An adult in Pokemon - Chapter 19

Published at 15th of September 2019 09:16:44 PM

Chapter 19

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After getting his Pokémon all taken care of Gray swung by Tricia's room to see how she was doing . The nurse on duty told him she was sleeping already . Deciding now would be a good time to get the food for later he left the Hospital . Walking a little around town, he stopped when Empress called to him telepathically . Tapping the Expokeball he let her out .

"What is going on?" Gray asked slightly worried . In his hand's was the stone from earlier . There was strange energy coming from its center that kept Graying adding more of his Aura and Physic energy to it .

"That crappy Growlithe is in danger . Are we going to go help it?" Empress said softly . She was still getting used to actually speak . Her voice was a little lower than classroom volume .

"I agree to take care of it . So yes we are . You have a lock on his location?"

"Yes, I do . Beaming out . Wehehe!" Empress laughed loudly as she raised her hands in the air . Both her and gray were covered in black light and Teleported .

Around the outskirts of Viridian forest . In a pocket off the main path, a group of Pokemon had gathered here for safety . It was safe till a few hours ago until a group of Trainers had found the area after the battle that raged previously .

A group of Eevee and a single Growlithe were battling against a trio of Trainers . A kid with a red R symbol on his collar was trying to catch one of the Eevees in a net . This kid looked to be the oldest of the group . He looked to be about 20 or so .

The next was an older girl . With shock prod in hand, she kept tapping the group of Pokémon she had contained . Any of the Pokémon that gave her a wrong look was immediately shocked again . She looked to be about 19 or so . After getting them to all settle down she went to join the youngest member .

The third person in the group looked to be about 12 or 14 . With his short height and cap up top it was hard to tell . Next to him was a Houndoom that kept the Eevee's from getting to far . Every time an Eevee almost broke away, The Houndoom would gaze at them casting several Dark eyes to appear . The moment the Eevees would see it they would run back to the group .

"Get them now! This is taking too long . " The kid looked back to the others . "If we don't hurry up, an Officer might catch us . " His eyes went wide when he saw what happened next . The old Eevee had used Protect on the little ones it was guarding . Watching his siblings fly from the barrier the boy was getting fed up . Staring at the girl he decided to start cutting his losses . "Go get the ones in the container . I will help the runt with those Pokemon . "

Looking around to make sure the coast was clear, he pressed a button on his wrist . A few of the

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Pokémon he had already captured in the container were electrocuted . The Pokémon yelped in pain with there last bit of energy before paralyzation took effect .

"Bzzt, bzzt . " The electric shocks traveled through the captured Pokémon . From the abuse they already received, it was impossible for them to even howl or grunt .

Giving a nod to the older boy she dashed over to the contained Pokemon . "Go, R- Poke ball's . " The girl said as she reached over to her left leg unfastening the container gate . As the balls flew out of her side bag they flew into the container hitting an individual Pokémon . A few of them shook before the light signaled capture . "Dooom . "

Seeing the other Pokémon disappear into the ball's Growlithe became angry . Dark flame's gathered around it as it pounced at the nearest Trainer . With a leap, it opened its jaw's wide biting down .

Growlithe had used Fire Fang . As his fangs came down onto the Trainer's arm he was surprised to find he didn't bite down to the bone . Digging his paws into the dirt he yanked free tearing the sleeve of the Trainer .

Shining metal blinded Growlithe for a second . Reigniting his fangs he chomped down hard breaking through some of the metal and getting into flesh .

"Ouch! That stupid Growlithe bit me! I will make sure it pays for that . " The smallest of the Trio said .

"Don't just sit there! Houndoom use Headbutt!"

"Houu!" Houndoom growled out . Charging in fast, his horns caught the underside of Growlithe . "Bam," Growlithe went skidding across the ground hitting a tree stump that broke its momentum . In its maw was the armor that protected the Trainer .

"Groo," Growlithe managed to say as he tried to stand up! "Ha . . ha . . ah . . ," panting heavily his body gave way and he stumbled . The flame's around its body went out . 'Dammit why! I need to get up!' Black aura energy seeped into Growlithe from his surroundings . Most of it coming from an Eevee . Standing up, he started to hobble over back to the others .

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"Swoosh," Gray and Empress had Teleported in . Looking around at everything Gray brow furrowed .

The Growlithe was limping on one leg and next to a tree . Looking around Gray kind of figured what happened . But then again it could be any number of things when he thought about it some more .

"Hey who the hell are you?! This Pokémon and the others are ours! Get lost!" The kid with the red R said swinging his fist at Gray in agitation . He didn't like the look of Gray or the Abra that had appeared . He stood there and tried to threaten Gray hoping this would get him to back off at least .

"Then why haven't you caught them yet then?" Looking to Growlithe he yelled, "return!" The power of his voice helped to amplify the Expokeball command . Instead of the standard red light, a white light engulfed Growlithe . The white light was the force return move . Communicating with Empress he made his next plan .

"So that was your Pokemon . Tch whatever . But these Pokemon are ours . " The kid with red R said .

Looking back he noticed the girl had already collapsed the container . She was heading to the location of there vehicle . The only ones left were him and the one he called runt .

'Take him to the Pokémon center and get him patched up . " Handing Growlithe ExPokeball over, Gray spread his aura further around tapping into his Physic energy he tried to communicate with the Eevee .

'While you are there figure out what is going with him . Once you have figured that out, come back . His injuries look bad . I don't want to risk it . '

Hesitating a little Empress saluted and started to Teleport . 'Ok! I will be back really soon!'

"Swoosh!" Empress left .

Gray walked over to the Eevee's and tried to treat them . At first, they hesitated but calmed down . The older Eevee came up and sniffed him . Putting the stone away into his pocket he started to look at the Pokemon using his Pokegear .

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"Vee v eve . " Will you help? The older Eevee asked in a panic . His eyes turned and looked in confusion when looked Gray in the eyes . The old Pokemon's used a little bit of his Aura energy . 'You are that Trainer from before! Can you help?! Please, we will do anything . You have to help us . It's your responsibility!'

"Easy there calm down . " Gray was speaking out loud as he communicated telepathically . He didn't want the other people to know what was going on . 'Yes, I am that Trainer . Sorry again about your home before . What do you all need help with?'

The Eevee behind the old one watched Gray with desperation . They were all so tired of running . Some of them thought it would be best to just roll over and go with the Trainers . As one of the Eevee's got up from the group, the others watched . One of the more injured Eevee's stood up as well . It walked slowly over to the one in front stopping it .

"Ve!" No! The injured Eevee said .

The other pleaded for it to move to the side . The two Pokemon started to growl at one another .

"Hey! Don't do anything to them! We saw them first . " The kid said . He tried to have Houndoom Attack but it was too scared to . Something about Gray caused it to back away . Looking down at the Houndoom the kid was stumped . "Hey get him Houndoom! He is trying to take what's ours . " The kid started to whine to the Pokemon!

The older kid was a little smarter . He walked up to the Houndoom and noticed the look in its eyes . 'it's afraid!' He thought shocked . Taking a step forward he felt the aura energy touch him . Gritting his teeth he grabbed the younger boy . Whispering he tried to get the boy to move away . "Tony that's enough . Get back now . That is not an ordinary Trainer over there . I think he is an Aura user . "

"Vee vee v eve . " They want to capture us! The older Eevee said . 'I don't want my family going with them . They seem like awful Trainer's . They beat the Pokemon before and hit them with these rods that had electricity . '

"Well looky here, you have some bruises and a possible fracture right here . Stay still and let me treat it . " Reaching into his bag, Gray pulled a few potion's and a full heal out . 'Well, crap . I understand you may not want to go with them, But what will you do," reaching down he patted the old Eevee on the head . Looking at the scars all over his body Gray felt bad for the Pokemon .

'Dammit, this is a little bit my fault . . crap . ' Reaching and feeding it a berry from his pocket he took a deep breath . "If you come across another Trainer like them what will happen? You can't keep running . '

After Gray transmitted that the old Eevee just hung its head low . If it was younger battling these Trainer's would be a cinch . Looking over to its current herd that was not the best option . All the fighters in this litter were gone . All the ones left didn't like fighting besides two of them . With the wear and tear, those twins wouldn't stand a chance .

"Vee . Ve vvv vee . " We rather go with you than them . The old Eevee looked at the kid behind Gray . That smirk the boy had given him the creeps . The old Eevee had come across Trainers and Pokémon with that look before . One thing was for certain that look meant trouble . 'Fine then . Give them a chance to escape . I will deal with these so-called Trainer's . '

'How Heroic I guess . Old coot is daring . ' Gray thought to himself . Looking at the other two trainers he smiled . 'They are just kids, but then again this is not home . Things here a lot more different . Well besides the fact Pokemon are real creatures . '

"So do you want to just go our separate ways? Or are we going to have a problem? I rather just get this group ofPokémon to a PokeCenter . They need medical attention . "

"I don't care what he is Jace! Those Eevees are mine!" The kid whispered back as best he could . Putting away the smaller net, he reached for the big one on Jace's hip .

Looking back towards Gray, Jace smiled . "Sorry but I don't think we can do that . We don't know you and you might try to steal our Pokemon from us . " Jace then reached into his pocket . 'Come on man just leave . I don't want to test out these new pills just yet . '

Looking down at Tony, Jace was hoping the kid would realize the situation they were in . Business before personal . Wanting the Pokemon for yourself came after the client's Pokemon were obtained .

Jace couldn't' remember how many times he had to explain this to the runt .

"No problem . Easily solvable . Come with me to the Pokemon Center . That way we can guarantee no funny business . " Gray kept his Physic energy probing the surroundings . As for his aura, he kept it close to himself after it touched the Houndoom .

"Didi . " The device activated and expanded as he ran over with the bigger net . Electricity started to spark off the net as he approached . "Those Pokémon are mine, Jace!"

"Damn it, Tony!" Jace said . Standing up he reached for his Pokeball on his sleeve .

Gray was planning on talking to the Trainer's and figuring something out between them but that point was moot now . For two reasons . The boy made the decision for him and the blue bubble that appeared .

(The group known as? ?????? are trying to capture Pokémon illegally . These Pokémon have been displaced from their homes, in the beginning, thanks to you . Protect them . )