Angel Smile - Chapter 247

Published at 30th of June 2020 10:50:03 AM

Chapter 247: 247
Yeo Ri's knee-jerk reaction upon waking up was to swing her arm at the person towering over her . Her fight or flight instinct flared up as she pushed away her potential attacker with all the strength her sluggish body could muster .

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"—Yeo Ri-ah, it's me! It's your brother!"

Gun guarded himself with his arms in alarm, but did not dodge as the hit landed . A throbbing pain emerged from the place she had swung at . He ignored the pain as his brows furrowed in worry .

Yeo Ri stared at him blankly for a few seconds as she registered his words . Only after she was fully conscious did she lower her guards, and offered him a smile .

"Sorry, Oppa . Did I hurt you? When did you come back?"

" . . . Just now . It's okay, it doesn't hurt . " Gun replied quietly as he tried to pull off a nonchalant look . Yeo Ri's strange smile was somewhat eerie, and paired with her vacant eyes, it felt as if the person in front of him wasn't really Yeo Ri .

—He was scared, of whoever this Yeo Ri was .

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Gun shook his thoughts away . Smiling warmly, he patted her head .

Yeo Ri's eyes flared open at his touch, her body flinching ever-so-slightly, but she continued to smile as if it didn't bother her .

Noticing how she didn't like what he did, Gun stopped . He backed away, still smiling . "What are you doing outside? You should've slept on the bed, Yeo Ri-ah . "

"I wanted to greet you when you come home, but it seems like I was too exhausted, so I fell asleep," she replied .

"Oh . You didn't have to," he shook his head with a sigh, "You'll be busy tomorrow so you should've gone to bed first, Yeo Ri-ah . Wait here—I'll go get you your meds and some warm milk, okay?"

"Okay . "

Gun blinked once, and finally, the innocent and lovely Yeo Ri was back . Her eyes, curving with affection, stared back at him full of gratification .

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His smile, in turn, became more genuine and indulgent .

Within ten minutes, he was back to her side, carrying a mug of steaming milk and a bottle of pills .

"Did Dr . Hong prescribe you something new? I can't find the usual one . How much is the dosage?"

"Mm . Only one, but she said I can take another one if it's not enough; just two, maximum . I asked her to give me something stronger a while ago since the usual one wasn't working much anymore . I just picked up the new prescription recently since it's about time for a refill . "

"Oh . . . " Gun's brows scrunched again worriedly . He uncapped the bottle and tipped out a single pill, passing it to the girl .

"Thank you, Oppa . " Yeo Ri popped the pill in her mouth and downed it with some milk .

Soon enough, the drug manifested its effects, and the girl began to feel drowsy again . She tried to get up, intending to walk to the bedroom .

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"It's okay, Yeo Ri-ah . Go to sleep . I'll carry you to bed later . "

" . . . Will you . . . ? Tha . . . nks, Oppa . . . " she yawned, smiling lazily . Feeling as if she was floating, the girl ended up closing her eyes and fell into a deep slumber .

Once Gun confirmed that the girl was unconscious, he placed an arm under her knees and supported her top with his other arm, lifting her up princess carry-style . He pushed open the bedroom door with his foot and carefully placed her on top of the queen-sized bed .

Afterwards, he went back to the living room . He first turned the television off, then gathered the pillows and blankets, intending to arrange it on the bed properly .

Since the two had been busy, the unpacking process was done at a snail's pace, and their bedrooms remained undecorated, and even the beds were only recently bought and delivered the day prior . Before the beds arrived, the two had slept in the living room together, as if they were having a sleepover .

Gun covered his sister with the blanket and gently lifted her head as he slipped in a pillow underneath it . Once she was fully tucked in, he washed up and changed into fresh clothes .

Instead of immediately retiring to bed like Yeo Ri, Gun chose to spend the next two hours working on his schoolwork . Only when he had felt as if he made sufficient progress in his assignments did he decide to go to bed .

Even though they had enough space to have their own rooms now, the two still kept up their habit of sleeping together . Neither was used to sleeping separately, and for the sake of his own peace of mind, Gun chose to sleep next to her .

He rested on his side, staring at his sister's sleeping figure intently .

The girl was breathing deeply, and looked as if nothing was burdening her . Without any emotions pulling at her facial muscles, the girl appeared younger—no, for once, she appeared her age .

"My pretty baby . . . " Gun murmured as he tucked away a stray strand of hair on her face . "I wish you didn't have to grow up so quickly . " He sighed .

His eyes continued to linger on her for several more moments before he finally settled his troubled mind .

Nearing 3 a . m . , the boy finally closed his eyes .