An adult in Pokemon - Chapter 78

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Chapter 78

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"Woosh!" Sabrina teleported back to the ship . She watched as the last bit of people made it to the boats . A lot of them were just happy to make it . She looked around for Gray, but did not find him . "Were is he?"

"Toto dile!" Work over! Godzilla the Totodile had jumped onto the deck and shook himself off . Titan the Nidorino jumped right after . Both were exhausted and collapsed .

"Boooooom!" One large explosion went off . It shook the whole island . A few small waves rocked the ship . A small Rescue Unit had made it over on a submersible . Seeing the area shake, a bunch of people on the St . Anne II stared out fearing the worst .

"Silver . . . you better not die . " Crystal tightened her hands and waited . Next to her, Sabrina stopped breathing . "Sabrina . . they will be fine . " She tried her best to reassure the woman . Following the gaze of one of her idols, Crystal went from worry to shock .

"Woooohhooo!" Someone screamed from the air . It was from Gray . The others were suspended underneath him by psychic power . Gray was letting them free fall as they went down in an arc . "Better than skydiving! We need to do that again!"

"How about not . " Silver said . He looked to the woman and realized who she was . "Your the missing Gym Leader from Blackthorn City . Your name is Clair right?"

"Grrr I am . What about it?!" Clair was still angry but kept it under control by Gray's aura . She couldnt even fight back . 'How the hell did he calm the dragon inside me?! Who is this guy!?' She eyeballed Gray feeling like a caged animal . 'First captured then manhandled! Ughhh things have gone from terrible to worse . '

"Ok, nevermind then . " Silver could tell she was not a happy camper right now . Getting grabbed and suppressed by Gray did not look fun . 'Better than getting caught in an explosion . She should be happy . We are really high up . '

"Fwoosh!" Gray teleported everyone once they started to travel down at a fast pace . Landing on the boat main deck with ease, people were happy to see more survivors .

"Waaa!" Piplup moaned . Sobble had fainted the moment they were airborne . It was safe to say, he did not enjoy heights . Or explosions maybe .

"Silver!" Crystal tackled the young man so hard, he was knocked out of his fusion . "If you ever ride an explosion again, I will ring your neck!" On top of him, she was doing just that . Choking him and shaking him repeatedly . "I was so scared!" A few gave a smile towards them . "

"Mukk!" The giant Muk woke up . The trainers that pulled Grimers free and kept Muk under control, hightailed it out of there when they felt the explosions . "Grrooo!"

"Aw, man . " Gray grumbled . "I figure it would have shrunken a lot more . " He walked over to Sabrina . To check on her among other things . "How did the rest of the things go?"

"You big jerk!" Sabrina yelled . She grabbed his shirt and looked at him . Gray thought for a second that she used Mean Look on him . It was just his imagination . "Who rides an explosion?!"

"Well . . " Gray figured it was not a big deal . Especially considering the things they have done already .

"You could have been seriously injured . Do not do that to yourself!" Sabrina admonished him . Her eyes had a little black trace in them .

"Nah . " Gray gave her a hug . "I used the move Protect . Had it ready just in case a powerful Pokemon attacked . It was a lab with all kinds of things . So . . . I figured . " He gave a shrug . Sabrina still looked upset . "Which a wild woman did attack . " He pointed his thumb back at Clair . "Look what I caught . "

"I am not captured!" Clair fumed . "I am not a pokemon!" Her eyes burned with aura power .

"Well, I dont know . " Gray teased . He still held Sabrina as he spoke . "Those two kids had their minds swapped with Pokemon . So maybe a pokemon swapped with you . " Clair just gave a huff .

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"Gray . . why are you holding me so close?" Sabrina asked a little embarrassed after she calmed down . She instantly became self-aware from his aura .

"Because you were all panicky . " Gray gave her a kiss on the forehead and let her go . "Since you are calm now, I guess I should let go . Need more explosions to take advantage of the situation . " Looking at Crystal and Silver, he seperated the two . "Oi, you really will kill him at that rate . "

A few on the ship stared a little shock at what was revealed . The officers focusing on his wanting to use explosions to take advantage of a woman .

'This guy is something else . ' A Rescue Officer Jenny thought . 'But he did get the job done . The island seems to be fine . ' Looking at her Pokegear, she looked over the satellite imagery of the last 8 hours again . A quick scan showed that the island would be fine . But that was preliminary results . She wanted to send the job to Gray but dismissed after the info she gathered from the others . 'This report just needs any info from the facility to help build a case . '

"Waaah!" Silver eyes floated like the little Piplup to the side . One of the men who yelled at Gray earlier made their move . He was moving towards the two Pokemon . Gray felt the movement since he had the Pokemon kids still wrapped up .

"Shadow Ball!" Gray fired the black warping sphere at the man . His body slid along the deck into the railings . "Stay away from them before I rip you apart!" His voice came out dark and twisted . Floating the two Pokemon kids over, he placed them in Sabrina's arms . "Do not let anyone near them . A key witness in what happened . "

"Ughh . " The man groaned against the railing . He stood up and stared at Gray . His hand moved to grab a pokeball that was not there . "Where is it!?" He panicked . Looking around he saw it roll over the side . "No!" He jumped over after it . The rolling black pokeball was more important than his life apparently .

"Why did you attack him?" A passenger asked .
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"He was the parent of the Piplup here . He used his daughter in the experiments that were conducted on the island . " Gray then looked at the officers . "I found a worker that bore a strong resemblance to a member of your clan . "

"That is my sister Patricia . She thought it would be a great opportunity to work with the Company . Is she ok?" Gray shook his head no . He would not tell the man the fate of his sister till after he understood her condition more . "I . . see . " Officer Brandow felt a prick on his mind and let the guard down just a little .

'There are survivors . It will be a while before they can wake up . The place they are in will help make sure they live . Find a way to deal with it quietly . Found a few escape carts down below . You can use that for a cover . ' Gray thought to him . Turning to the Muk, he shot off to deal with it . "A few 100 Grimer's how crazy it is still so large .

Several of the grinders of various colors trudged away . They looked at Gray and panicked . Seeing as the ok was available to go back in, the trainers were on the move again . The ones who lived on the island even more so .

"Grimer!" The pokemon just shuffled away from the Muk . They did not want to get eaten by it . Or to be precise, assimilated by it .

Several of the trainers actually started to catch the pokemon to save them . It was weird the number of pokeballs that were piled up by the dock .

Gray relaxed his Poke soul and landed on the ground . Grabbing a pokeball he made, he threw it like a fastball at the Muk . "Wooosh!" The pokeball shot through the air like a comet . "Pat!" The Pokeball hit against the Muk and sucked it inside . "Bzzzt!" A surge of electricity circled the ball as the lock mechanism broke instantly from the strength of the pokemon .

'Your turn Crystal!' Gray thought to her . The freed Muk looked to be paralyzed and a bit frozen . 'Should have known it would not work the first go around . But the "trap ball" did paralyze and freeze it a bit . '

"You got it!" Crystal jump in the air from the ship . Doing a somersault, she kicked a pokeball . "Capture Shot!" Foot laced with aura power, Gray thought the pokeball would break from the impact .

"Koom!" The impact was like a cannon . One moment the ball was visible, the next it dissapeared from sight . "Pbltt!" Was heard next . The ball reappeared against Muk's forehead and sucked it inside .

"Grrrr!" Gray growled as he wrapped it up in his aura energy to fuel the pokeball to keep Muk contained .

"Woom! Woom!" To aura pulses and the pokeball turned black and white . Gray pulled it back to himself to apply more pressure just in case . The idea of wrapping it in duct tape came to mind!

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"Chissh!" The ball was hot . Even with his hands wrapped in aura energy .

"Ah!" Gray yelped from the burn . Looking at his skin, he watched his hand turn multicolored . The artificial aura was so concentrated, it burned him despite the confines of the pokeball . "Ughh this is not good . " Feeling the rampant aura energy burn his flesh and bones, Gray created a psychic sword .

"Schlick!" The sword cut his arm at the elbow . He watched as the severed piece of arm deteriorated from aura poisoning . "Schlick!" He took care of the other as well .

"Never doing that again . " Gray focused his blessings . "Raaah!" With a yell, a fresh arm grew instantly . Then the other one . "Haa . . . ha . . . damn that is smarts . " On his other hand, the black hexagon reappeared and glowed a little . "Yeah yeah, not gonna kill it . Just how do I separate this aura? I am not doing like last time . Do not need to get sick again . "

"Did you just chop off your arm?" Crystal asked . "Both of them?" She ran up the moment she could . "And then you regrew it . . . are you a Pokemon Gray?"

"No . . maybe . . " Gray said with a shrug . "Do not touch that Pokeball . It is so freaking toxic . "

"Hup . " Crystal pick it up with no problem . Her hand was literally made of crystal . "Yeah, my hands resist aura energy . Which is weird, since "this" is powered by aura . "

"Learn something new every day . " Gray said in awe . His face was in a slight frown . Trying to decide what to do with the Pokemon still . "Glad that worked for you . I did not want to help you regrow a limb . "

"Hehehehe . " Crystal chuckled . A wry look on her face . "I can drain it slowly if you want?" Gray nodded and walked over .

"Here, I might as well stabilize you like I did Silver . " With a small pulse of Mewtwo's Blessing, Crystal felt stronger and in control of her aura . She even siphoned the pokeball a little better . "Find a good home for that Muk . "

"I think I will keep it for myself . " Crystal said with rosy cheeks . The aura from Gray made her feel giddy . "Buaaha the air tastes delicious . " Her facial features were enough to make Gray forget the stress of the mission .

"Hey!" Clair yelled coming over . An Officer Jenny with a weird symbol around her neck and Sabrina followed along . "How is that Muk doing?"

"She has it now . " Gray looked the woman over . "You look like a wild woman . "

Clair hair was long and reached to her knees . Her body was taught with muscle . The orb she wore in the games was absent . Whether it was taken by the abductors or it was just gone, Gray did not know . The aura she had was quite wild still . With out Gray nearby, she might have went into a crazed state . Gray looked a little to long at Clair's chest . Making her upset upset and slightly proud .

"See something interesting?"

"Yeah . You have a nice body . It can defintely go through the paces . Gym Leader training must have done you well . " Gray said plainly . He was talking about for fighting and as a sparring partner . "You need to get your aura under control . "

(Quest Completed Evacuation: Pokemon 76% Survival Humans 63% Survival Bonus: Hybrids 93% Survival Reward: PokeSoul Blessing)

(Save the cloned human counterparts of Latias & Latios)

(Prevent the Destruction of the Island)

(Rescue the Blessed Human of Dragons Reward: Loyalty of Clair Blackthorn)

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"Grrrr!" Gray growled at Clair . His Giratina aura wrapping her up . "Stay back!" The PokeSoul information already in his mind working on its own . It tagedd her for it try . A voice in the air above whispered to Gray .

"Huh?" Clair looked a little apprehensive . She felt Gray's aura change her somehow . She could feel what was experimented on her, the fake Poke soul calm down . It was in fact not fake . But clashed with her actual Poke Soul she had inside . Not listening, Clair walked over to Gray, hands outstretched . "Do not fight it . "

"Raaaawwwr!" A roar came from above and within Gray . A vague image of a Rayquaza shot down . However, this one was black . It landed on Clair creating a connection . She was in control of her mind again . No primal outbursts .

"You will serve well . " Gray intoned . It came out forcefully and sounded nothing like him . Shaking, he almost collapsed as it passed . "What the flying Jigglypuff was that?!" Clair was out cold squirming weirdly . A black gate Blessing was on her forehead before fading away .

"Mmm so good . " Clair moaned . Gray felt a little conflicted at what he just done .

"What did you do to her!?" Sabrina asked . She picked the woman up and checked her over . "Eh, she is fine . In fact, her bruises are disappearing . you healed her . But this method is just weird . " Brow furrowed, Sabrina kept checking over Clair just in case . 'Damn it, Clair, why did it have to be you? I never thought I run into you here . In fact, what the hell are you doing here?' Sabrina focused more on her old-time friend . If Gray was paying attention, he would have noticed the concern was more than just old friends .

"Gray about before . . . " Officer Brandow said hesitating .

"Let me take over . Better to keep you from hating yourself later . " Gray gave her a nod as a greeting . "I talked to the other officers while doing rescue procedures, things are very dirty here . The Piplup . . said the same thing . That man was her father . Few of the workers that were saved, also agreed with that statement . They didn't know what was happening they claimed however . A trial will be messy . And the bodies . . were destroyed according to the pokemon anyway . No, according to the kids I mean . " She was very flustered . "I am Rescue Officer Abigal Jenny . Thank you an behalf of the island residents . " Her outstretched reaching for Gray .

"Right, so you here to arrest me right?" Gray shook her hand and received a nod .

"Yeah I am . But funny thing, you flew away escaping arrest before I could cuff you . " Abigal smiled .

"That sounds great . But the idea of turning into a fugitive sounds wrong . Besides, the Sobble and Piplup need some one to watch over them . Make sure the people from the Company do not work with miracle lawyers and get them back . " Gray grabbed two Pokeballs he had been working on . "These are still a work in progress . Sabrina and Crystal, you two should capture them . "

"Eh why me?" Sabrina asked .

"You need a bigger Pokemon team . " Gray smiled at her . "As for Crystal, I think her special condition can help with them growing strong enough to return to human state faster . "

"Ohhh I understand!" Crystal said cheerfully . She just couldnt decide which one . The Pokemon decided for her . Sobble jumped at her .

"Please get me away from this crazy person!" Sobble was referring to Gray . Crystal kicked a pokeball like a hacky sack . It hit Sobble in the gut mid flight . "Oof . " The little Sobble started to regret his decision .

"Guess it is me and you . " Sabrina said . The Piplup nodded and let her capture it . "Huh?"

"Ding!" The pokeball turned into an pokeball . Gray smiled at the Realization . He looked to Crystal waiting to see if it would change . It did not .

"Hmm? Crystal, try letting your aura wash over it . " Crystal did just that .

"Ding!" The pokeball matched Sabrina's a little . It to turned into an Expokeball .

'Large concentrations of aura energy as well as a lot of metal from the dungeons when I made . I am gonna need more it to make some . Glad the hypothesis worked . Need to send Profressor Oak the update and a "Thank You" for the notes . ' Gray looked at Rescue Officer Abigal and smiled . "Ready when you are . "

"Humph, arrested even after saving people . This is just wrong . Defintely gonna help make a stink about this . " Clair said . "The Company will pay for kidnapping me . " Clair was already back to normal . Her recover was scary .

"Please wait till after we sort things out . " Abigal almost pleaded . It fell on dead ears however . "I will just detain you . No cuffs and you all need to come as well . Key witnesses in what happen . "

(Aura Metal Detected out at sea . Several deposits located . Mapping will take a few hours . )

Gray was happy for that . But he could'nt help feeling a dreadful sense of foreboding .

-Mystery Dungeon-

Gold found himself naked in a strange place . His pokeballs were nowhere to be found . After a few blinks and time for adjustment, he was ok enough to move . Objects slowly materialised around him . His clothes first thankfully . Then his pokeballs and backback .

"It was a success . Now where am I?" Thinking out loud the next thing to do was to set the transponder in his backpack . Before he did, a voice spoke to him . "Eh!?"

"A strong trainer . . good . Not a vessel . . even better . " The voice sound weakened and pained . Looking down, Gold now knew he was actually on a pokemon .

"Go Togebo!" Gold released his Pokemon to get a better view . A very large Togekiss hovered to the side . Hoping on top he surfed on it to the front of whatever he was on . It took longer than he thought it would . 'Oh, man the Professor's are going to freak at this . Still no sign of Gary . '

"Your thoughts are not hidden from me child . " The voice called . Gold noticed that the thing beneath him didn't move or vibrate . The voice was using pure aura projection . "You are quick . . that is good . "

"Ok . . who are you and did a young man come before me?" Gold tightened his guard and was ready to fight .

"Many have come here . " The voice said . "Many have perished . But you look for the one called Gary . He has gone . " Gold felt immeidately sad . Jumping to the conclusion that Gary died . "He has left on an important task . "

"Whew, thought he was a goner . " Gold wiped his brow as he floated in front . "Holy freaking Milktank . You are massive!" Staring at the large mountain of red plates and giant eyeball was one thing . Gold drifted back to see more of the Pokemon . "You . . are a . . Groudon . You are really injured . What happen to you?"

"I took my enemy lightly . Payed for it greatly . I need your help . " The Groudon said reluctantly . The very idea of asking for help disgust it . Even after all this time . "The same as those before you, I must ask an impossible task . "

"Oh yeah!" Gold cheered . This was the second reason he was here . "Let's get started . " What Gold did not know was that he would be the last to try . Which meant the most difficult of tasks was for him to complete .

"Wooom!" The massive Groudon shrunk to a small ball and entered Gold . His clothes were left alone . But not his body . Large lines of power formed on him . Primal markings followed by the Pokemon language burned into his skin .

"Beew!" Togekiss was forced back into a Pokeball . Gold was suspended in air as Groudon continue to change him from the inside .

"It is peaceful . So much knowledge . " Gold mumbled . "You are not just a Groudon . You are something more . You name is weird . "

'My name is Rafiel . The pain is about to start . Brace yourself . ' Rafiel thought to him . His power was mostly to keep him alive now . 'I must rest now . '