An adult in Pokemon - Chapter 70

Published at 11th of February 2020 09:15:11 AM

Chapter 70

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"Go use Tackle!" Condu yelled at Electrike . The dog responded instantly and charged at Tyrunt . "Huh? You are n . . not going to give your Pokemon orders?"

"Nope . I will if he asks for help . " Gray said . Tyrunt lowered its head and built up power around its head . It used Skull-Bash to meet the Tackle .

"Bam!" Electrike with sailing across the ground from the hit .

"Bar!" With a groan, the little Pokemon struggled to get up . "Trike!" As soon as it recovered Tyrunt was there already . Mouth opened as it prepared to fire .

"Ah!" Condu exclaimed . "Usee . . um use Dig!" The Gym Leader yelled quickly . His Electike immediately started digging a hole . In response, Tyrunt just jumped into the air over and over again . Power still in its mouth gathering . Smashing down fiercer each time . It was combining the strength in its legs with the move Stomp . "What is it doing?"

"Thump, thump, thump, thump!" With each landing, Tyrunt jumped in a different spot . All in a small area of each other . "Pop!" Electrike pops out of the ground near the third jump location .

"Bah!" Tyrunt turned and fired . A sonic blast fired in a cone from its mouth, as it tumbled back from the recoil . It had used the move Hyper Voice!

"Crack! Crack!" The ground distorted from the power . As both dust and dirt went in one direction . Electrike having just popped out of the ground was caught flat-footed .

"Bar!" With a whimper, the dust blinded . Then the dirt smacked its face . The blast of power sent it through the center to the edge of the arena .

"Ah! Shake it off and use . . . use . . Quick Attack!" Condu ordered . Electrike obeyed instantly and rushed back inside .

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"Waaa!" Tyrunt had confused itself from the tumble . It stood on wobbly legs for a bit . Turning left and right it felt a little scared . "Roo roo . " It cried out to Gray .

'I am right here . Just relax . Pay attention to nothing else . ' Gray thought to the Pokemon to calm it down . Instantly Tyrunt obeyed Gray . 'Good job . Your enemy is coming right for you . Its speed is fast but nothing you cannot handle power wise . Get ready . '
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"Roo ro!" Tyrunt swiveled its head around and prepared itself . "Rooo!" It then used Iron Defense . A quick sheen of energy encased its body .

"Ruff!" Electrike smashed into Tyrunt right after .

"Sccrrh!" Tyrunt was pushed back maybe a foot . Before Electrike could get away . it's mouth part . "Raaah!" Tyrunt used Bite and latched on . It then jumped into the air using Stomp on Electrike .

"Bam, bam, bam, bam!" It took four Stomp's before Electrike stopped fighting back . Tyrunt had a predatory glint in its eye . But it held back and released the fainted Pokemon . However, it did so by one of the holes .

"Roo roo . " Tyrunt kicked a little dirt over the hole and walked to Gray . The aide just stared for a bit at the whole and then at her brother who stood there dumbfounded .

"The winner Gray and Tyrunt!" She said quickly . Heading over she dug Tyrunt out the hole and checked it over . Turning to the side Gray was explaining to Tyrunt not to bury fainted Pokemon . The Pokemon looked apologetic but also confused . Passing the Electrike to her dazed brother, she walked closer . "Excuse me Gray . "

"Hold on . Tyrunt you have to hold back a little in regular battles . " Gray explained again . Tyrunt shook its head no . "Haaa yeah I know it bites . But holding back is a good way to learn as well . You can not become an Apex Predator if you take everything out quickly . "

Tyrunt waved its head around in wonder . It then looked stood up and looked at Gray in the eyes . It made the chomping motion . Gray in turn put out his hand and let the Pokemon bite down .

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"Chomp!" It used Crunch as it bared down with everything it had . Gray did not flinch as he waited . It took three minutes of effort before Tyrunt let go . It then licked Gray's hand and nodded .

"Good . Now return . " Hitting the return, Tyrunt rested in its ball . "Now what were you saying miss?"

"Miss Valerie . Or Val for short . " She looked around the arena and noticed it was not that bad off . "Thank you for holding back . This is actually the gym's first lost . " Valerie noticed Gray did not seem surprised by that . "You already knew didnt you?" Val reached for the Bolt badge and passed it over . Gray then saw the bubble message appear .

(Bolt Badge obtained . $1200 received . 5 trainer points awarded for not causing a problem . No TM . )

"Yes . Your gym is quite the buzz on the forums . I also no why you are undefeated . Pity . . . " Gray said . "Your brother's condition or attitude can piss a person off . Your popularity or infamy will soon cause problems for the gym . "

"Yeah . . you are not gonna file a complaint are you? If an Elite Trainer does it will be problems . " Val said quickly .

"No . Just this cannot continue . I will write my report and turn it in to the Officials . A copy will be given to you as well . Trainer's who fight wildly would like this place but not . . well not tamer ones . Soon someone will get pissed and go all out . " Gray stopped and thought about it . "Take over as Gym Leader . Have your brother take the aide position . "

"I . . cannot do that to him . " Valerie shook her head no to emphasize . "This is his dream . He even rebuilt the place on his own . The money raised for the place was done by him . " The two talked for about 20 minutes until her brother returned .

"Sorry . The Pokemon Center was still closed nearby . Nurse Joy was still working the disturbance from yesterday . " Condu looked around the arena for a bit then back as Gray . "Thank you for the battle . "

"I wouldn't call it a battle per se . But thanks for the exercise . " Gray was unnerved by how the Gym Leader was able to act normally without the other people nearby . "Your social issues . . you need to let the Trainer's know about it beforehand . It should help them understand before rumors spread even more so . Have you thought about getting help?" Gray leaned back on his leg waiting for the response . He had a little more time to waste so why not .

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"I have . Its just stage fright . The lights and the cheering starts getting to me . " Condu said . Seeing Gray unperturbed face, he thought the worst . "I cant separate the arena and take out the lights . The fans and people need to see the gym matches!"

"Haaa this is just crazy . ou need to get over your stage fright . " Gray finished his report and turned to leave . "Good luck you two . Thank the heavens your Pokemon are strong . That is one good thing I can put in the report from my battle and the one I watched from the other trainers today . " With a wave Gray left the building .

'At least Tyrunt had a chance to battle . ' Empress said before she left from inside him . Her tail wrapped around his neck as she held onto him . "Now what are we going to do?"

Head to Vermillion town and battle Pokemon on the way . " Gray gave her a rub and started moving out . "Are you going to tell me what happened last night or not?"

"Hmmm nope . " Empress smiled . "Sabrina will in time . "

-A few Hours Later Vermillion City-

"Hmmm this place is different than what I thought . I need to check something right quick . " Gray mumbled to Empress . As he walked, he checked over his Pokegear to double check something . The area had increase police personal . 'Lt . Surge seems to be the one from the comics . A criminal and Pokemon trader . But Sabrina said he was undercover the same as her . So . . their is that . It does not seem like the people treat him unfairly . I guess he made a good choice for an undercover being from Unova and all . Kind of weird that is the equivalent of America in this world . '

"Gray the Pokemon Center is over there!" Empress pointed as she leaned to the side a little . "We need to check in for a good bed . No sense in getting a hotel or temporary apartment . We are leaving after the badge right?"

"Yup . I will check jobs in the area to make sure but that is about it . " Gray said . He then went into the Pokemon center . However, a surprise was there instead . "Huh arent you Hilda?"

"Huh?!" The Pokemon Ranger turned around . "Hey Gray . Thought you were sick?" Hilda was no longer dressed like a Pokemon Ranger . Instead, she looked like a Trainer . The weirdest was the vest she had on . "Surge . " She walked over to face him pointing at the jacket she said, "my full name is Hilda Oak Surge . Sorry but me and my sister dont like to talk about certain things much . Especially with people we dont know . I am a former Pokemon Ranger now . Training to become a Gym Leader now . "

"Right . . " Gray outstretched his hand . "Just call me Gray Saint . " They shook politely . "This is going better than before . You still upset with me?"

"Not really upset with you . " Hilda rubbed her arm uncomfortably . "You just make me feel weird . You make my sister feel even weirder . "

"Sorry about that hehehehe . " Gray chuckled . "Oh how is your sister by the way? You yourself look fine . "

"Yraining like crazt for some reason . Considering someone killed her Greninja . " Hilda teased .

"Not sorry about that . It tried to . . ugh . Forget it . " Gray moved to set up sleeping arrangements .

"Hey your just passing through right? Come stay at the gym . It gives us the chance to talk away from people and I want to train against you . My mom wants to meet you . " Hilda grabbed Gray by the arm not taking no for an answer . "Come on tough guy!"

"Alright just stp pulling . I can walk girlie . " Gray said . Empress moved to the top of his head smiling .

"Who you calling girlie!?" Hilda looked back still draggin him .

"You have boobs, a tight ass, and a face of a . . " Gray started but was stopped by Empress wrapping his mouth with her tail .

"Eh!" Hilda immediately let him go . "You defintely are . . something . Most guys wouldnt say shit like that with a straight face . " Hilda looked him up and down and changed her tune . "Gray will you come with me to the Vermillion Gym?"

"Ummm yeah . " Gray answered moving Empress tail away . "I am not most guys . " He shrugged and followed along . 'Shit not really a guy as far as I can really tell if these dreams keep getting weirder at night . '