An adult in Pokemon - Chapter 41

Published at 15th of September 2019 09:16:20 PM

Chapter 41

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Seeing the Pokemon and its weapon raised up . Gray fired a blast of psychic energy at it . It smashed into a wall .

"Bam!" It was out cold . Paying it no mind, Gray started to focus on recovering . A few minutes and a potion later he was ready to go . Seeing the knocked out Pokemon already getting up, he was ready to fight . The first thing it did was squawk for help .

As the Farfetch'D called for back up, a Murkrow came down pinning it . "Fancy meeting you here . " It said towards Gray .

"Yeah, yeah," Gray mumbled standing up . "You here to hassle me or get captured?"

"I do not wish to be captured, however, hassle . . no . So we have a bit of a problem there . I just want to come with you . To follow you as it were . " Clyde said smoothly .

(Murkrow wishes to become a follower . Do you accept?)

"Sure fine then," Gray said as he ripped the wings off Farfetch'D . "Follow along, dont cause trouble . " Putting the rest of the remains in his inventory he thought about where he could be .

A pokeball floated out of Gray's aura covered in his scent . It floated over in front of Clyde and he touched inquisitively . A black-light engulfed him . A few seconds later he came back out with a sharp gleam in his eye .

"Well, that was exhilarating," Clyde said . He tries to downplay it, but he couldn't hide the sound of contentment from his voice . "You are definitely someone worth following my Master . "

"Call me Gray Saint . " Shaking his head Gray realized that would be weird . "Just call me Gray . "

"Of course Sir . " Flying around Gray, he perched himself on Gray's head . Hoping down, he rested on his shoulder next . "Comfy here . "

"Ughh, I need to recover in a safe environment . So close to the next territory . Maybe I should . . " Gray was talking with Clyde when he felt a weird fluctuation . He felt it before but couldn't place where at the moment .

"You look like crap Gray . " In front of Gray, a large Dragonite stood up .

"Huh, you feel familiar . How can that be?" Gray stared at the Pokemon . He didnt feel any fear and knew it wouldn't hurt him . "Ah, your Saint Peter!"

"Glad you recognized me in this form . " Saint Peter moved closer and made a mound of dirt to sit on . "You have done quite well lately . I am very happy . "

"Thanks . " Gray shifted to a more presentable appearance . He swapped out his clothes and waited for him to continue . "We all worked hard . What can I do for you?" He questioned while checking over his Pokemon . They were all sleeping . Except for the Mukrow who just stared at the Dragonite inquisitively .

"Just came to talk and check on you . I am glad you didnt kill any of those innocent Pokemon . As well as the humans that were adventuring that you passed by . " To show he meant it, Saint Peter waved his hands above Gray and healed him and his Pokemon . "That is better . Now let's have a better conversation . I rather not have your focus split on recovering . "

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"Well, thanks . Whew . " Gray took a small breath of air feeling his lungs working fine again .

"Gray are you ok with the task that is before you?" Saint Peter asked .

"Huh, yeah . " Gray tilted his head in confusion . "Am I not suppose to be ok with it? I was given a second chance and all . Unless I was not supposed to?"

"Good, the Grim Reaper that took you by mistake . . it was not by mistake . Your time to get to work was at hand . " Saint Peter watched as Gray only flinched . A shift in his aura let him know that the slumbering Gray inside was paying attention and explaining to the current him subconsciously .

"Well dang . . . so can I sue heaven . " Gray joked . "Wait this is a good chance to check on them . " Letting lose all his Pokemon he scanned over them and saw they were indeed perfectly fine . Empress floated over and sat on his lap while the others continued to sleep .

"Please don't . " Saint Peter smiled . It was a strained one at that . "The reaper did it, to make sure this world had a chance . The Giratina you met is the guard of the black gate . I can tell you haven't forgotten . She is his wife . Now that aside, I wanted to explain a little more about your task . "

"Hmm, go for it . This sounds interesting, to say the least . " Gray focused on Saint Peter as he felt himself changing just a little . As if his mind was remembering things it needed to know . They would stay for a moment then fade away . It would come back when it was needed he surmised .

"It is about your Pokemon and what comes next . " He pointed to Empress . "You selected randomly before you received her . That was a great way for your journey . But I am here to tell you ,she would have come to you anyway . "

Gray looked towards Empress . She just smiled at him .

"Hehe, I chose you," Empress said laughing . She wrapped her tail around his neck and floated over him landing on his head . She crawled back forward and fell onto his lap . "Mine my mine . " She relaxed into him sleeping happily .

"Just like trainers get that special feeling towards Pokemon, it can be said the same the other way around . But it was the same back in your world as well as people . How many times did you meet some and you just clicked? Mesh togethor as it were . "

"Hmm, a few . But there were times I didn't meet them again till after college . But I get the meaning . "

"That is good . Will you continue this assignment despite the troubles and heartbreak you will endure . "

"Yes, I will," Gray said not really giving it any thought . "Wait wait, heartbreak!? What kind of heartbreak we are talking about here? The kind where you pretend it doesn't hurt and move on despite the pain . Or the kind where you become an emotional wreck and eat your favorite foods and retreat in on yourself?"

"Eheeh . . kind of both and more . " Saint Peter chuckled at Gray's weird expression . "You are upset I take it?"

"I rather not deal with either of those . Like can we not . " Gray stared at the Dragonite like he lost his mind . "Who in their right mind will agree to that?"

Saint Peter eyes flashed for a moment like received something . Or saw something . He smiled like someone who knew something and didnt what to tell it . "There is a way to pass that . "

"Well spill it . Dont keep me in suspense . "

"Make your friends happy . " Saint Peter said before leaving . "Also enjoy this memory . "

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"Oi, you get back here you overgrown lizard!" Gray hollered before realizing it was futile . "Ughh I am so screwed . " Sitting back down he was about to take a nap . He was not tired but was forced to sleep .

In his dream, the world shifted . The background showed a bunch of clouds and several pools down below . The top looked like water . It was not . In fact, it was concentrated aura energy . The pool contained different worlds as little balls went inside . The balls were souls .

Someone that looked like Gray was standing in black armor . A morning star attached to his left hip and an axe on his right side . His eyes were cloudy and unfocused . As if he was watching something unfold somewhere else .

"Are you sure about this?" Saint Peter asked again for confirmation .

"I am sure," Gray said as he looked below . He watched as the soul's from below return to heaven and hell . Some move through a pool to another world for reincarnation . "Just keep your word Saint Peter, and I will keep my own . "

"Heh, like you could break your word . " Saint Peter extended his hand and grabbed two women that were unconscious next to Gray . In an Instant one turned to green light and the other turned to a pink-purple light . "I thank you on behalf of Father . "

"Aye, no thanks needed . It is my job as well as my design . " Gray turned smiling to the man . His smile was somewhat hollow and tears could be seen going to the sides of his face . They refuse to go downward, as if they were not allowed to . "Send me to the next place for I can continue my work as needed . "

"Very well then . " Saint Peter raised his hands and Gray disappeared into a grey-black light . In an instance he to was gone .

Behind Saint Peter, a gate opened . Out walked a robed woman . "Where is he?!" She demanded . Behind her hood tears could be seen hitting against her black hair .

"He is gone . Continuing his work as needed . " Saint Peter said sadly .

"Why?!" She slumped to the floor in tears . "Why did he go without me?"

"He does what he must child . Go to your husband and talk to him . You must tell him that your daughter is gone as well . "

"Father denies me even my daughter and the man I love . Why cant we be togethor?" Wringing her fist together she should not calm herself . "I moved on as he asked . I had a family, a beautiful daughter and he promised to protect her . Now, this happens . "

"Your love for him is misplaced . I wanted to say your daughter is as well but . . But I believe he has fallen for her . How strange that he was able to bypass that law . "

"What law?" She asked .

"The law from preventing you two to be togethor . He could not allow himself to fall for you . With you as a second-generation angel it was forbidden . So a law was put in place to prevent that . His feelings for you in that way were removed from him . In short, he became incapable of doing so . "

"Where did it go?" She wanted to grab it and take it for herself . As if reading her thoughts Saint Peter decides it best to just tell her .

"Your husband currently has it . He was using it to understand how to become more human and less robotic as it were . " Shaking his head he knew this was quite dangerous . "It defintely works, but his feelings for you have grown quite strong . "

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"If that law was in place how come I was allowed to marry him then?"

"Because of Gray . One of the reasons it was allowed was because he advocated that if he did this, you were to be allowed to marry whoever's you fell in love with next . Nothing we could do about it, especially with it being another first generation . "

"I am going to talk to that husband of mine . " Stopping she turned back . "Will my daughter be allowed to marry him?"

"Yes . "

"That is good then . " Her voice came out low . But a small smile bloomed on her face . Then she was gone back to the black gate .

"Ah, how strange you have made us father . How strange . " Musing to himself Saint Peter saw a gate of fire open . Out stepped a blond-haired man and a woman with a strange expression on her face . She was angry, to say the least . "Oh, Michael and Michelle . What do I owe the visit?"

Looking around the man Michael face grimaced . "Where are they?" Seeing Saint Peter not respond, he stepped closer and asked again . "Where!?"

"Gone . Continueing his work as needed . Why so serious?"

"Darn it! It was my turn to go . " Michael's voice came out pained and hurt . "Why didn't you stop him? He doesn't have to keep doing this!"

"Michael, dear boy . He does it because he likes it . The same as why you always blay the Avenging Son . "

"We could have done it this time . Given him a break . " Michelle said . "A chance for him to live a little . "

"Do not worry he will live a little this time . I have seen to it . " Saint Peter said smiling to the two .

"Well, that is just great . " A voice saif coming from the sky . A man with wild hair came swooping down . "Bad news . Something was created from the last war . Something disgusting and an affront to god . "It has already entered one of the pool's . "

"Which one?!" Michael asked . "Which one Raphael!"

"That one!" Raphael pointed to . It was the same one Gray had gone to .

"Oh dear . Is this part of father plan?" Saint Peter asked . "No matter . Gray will deal with it when the time is right . "

"Arghh, I won't let him do this alone," Michael said flying off .

"I will talk to my other half," Michelle said waving . "You know how he gets when it comes to brother . "

Extending his hand out, Saint Peter waved it over the pool . "There we go . Whatever it is, will be forced to sleep for a while . "

"That won't do . It is very powerful . It grabbed some of the energy from the other era's . It has disrupted time already . " Raphael said seeing the pool warp .

"Tch, go and help . I know you have been waiting to one-up your brother . Here is your chance . " Seeing Michael's face Saint Peter added . "Do not screw this up . Here is your chance to make up for all the different problems you caused him . You cant tell me you have not grown enough to want to pay him back . "

"I . . you are right . I will take care of it . Trust me . " Stepping to the pool Raphael turned back . "My other half will stay here to keep my job togethor . " With that, he jumped into the pool .

"That blasted hot head could have waited till the pool stabilized . Now, which point in time is ending up in?" Saint peter smacked his head and looked at the pool . "What the heck is a Groudon? What world did I send them to?"

Scanning through the world he was what all transpired .

"Why did she create these creatures? What the hell was Gabriella thinking?" Groaning in frustration Saint peter started to pull them back but stopped . a bubble appeared in front of him .

(Let them be . They will do fine . It time they learn a little more . )

"Of course father, But will this be ok?" Saint Peter asked thinking this was quite a gamble .

(It will have to be . I want them to live a little more this time around . Less duty and more fun . Gray does not mind acting the villain . Which is exactly what I need for the others to grow a little . )

"As you wish . " Saint Peter relaxed after reading that . "Just hope everyone lives this time . I dont think Gray will be able to handle the death of someone he loves again . "

(Neither do I . But that is the price of the ability of choice and free will . )

Back in the cave, Gray started to wake up . His dream fading away going to the same place his memory went . Turning back to his regular task at hand, he started to fix his Pokemon some food . He felt better than he had in a long time .

After everyone ate they did their morning routine of exercise . Gray made a run for the border . A few hours later, they arrived at the area Growlithe wanted . Stopping at the cliff edge he looked down below at the large city and expansive forest . Something in him started to stir .

"Right . " Gray dashed off finally making it to his destination . "Go Growlithe . " Saying the words the ExPokeball opened .

"Hey . " Growlithe said before sniffing the air . "Oh, so we made it . Good . We should rest here first before entering . Afterward, you should enter completely in Pokesoul state . Whichever you think is best to last the longest . "

"Alright . But why?" Gray removed some supplies from his bag and set about feeding everyone . Letting

"We should rest . That is all I can say right now . But it will be worth it . "

Entering the city Gray noticed it was mostly Beast type Pokemon and Pokemon that were Ground-type .