanging up the phone, Li Yong explains briefly under the inquiry of Zhang Yurong . After a quick meal, Li Yong first sends Zhang Yurong back to the Yong Kang Clinic and then he rushes to Feifei Pharmaceutical Company .


He wants to know the matter in detail from Han Fei so that he can prepare for the counterattack .


He is ready to get the matter settled quickly, which can’t affect his business of renting the land to grow medicinal materials .


Arriving at Han Fei’s office, Li Yong finally knows why Han Fei called him in a low voice . It turns out that Sun Xiaomei is here too . She works in the same office as Han Fei .


“Brother Yong, why are you here?” Han Fei is shocked to see Li Yong push the door in directly . She didn’t let Li Yong come over . Now that he came, he could not break in directly!


Han Fei is surprised to see Li Yong suddenly but then she smiles sweetly because she hasn’t seen Li Yong for many days . Now that he’s here, it’s too late for him to quit . It’s better for her to accept everything that comes next .


Take things as they come . It is useless for her to be nervous and panic .


Sun Xiaomei looks up and frowns immediately . The reason why she stays here is that she is afraid that Han Fei and Li Yong will connect again . Li Yong is her eldest daughter Han Lu’s husband . If he has an affair with her second daughter, what can she do? Therefore, Sun Xiaomei has to be here every day!


Li Yong didn’t come to Han Fei and Han Fei also didn’t go to look for Li Yong these days . When Sun Xiaomei just relaxes her vigilance, Li Yong appears . Sun Xiaomei is very angry .


“Mom, you’re here too!” Li Yong walks to Sun Xiaomei quickly, showing a brilliant smiling face, and explains, “I heard that something had happened in the company, so I come to see it and try to help deal with it . ”


Sun Xiaomei also knows that the company is engaged in a lawsuit and has to compensate 50 million yuan . What Li Yong said dispels her misgivings . She asks faintly, “Oh, what will you do?”

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Seeing that Sun Xiaomei is still wary of him, Li Yong feels that he can’t tell Sun Xiaomei that he has communicated with Han Fei on the phone so as to avoid Sun Xiaomei’s further misunderstanding . Li Yong quickly laughs and says, “I don’t know the details yet . I need to know the matter first . But no matter what the trouble is, I can handle it well . ”


Sun Xiaomei can’t help snorting . She can’t stand her son-in-law bragging in front of her .


Of course, she also knows that Li Yong has the ability . She also hopes that Li Yong can handle this matter well . After all, 50 million is not a small number . She turns to Han Fei and says faintly, “Fei, tell him the situation . ”


“Okay, Mom . ” Han Fei holds a pile of documents with a smile and comes to Li Yong . She asks Li Yong to sit on the sofa first, and then she hands the documents to Li Yong when she says .


Now, Han Fei goes into more details than what she said on the phone . Besides, Li Yong also sees the documents and soon he learns the whole thing . He is very angry because he can see that it is the owner of the sales company, Tang Youcai, who is calculating Fei’s company by utilizing his relationships and connections .


After the introduction, Han Fei sees Li Yong meditating . She asks, “Brother Yong, do you drink tea?”


Then, without waiting for Li Yong to answer, she asks her assistant to make tea .


Soon, a cup of tea is gently held by a pair of white slender hands and placed in front of Li Yong . Li Yong looks up and sees that it is Deng Hongli, his old classmate .


Isn’t Deng Hongli an ordinary employee? How can she get into the CEO’s office?


“Li Yong, please have some tea . ” Deng Hongli smiles sweetly .


“Why are you here?” Li Yong asks .


Deng Hongli smiles but doesn’t speak . Han Fei answers and explains, “Isn’t she your old classmate? Moreover, she has been very active in her work recently . I just needed an assistant so I promoted her directly . ”


“It’s my luck to meet you here, Li Yong . ” Deng Hongli smiles happily .


Li Yong is also glad to see his classmate get promoted and get her salary raised . Although he is not familiar with Deng Hongli, she is better than other strangers . After all, they are old classmates who have studied together in one class and have witnessed each other’s growth . Deng Hongli was a hard-working female classmate .


After drinking this cup of tea, Li Yong thinks of a way . He stands up and says, “Fei, you continue to appeal and the rest will be left to me . I promise that the next judgment will be our victory . ”


“Don’t be so sure . Nobody knows the end result . ” Sun Xiaomei can’t bear Li Yong’s boastful tone, so she warns him .


She has been here every day recently so she knows the matter very well . The court has confirmed the fact that Tang Youcai was forced to sign the agreement . The agreement was invalid . Feifei Pharmaceutical Company can only fulfill the original agreement by returning Wei Bao Jian’s sales rights to Tang Youcai’s company and making commercial compensation for the actions that the products have been put into the market for sale .


“Mom, why don’t we make a bet?” Li Yong provokes .


“You such guy, why should I bet with you?” Sun Xiaomei says angrily . She thinks that Li Yong doesn’t respect her .


However, Han Fei becomes interested and asks, “What do you want to bet on, Brother Yong?”


“What do you bet on?” Sun Xiaomei also asks angrily . She wants to see what Li Yong is up to .


“If I lose, I will give you my shares in the company and 280 million yuan as a bride price and I won’t need your dowry . If I win . . . ” Then Li Yong suddenly stops and shows a slight smile . He is like a fox staring at the grapes on the shelf, wondering whether they are sweet or sour .


Sun Xiaomei is excited that Li Yong will give her 280 million yuan as a bride price and he won’t need her dowry . She is eager to try so she asks, “What do you want?”


In her opinion, the possibility of winning this case is very slim because the Han Family has no backing in government and no big backers . It’s obviously too late to spend money on relationships .


“If I win, you will allow me to divorce Lu and marry Fei . ” Li Yong takes a look at Han Fei and finally gets up the courage to say that he wants to change his wife .