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Chapter 21.2

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Chapter 21 : The Hero’s Visit

Part 2

Though Reiji tried to make her wear more revealing clothes, it seems he is no match for Kaya’s silent pressure. I want to be like her, too.

Thus, it makes me wonder why Kaya follows Kyouka? The relationship between them hasn’t changed even after coming to this world; I don’t think that they have just a mere master and servant relationship. Maybe there’s more to it. But then, it didn’t mean that I can just readily barge into someone else’s family matter.

The last is Sahoko, she’s wearing a white bunny attire. This attire, emphasizing the breast area, worn by Sahoko with the biggest breasts amongst us, is causing an extremely destructive impact.

Though Sahoko’s slightly plump figure can’t match Kyouka’s best proportion amongst us, it’s still destructive enough to attract the men’s lustful gazes. According to others, some men prefer Sahoko’s style.

However, she is quite embarrassed with her high-leg leotard emphasizing her easy-delivery hips. The person herself seems to be almost crying from embarrassment. The fabric isn’t the complete see-through kind but still transparent on some parts – absolutely something that can’t be shown to the public eyes. If it were me, I absolutely won’t wear that attire. But, since Sahoko was never able to refuse Reiji’s request, she’s wearing such an attire, albeit unwillingly.

Her gaze has remained painful for quite some time now. If those temple knights aren’t there as our escorts to protect us from the strange guys that are trying to approach us, I might as well as have used explosion magic(Explosion)to blow away those curious men to smithereens due to my embarrassment.

We are heading toward Rox kingdom’s royal palace while enduring such embarrassments. The first thing we have to do is to meet the king of this kingdom.

I heard that it’s a custom for important persons from another country to have an audience with the king when they visit the country of that king. We already heard about that even before coming here.

Though it’s not like we were VIP’s, we have no choice due to the praise from our surrounding.

Moreover, we need to at least have a permit to easily win the trust of the foreign knights.

The escort knights were the people chosen by the temple. Rather than to protect us, they are here with us to prevent us from using our power. If you ask for the reason, it’s because our actions will become a disgrace to goddess Rena. Though I think they’re rude on us, I can’t say anything since Kyouka or Reiji on a white horse could trigger complete destruction in the city with their magic.

The Knights of Rena’s temple become temple knights as a vow of their love to goddess Rena, so it seems that their hearts won’t be perturbed in the slightest even when they see us. Though it doesn’t want them to look at me, sometimes I feel vexed by that. Well, we are definitely at a disadvantage if we are to be compared with Rena.

But then, I’m told that Rena is currently moving separately from us with her subordinates. Are you kidding me? I wish that she fights along with us and not leave us alone when it comes to a battle. I’m still wondering, is Rena really standing by in the vicinity of Rox kingdom?

We arrive at the royal palace of Rox. Rox’s royal palace is just one-third of Holy Republic Lenaria’s government office.

Moreover, it seems a bit too cramped for us who are used to living in Rena’s temple that’s bigger than the government office of Holy Republic Lenaria. But this size might be just right for a kingdom of this size with around 30000 people.

「Welcome to our place, hero Reiji and the wives of hero」

After entering the royal palace, the king of Rox greets us.

Learning from his previous experience, the attitude of Rox’s king is that of someone greeting people with higher status than him. Reiji also shows an impudent attitude in front of the king.

「Yeah, we’ll be in your care again」

Reiji says so with a smile on his face. This kind of attitude actually often causes several troubles to befall upon us in many places; I wish he shows a bit of respect for the king.

But then, it seems that Reiji has no intention to change his attitude.

Reiji thinks about him along the lines of ‘I AM THE BEST MAN IN THIS WORLD,’ maybe he won’t change his attitude even in front of the king of gods.

And then, there’s no one here who can make him change his attitude. For as long as I can remember, Reiji has always defeated the ones who oppose his way irrespective of whether it’s in this world or in our world.

When was it again I wonder, in Algore kingdom, didn’t he annihilate the military power of the king who opposed him.

The coup d’etat after that might be due to Reiji. In fact, you might as well say that Reiji’s power alone can easily annihilate a kingdom. So, it’s better to behave if one want things to end in a peaceful manner, and the matter of the king of Rox bowing his head to Reiji is the correct option from his perspective.

It’s our second time meeting the Rox king. Isn’t he a bit more haggard than our previous meeting?

Almina, the princess of this kingdom, is by the king’s side. It’s our second time to meet her, I wonder how her relationship with her fiancé knight is?

「It’s been a while, Almina. How do you do?」

Naturally, Reiji won’t change his attitude even before the princess of this kingdom. An overly-familiar attitude.

Though the king should be there, he isn’t there. Maybe because he simply can’t stand with Reiji’s attitude from before.

「Yes, Reiji-sama. Almina is full of spirit as always」

Almina is looking at Reiji. Those are the eyes of a maiden in love.

Though her father and brother are suffering from cruel treatment from Reiji, Almina welcomes him with a face full of smiles. Is her fiancé okay with this?

The content aside, Reiji has an extremely handsome face, and many girls are charmed by it. Moreover, the person himself is gentle with girls but harsh to men. He will never refuse any girl no matter who they are.

The fangirls of Reiji in Holy Republic Lenaria always intrude into Rena’s temple. Maybe they’ll follow him all the way to this Rox kingdom if there were no demons outside.

Reiji and Almina exchange passionate gazes. Kyouka and Rino by his side are pouting upon seeing that. Sahoko is a bit sad in seeing that. Shirone and Kaya are calm despite the happening events. Nao doesn’t seem to be interested in this. It’s always like this when Reiji talks to any other girl except for our group. I’m already used to this situation.

Though it’s just an everyday occurrence for me, that’s not the case for Almina. She’s almost crying after being glared by Kyouka and Rino. Maybe I should at least save her from this situation.

When I ponder about that, one man pops out.

He looks like a generous man who wants to do something about this situation.

When I look at him, I determine that this man is the prime minister of this kingdom.

「Almina-sama, it’s about the lodging of the hero-sama and his wives, but… Since they came so suddenly….」

The notice from Rena’s temple about our arrival was just sent day before yesterday. And judging by the speed of the horse of this world, Rox kingdom should have received the notification just yesterday. Maybe they did not have enough time to make the preparations to greet us. His face turned pale in worry for causing Reiji’s displeasure.

Then, he turns around. He saw the regiment of the temple knights that have come as our escorts. Our group becomes quite big if we include those temple knights. Maybe not all members of our group can get accommodation.

「There’s no other problem aside from that」

Maybe because she could guess something from the previous exchange, Kaya walks forth.

「Y-You are, Kaya-sama!!」

Prime minister is astonished upon seeing Kaya. I guess he failed to notice Kaya since she was hidden behind Reiji.

「It’s been two weeks since the last time we met, right prime minister-dono?」

Did she meet the prime minister two weeks ago? All of us, save for Kyouka, are surprised after hearing her words.

「No need to worry. I already made arrangements regarding our lodging and other matters」

Kaya smiles lightly.

 ◆ Black-haired Sage, Chiyuki

We are moving toward a mansion that is slightly away from the Rox’s kingdom royal palace.

「We have been waiting, Ojou-sama」

Three maids are bowing to greet us at the mansion’s entrance.

This mansion is the vacation house bought by Kaya.

And those maids were Kaya’s subordinates.

In fact, Kaya became involved in trading business when she was house sitting with Kyouka during our demon king’s extermination journey in the past, and soon enough, she turned into an extremely rich female tycoon.

Naturally, the reason she delved her hand into trading business was to earn massive amounts of money for Kyouka, so rather than saying that Kaya became an extremely rich female tycoon, it’s better to say that Kyouka’s the extremely rich female tycoon.

Though I was surprised by Kaya’s skill who garnered such money in just two months, she mentioned that she uses the hero’s name to earn money in a way that can’t be used in our world.

Anyhow, Kaya doesn’t pay any tax when she trades.

The government office of Holy Republic Lenaria didn’t dare to take any tax from the little sister of the hero, the same case happened to any other countries. In short, her profit is as much as her income. Thus, she becomes an extremely rich female tycoon. It seems she made a killing by using a slightly mean trick in another place, too.

In the recent days, she used that to build a big mansion in Holy Republic Lenaria for Kyouka.

And then, it seems she bought a villa in Rox kingdom due to the presence of hot springs. Kaya has purchased houses at several other countries and it seems that this villa in Rox kingdom is one of them.

It seems she met the prime minister of this kingdom when she purchased this villa. In fact, the hot spring in this country is monopolized by the royal family of Rox kingdom and is not private property. It seems that Kaya has forcibly broken that fact.

Though I feel bad for the prime minister for what happened to him at that time, thanks to that we get a villa along with a private hot spring, so I am fine with it.

This mansion, originally one of the hot spring establishments of this kingdom, transformed in two weeks after Kaya bought it.

It’s still under renovation but has enough space for us and our escorts. Now, I can feel at ease since I finally released from this embarrassing attire.

The maid of the villa is guiding us.