Amnesiac Queen - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Zhou Wen?

Ye Zhen Zhen’s brows rose .  This was who I had chatted with for twenty minutes?

“Hello . ” She turned her body aside to allow her to enter the room . This politeness seemed to cause Zhou Wen

As she walked into the room, Zhou Wen instantly saw the painting displayed beside the bookcase . She turned around, her eyes practically sparkling as she stared at Ye Zhen Zhen . “Zhen Zhen, are you finally willing to continue painting?”

Ye Zhen Zhen couldn’t make head nor tails of her expression . She closed the door and walked up to Zhou Wen . “I don’t remember my past anymore . Are you a university classmate of mine?”

The happiness within Zhou Wen’s eyes visibly died . She gazed at Ye Zhen Zhen, her eyes somewhat sad . “I am housekeeper Zhou’s daughter . When we were kids, we used to always play together . You don’t remember?”

Ye Zhen Zhen stared blankly at her . Housekeeper Zhou’s daughter?

She thought her previous self really was too sweet . She had imagined thousands and tens of thousands of possibilities, even envisioning that this Zhou Wen was Qin Kong’s ex-girlfriend, but she hadn’t expected that she was actually housekeeper Zhou’s daughter .

Seeing the slightly blank expression on Ye Zhen Zhen’s face, Zhou Wen suddenly smiled . “Six years ago, you also acted like this . You didn’t remember anything, and your entire personality was as plain as boiled water . ”

“Eh, sorry for the inconvenience . ” Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t know why she was apologizing, but since she kept losing her memories, wasn’t she giving those around her more trouble?

Zhou Wen shook her head, her eyes still curved like a pair of small crescent moons . Ye Zhen Zhen thought that housekeeper Zhou must have been a beautiful woman in her youth . Zhou Wen turned her head to look at Ye Zhen Zhen’s painting again . “Although, this current you is somewhat different from last time . You are like these paintings, very lively . ”

Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t reply . From what she could tell of her past self after looking through the photo album, her past self had indeed resembled what Zhou Wen said .

“Why did you think of taking these paintings out?”

“Mn, there really wasn’t any special reason——I just felt that they shouldn’t be put away in the drawer forever . ” Ye Zhen Zhen looked at those paintings; each stroke of color was bright and crisp . Because of these colors, this pink room was a little more palatable, making it easier for people to swallow .

Zhou Wen turned her head back . “Zhen Zhen, if you can paint once more, I’ll be very happy . ”

“Eh…” Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t know how she should reply . She had only displayed these paintings, nothing more . She wasn’t even thinking about painting, but, looking at the anticipative look in Zhou Wen’s eyes, she couldn’t voice these thoughts of hers .

A knock sounded from the door again . Housekeeper Zhou brought in a few light refreshments and fruits before withdrawing again . Zhou Wen was a very talkative person, so despite Ye Zhen Zhen not remembering anything, she could still find a subject to talk about . Ye Zhen Zhen also finally learned some information during the course of their conversation . For example, Zhou Wen was three years older than her, currently managing an online business for her own brand name clothing shop, and was unmarried .

But in regards to why her surname was the same as housekeeper Zhou, she skimmed past this topic . Ye Zhen Zhen also didn’t intend to dig deep into this . After all, she also used her mother’s surname .

Seemingly tired from all the talking, Zhou Wen pierced a cherry tomato and looked at Ye Zhen Zhen happily . “The last time we talked like this…I think, mn, was at least six years ago . ”

Ye Zhen Zhen knitted her brows . Six years——to her current self, this could be considered a sensitive number .

“After you lost your memory last time, it was like you were a changed person . Although we watched with worry, we didn’t know how to comfort you . You know, you truly had a gift for art . You had also told me that you dreamed of becoming a fashion designer in the future . Ai, I can only say that things changed . After you returned, you stored all of your paintings in your drawer, and you no longer picked up a brush . You also followed the family tradition and studied finance in university . ”

Ye Zhen Zhen listened to this . The accident six years ago was like a dividing range, cutting up her twenty-one years of life into two distinct chunks . Now that she had lost her memories yet again, was this going to be another dividing range?

She stared at Zhou Wen . Suddenly, she recalled that phone call . Being able to chat with her previous self for twenty minutes, this Zhou Wen’s chatting skills absolutely could not be underestimated . “In my phone, I saw a call record showing that you had called me and chatted for a long time . What did we talk about?”

Zhou Wen muttered indecisively to herself for a moment before responding, “I wanted to invite you to help our brand create a new clothing line for next season . All along, I have felt that you renouncing drawing was a very unfortunate event . I hoped to see the day where you picked up a painting brush again . ”

Ye Zhen Zhen somewhat felt heavily pressured . “This… It really isn’t that I don’t want to help you, but it’s just that I am now an amnesiac . I’m afraid that the things I design, no one would buy at all . ”

“I have faith in you!” Two small flames ignited within Zhou Wen’s bright black eyes . “You just haven’t seen your own fashion designs . Oh, right, I still have some of the drawings you had done before the accident back at my place . I’ll bring them next time for you to see!”

“Okay . ” In front of Zhou Wen’s fiery passion, Ye Zhen Zhen had no choice but to compromise . Upon receiving her acceptance, Zhou Wen was elated . “Then since this is agreed upon, I’ll come visit you again next week . Rest well, okay?!”

Zhou Wen pierced the final cherry tomato left on the tray and waved goodbye to Ye Zhen Zhen .

Ye Zhen Zhen stared at the door that had been closed again . She sat there blankly for a moment before recalling that she hadn’t taken her medicine for today .

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This medicine had been personally prepared by Dr . Ji . Every time she consumed them, she felt that she was too adorable . 1

Gazing at the fruit tray bereft of fruit, the too adorable Ye Zhen Zhen decided to get some fruit from the kitchen herself .

She picked up the fruit tray from the table, and after spending a moment to recall where the kitchen was, she walked there happily and excited . Distantly, she could hear people speaking; it sounded like housekeeper Zhou . Ye Zhen Zhen slowed down her steps, ultimately stopping outside the doorway .

“Wen Wen, you have to believe in mama . That matter really isn’t…” Housekeeper Zhou suddenly broke off after seeing Ye Zhen Zhen standing in the doorway . “Miss, is there anything you need?”

Her voice was, as always, calm .

Zhou Wen heard this and spun around, slightly panicked . Her mood seemed somewhat excited, her cheeks scarlet as if she had just been in an intense debate a moment ago .

Ye Zhen Zhen smiled at them before gesturing at the fruit tray in her hand . “Housekeeper Zhou, is there anymore fruit?”

Housekeeper Zhou nodded and took the fruit tray from her hands, leaving to cut up some more fruit . Zhou Wen stood there, embarrassed and at a complete loss . She gradually calmed down, though . She looked at Ye Zhen Zhen, seemingly wanting to ask something but ultimately saying nothing . Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t seem to realize this and stood there silently, waiting for housekeeper Zhou to finish cutting up the fruit .

She took the fruit and made a sound of thanks to housekeeper Zhou before returning to her room . Just after she closed the door to her room, her brows furrowed together .

Although she hadn’t heard all of the conversation earlier, it was very clear that Zhou Wen had been arguing opinionatedly with her mother and seemed to be questioning housekeeper Zhou about something . The matter that housekeeper Zhou had mentioned——what was this matter?

Ye Zhen Zhen’s head hurt slightly . She wondered that if Dr . Ji discovered that her condition worsened during tomorrow’s visit, would he hospitalize her again?

No longer in the mood to eat fruit, she lay down on her bed, scrolling through her phone to Zuo Yi’s phone number . Should she tell Officer Zuo of this matter? But she had only heard one line, which couldn’t prove anything . It seemed that the mother and daughter pair argued very frequently .

She set the phone back onto her bedside and closed her eyes, resting the back of her hand against her forehead . Perhaps in this family, every single person was not worthy of being trusted .

The muddleheaded Ye Zhen Zhen became a little sleepy, but just as she wanted to sleep, a burst of quick, light knocks sounded from her door .

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Ye Zhen Zhen rolled over . She had no intention of opening the door . The person knocking, however, was clearly more persevering than she was, as the knocking never stopped——continuing for at least five minutes . Ye Zhen Zhen opened the door, practically spitting anger .

As expected, the one standing outside the door gracing her with his presence was the curly-haired Young Master Qin . Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t understand . Wasn’t he a general manager? How could he have so much free time? Seemingly seeing Ye Zhen Zhen’s poor mood, Qin Kong lifted a delicate box and looked at her with all smiles . “I just heard from housekeeper Zhou that you wanted to eat macarons, so I specifically went out to buy some . ”

Ye Zhen Zhen stood in the doorway, not allowing him to enter as he wanted . “But I’m tired right now . I just want to sleep . ”

Qin Kong’s eyes gleamed as he proposed an idea . “I’m also tired . Wouldn’t it be better if we slept together?”

Bang! Ye Zhen Zhen slammed the door shut .

Qin Kong: “…”

“Open the door, Zhen Zhen, open the door!” Brisk knocking sounds began to echo once more .

At the end of her patience, Ye Zhen Zhen snatched a pillow beside her and threw it at the tightly closed door . “Stop knocking, Xue Yi! Fu Wen Pei isn’t here!” 2

Qin Kong: “…”

The person outside the door finally stopped . Ye Zhen Zhen sighed in relief, but just as she began falling asleep, Qin Kong’s voice rang out from below the balcony . “Oh, Juliet . You are the beautiful sun, and wherever you go, it is the east! Oh, Juliet, why am I always Romeo?”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

Save me! Who will come and take care of this mentally retarded person!!!!

Ye Zhen Zhen wailed in anguish before finally walking to the window . Upon seeing her pop her head out, Qin Kong recited passionately, “Oh, she appears! A glimmer of light appears from the eastern window…”


Ye Zhen Zhen’s pillow accurately and unmistakably smashed into Qin Kong’s face .  

Qin Kong —— KO .

Qin Kong finally drove away from Ye Mansion, taking Ye Zhen Zhen’s pillow with him . Ye Zhen Zhen lay down on her bed, her head aching even more . She must get Dr . Ji to conveniently prescribe Qin Kong medicine during tomorrow’s visit . She wasn’t sure if Dr . Ji practiced psychiatry .

After going through a day of torment, the weak Ye Zhen Zhen’s expectations came true . That night, she had a nightmare . When she finally woke up from her dream, the first streams of dawn light were already spilling into this pink room of hers .

Ye Zhen Zhen wiped away the cold sweat dotting her forehead, a horrified expression upon her deathly pale face .

She had just dreamt of the person who had pushed her down the stairs .

Author’s Note:

Especially grateful for Su Tan; little angel feeding me a landmine .  Muah~! Muah~! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭?~

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On another note, what goes on in Ye Zhen Zhen’s mind every time she takes her medicine:

Ye Zhen Zhen 【V】: Every time I take my medicine, I also want to eat Dr . Ji . I think I’m too adorable   


萌萌哒 — internet slang meaning “too adorable” or “too cute,” especially ‘moe-level’ of cuteness that originated with influence from Japan . It also means “to take medicine,” namely to treat the Chuunibyou/Eighth Grader Syndrome . This is often used with dual-meaning on the internet . Depending on the context it’s used in, 萌萌哒 could be used to humorously describe one’s own “moe” behavior .   Reference to a scene from 《情深深雨蒙蒙》| 《Romance in the Rain》 . Fu Wen Pei is the person Xue Yi is shouting to . Scene Excerpt: 「 Xue Yi said, “Open the door! Open the door! You have the skill to steal a man! You have the skill to open the door! 」