Ambiguous Relationship - Chapter 75

Published at 15th of July 2019 12:33:25 PM

Chapter 75

In the days leading up to returning home . Chen Ruo Yu was always at Meng Gu's house . She finally understood what Meng Gu meant by telling her that he doesn't do one-night stands, this guy wants an every night situation .

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He gave the key to her again, but she took a deep breath and didn't take it .


If he has the face to take it back, he shouldn't give it back to her . How could he tease her like that? She asked him to apologize, reflect on himself and repent, but he did nor, he refused to admit his mistakes and refused to reflect and showed no repentance .


He won't, she also won't . In any case, if he doesn't apologize, then she doesn't want his house key .

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"Got off work? Don't take the bus, I will pick you, on the way . "


"My stomach hurts, I didn't have time to eat dinner . The lunch box I got from the hospital canteen has already gone cold, and I don't want to eat it . You're already eaten to your fill and are watching TV at home? Then what do I do? I don't want to go out to a restaurant to eat . Would you like to help me make a bowl of noodles? What? I don't want to go to your house to eat it, the noodles in my house are more appetizing . In any case, if no one cooks it, then it seems that I can only starve to death . "


"Watching TV by yourself is lonely, come to my house, my TV is big, there is also a home theatre system, my bed is also better for a good night . The point is, I am downstairs at your apartment, if you don't come down, I won't leave . "

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Chen Ruo Yu was troubled by this man's skills for several days . In the beginning, How did she feel that this Mr . Tyrannosaurus was cool and handsome with his fierce dreadful tongue? He is obviously a nagging troublemaker!


A man's IQ is really too unreliable .


Chen Ruo Yu despised him for using tricks and walked into the trap, she knew that he was deliberately pretending and still accommodated him .


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So she was cooking and he was beside her making trouble . She was washing dishes and he was on the side giving directions . She was doing laundry and he took off his clothes and threw them haphazardly . She was tidying up the house and he was hanging around her, repeating that she should take him home for the Spring festival .  


Of course, she did not agree, so he accelerated and quickly put into practice what he has been preaching, and let her experience the life of a married couple for herself .


Chen Ruo Yu couldn't help but acknowledge that these past few days they have been going out together, eating together, sleeping together, they really seemed like a married couple . They adjusted the details and habits of their lives, to accommodate each other's preferences and requests .


Okay, she felt that it was actually pretty good in bed . Well, she doesn't have the experience to compare with, but it should be pretty good .


Except for the first time, where she felt pain, there hasn't been any pain since, there's also the fact that that time his nagging ruined the atmosphere, but the feelings the several times after that can be rated as perfect .   


The second time they were intimate, she experienced the pinnacle of feelings . In his arms, tightened and released, was out of control and shouted . He was smug and continued strongly, bravely forcing her to the second peak . Chen Ruo Yu was sweating all over, with tears running down her face, gasping for breath and trembling with the lingering aftertaste, and her face was flushed because of her bashfulness .


This shameless man panted and announced that this was his true strength, the first time does not count . After saying that, he thought about it and added, the first time should also be considered to be good, he did not make it too painful for her, and so should also be given a superior rating . Then he thought about it again and added, every time there is the main goal, and each time it's accomplished should be added to the evaluation, making it excellent .