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Chapter 21.1

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Chapter 21 [The Hero’s Visit]


Part 1

◆Black-haired Sage, Chiyuki


Rox kingdom is located around two days away with a coach from Holy Republic Lenaria. It’s located in the center of the widely used big highway of the eastern part of the continent.

The ruler is a king called Rocros the eighth with a population of around 30000.

If it’s only that much, every country in this world is similar to it.

But, Rox kingdom has two features that can’t be found in another kingdom.

First, it’s a hot spring. Many people come to this hot spring for its curative effects. The reason for our disguise to come to this place is also for the same.

Second, the Holy Dragon King of Silver lives in the Holy Dragon mountain in this vicinity. In the first place, the founder of Rox kingdom was granted permission to make a kingdom in this area after his pledge with this holy dragon king.

And today is the founding day of the Rox kingdom. Rox kingdom will hold a festival for one week starting today. During that time, the hotel charges for the inn and fee for hot spring are cut by half; moreover, anyone can freely enter this kingdom. That’s the reason why many people come for a visit. The number of people is more overwhelming than the time when we came before.

It’s the second time we are coming to this kingdom. The reason for our previous visit was because of this kingdom’s hot spring.

For Japanese people like us, it’s truly difficult to fight against the charm of the hot spring. It’s been around a month since the last time we came to this Rox kingdom for taking a short break from demon king subjugation.

At that time, we exterminated the demon called Striges who tried to peek on us while we were bathing with our full powered magic, resulting in one part of the rampart being destroyed.

We didn’t know about the existence called holy dragon king when we came before. It might be due to some kind of barrier since even Nao’s superior perception can’t catch it.

If a dragon like that is really present in this place, I want to meet it.

I’m told that the Holy Dragon King of Silver is a white dragon that symbolizes good luck. It’s just like a fantasy novel by Ende*. [TL: A novel author]

Regarding this Holy Dragon King of Silver, our true reason for coming this time is for the horn of this Holy Dragon King of Silver which lives in the vicinity of this Rox kingdom.

We are supposed to obstruct that dark knight Diehart from getting his hands on the Holy Dragon King’s horn. We were bewildered when such a request suddenly came from Rena.

Reiji’s wounds have almost healed thanks to the secret potion of the gods and Sahoko’s healing magic.

But, even though Reiji has healed, Diehart is powerful. We must avoid the case of fighting him at all costs.

But, just like any other case, Reiji is weak toward a request from Rena. If it was Reiji alone, he might get beaten to the verge of dying just like the last time we fought against Diehart.

I want him to at least considering his surrounding. Moreover, I don’t wish to see Sahoko and Shirone cry again.

That’s why I moved slowly on purpose.

But then, for some reason, Diehart is yet to cut off the horn of the Holy Dragon King. The bell that we got from Rena is yet to ring.

It seems that Rena and her subordinate angel has set an alarm similar to the one equipped in Rena’s temple that will ring when an unauthorized person trespasses the Holy Dragon mountain.

In the end, the bell never rang.

In the first place, why does Rena know about Diehart’s movement? Could it be that she has her spy hidden in Nargol?

And then, why is the dark knight aiming for the horn of Holy Dragon King?

Well, though I don’t know what he’s going to do with it, it might not be a good thing since he’s going to snatch the horn of the Holy Dragon King, hailed as the white dragon of sacred fortune.

Leaving along the main street of Rox which stretches from the rampart gates of Rox, we continue to travel till we enter the place close to the rampart gate and leave our coach in the care of the palace guards. We’ll be walking until Rox kingdom’s royal palace from here.

I can feel a few gazes looking at us as we walk in the city. And quite unpleasant ones on top of that. There are many people who have gathered to see us. Mostly, it’s the men.

For this reason, the temple knights came with us from Holy Republic Lenaria as our escorts to drive away these mobs. Different from the previous visit, it’s a correct choice to bring along our escorts.

Their rather rough method is just the right way to clear away the people.

「Uhm, Chiyuki-san… It’s really embarrassing, you know」

Shirone, exposed under similar unpleasant gazes as me, says so with a tone that’s on the verge of crying.

「Please don’t say that… Even I don’t want to think about it」

Looking at Shirone, I think she possesses a splendid figure. It’s as if she’s only wearing her underwear. She is wearing what you call as bikini armor. It matches very well with Shirone’s balanced proportion. But then, it seems the person herself doesn’t want to wear that.


But then, it’s not like I can say that to her. Currently, my figure also won’t lose to her with the gothic lolita and ultra-mini skirt costume that I am wearing. I must be very careful with my movements since it seems that my underwear can be seen just by slightly bending my body.

If you were to ask why we wore such an embarrassing get up, it’s to lure the pervert who groped Kyouka’s breasts.

We lost the way to return to our world after Diehart destroyed the summoning tools. We were slightly discouraged when we learned that we can’t go back.

No matter how amusing the amusement park is, there’s no way we can enjoy it if we can’t even leave it. That’s our current situation.

But, there’s still a hope to return to our own world. We have placed our hopes on the other person in possession of the summoning tools. The reason we arrived at such a conclusion is that the pervert who groped Kyouka’s breast seemingly comes from the same world as us. In short, there’s another person who is in possession of these summoning tools. We have no choice but to look for that person.

Thus, we will start with catching the pervert who groped Kyouka’s breasts.

This person was aiming for Kyouka’s breasts. So he might love women breasts a lot.

That’s why all of us[girls only] decided to lure this pervert by wearing such embarrassing get up which emphasizes on our breasts.

Though we were originally going to use Kyouka as a bait, we met with Kyouka’s strong objection, so Reiji suggested a proposal for all of us[girls only] to wear these embarrassing costumes since that pervert might be lured by breasts other than Kyouka’s.

For this reason, it’s not just me and Shirone, the other girls are also wearing the same kind of extremely embarrassing dresses.

We are going to wear this get up when we are out. That doesn’t change even at Holy Republic Lenaria.

By the way, the costume that we are wearing is brought by Reiji. The parts that are exposed isn’t just our chest, the other parts are exposed, too. According to Reiji, it’s to increase the possibility of that pervert to approach us.

No matter how I think about it, it’s nothing but his secret desire; without any clue of that pervert and without any means to lure him out, we ended up resorting to such a method.

Certainly, a large number of perverts will come toward us. In fact, I can feel that the number of men who have come to see us as we walk in the city has increased three-fold.

But, the pervert we’re looking for is yet to appear.

Since we resorted to this kind of method, the temple also increased our escort by three times. They’re accompanying us to this Rox kingdom. And now, the men who are trying to get closer to us are being hindered by them. If it’s the pervert who can fight on par, if not better, than Kaya, our escorts won’t pose a problem to him. That’s why I know that he is yet to appear.

I wish that he’ll appear as soon as possible. How long are we going to wear this embarrassing attire?

Though this attire could pose problems during battle, Diehart aside, we can easily win against common demons or humans. Also, our armaments can be summoned at any time with magic, so there’s almost no danger to us.

I am looking at the other members’ appearances now.

First is Nao, wearing a nekomimi paired with mini cheongsam*. [TL*: Cat ears and Chinese dress.] The slit of the cheongsam looks very good with Nao’s slender limbs. Though Reiji thought of giving a cattail along with nekomimi, Nao rejected it after consulting us.

I asked Reiji since I don’t know about it, it seems that the tail is apparently an accessory to be inserted in a strange place. When I heard about it, I incinerated the tail while exuding a silent but heavy pressure. Unknown to me, it seems Reiji displayed a slightly sad expression.

That’s why Nao is only wearing nekomimi right now.

Nevertheless, I’m still wondering why Reiji has this kind of clothes. I want to smack those guys who made these clothes with Reiji.

Rino is wearing a cheerleader costume. It’s a perfect fit for the cute Rino. In Rino’s case, it doesn’t pose that much of a problem since she always wears clothes with such a level of exposure.

Since she works as a model, she can wear this kind of embarrassing clothes without flinching.

Though at first, Reiji tried to make Rino wear only a ribbon which twined to cover her important parts, he stopped it since it was already too much. Geez, what on earth was he thinking about….

Kyouka is wearing a dancer’s outfit. She wore the showiest dress in order to lure that pervert.

That’s only natural since that pervert aimed for Kyouka’s breasts in the first place.

The one with the best style amongst us is Kyouka; her dress that emphasizes on her constricted waist and abundant chest continuously lure the other men.

Her personality aside, her style will even make another woman feel jealous when seeing her.

Though she was reluctant to wear such an attire at first, she finally agreed after Reiji’s vehement persuasion. Despite being a sibling and in contrast to Reiji, she has an old way of thinking which contradicts her age. She doesn’t want to wear the clothes with too much exposure. But then, since she is wearing such gaudy swimsuit now, her standard has become too obscure.

Kaya’s attire is the miniskirt of a maid; originally, Kaya seems to have always worn a maid outfit on a daily basis as an attendant at Kyouka’s house. The white knee-high socks under her miniskirt make her beautiful and slender legs even more prominent.