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Chapter 100

Lin Li’s regret was reasonable . The strength of a level-three or four warrior was awfully low . The voice of the low-level adventurer had just fallen when he was kicked in his stomach; the machete in his hand was sent flying at the same time . Two wolf-like robbers pounced on him and delivered rounds of fat punches to him, knocking several of his teeth out on the spot .

“Now, who else has objections?” The burly man with a scar picked up the machete from the ground and looked around with a grin on his face .

There was dead silence in the corridor .

“Very well, it seems that everyone has no objections…” The man chortled haughtily . “Brothers, collect the valuables!”

More than a dozen vicious robbers spread out and began to collect the goods piled up in front of the doors .

Under the threat of death, the businessmen chose to give in . They knelt in front of the doors with their hands on their heads . In front of them lay all their income from this business trip—the shiny gold coins and jewelry were all over the place at the doors . In contrast, most of the adventurers were hardened . After all, they were people who had seen bloodshed before . Although most of them had already handed over their belongings, at least three or four of them had not knelt on the ground with their hands clasped around their heads .

“It seems that there are people who don’t want to cooperate . ” There was some dissatisfaction in the tone of the burly man with a scar . With one hand holding the machete upside down, he walked towards the adventurers .

“You can’t do that . I’m a Felan aristocrat . You can’t do that to me!”

At this time, however, there were some disputes among the businessmen .

A middle-aged man with a paunchy belly was tearing at a few robbers . Lin Li listened and realized that the dispute stemmed from a gold tooth . After the robbers had finished collecting the belongings, they had taken a fancy to a gold tooth in the middle-aged man’s mouth and wanted him to pull it out by any means . The middle-aged man refused to do it; he was fighting hard while crying out that he was a Felan aristocrat .

Not to mention the burly man, even Lin Li did not believe it .

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If he was really a Felan aristocrat, how could he lodge at a room in Blackhills Town?

This was simply a farce .

However, the arm was no match for the thigh . Under the joint efforts of the four robbers, the golden tooth was finally pulled out . The middle-aged man screamed in pain; blood and saliva flowed down from the corners of his mouth, making it seem unusually bloody .

“You don’t even have anything valuable?” The coquettish maidservant was trembling with fear having witnessed the bloody scene . She quickly pulled out a few gold coins from her brassiere and placed them properly at the door . However, when she looked up, she found that the two men beside her did not even budge .

Lin Li scratched his head, unsure how to answer the question .

Fortunately, at this time, a member of the Bloodwolves Thieves came to help him get out of this predicament .

“Kneel on the ground and put your hands on your head, didn’t you f*cking hear it?” The man came over and saw that there were only a few gold coins at the door; he was about to fly into a rage when he saw that the two men out of the three people did not kneel down, so he gave them a slap in the face on the spot .

“Ah!” Then, there was a scream . Almost half of the Sylvan Inn heard it . The unfortunate fellow was covering his wrist desperately while rolling on the ground in pain . “My hand… My hand…”

“Ah!” The scream was followed by another scream, but it was let out by the coquettish maidservant this time . She had turned pale after seeing the bloody palm on the ground .

After severing the palm of the fool who had wanted to slap him with a wind blade, Lin Li announced with a smile on his face, “Well, now I declare that the robbery is over . Leave what you just robbed and you can go . ”

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“You are… a mage?” the burly scarred face asked with some doubt .

Lin Li was stunned for a moment before he remembered that he had forgotten to put on his Robe of Wrath when he got up to open the door for the coquettish maidservant… It was no wonder that the burly man wasn’t able to see his profession with his level-eight strength .

“Mr Mage, one of my men has offended you, and you’ve already discarded one of his hands . Everyone’s even now . As for other things, you seem to be bent on having too much control over them, don’t you?” The burly man’s triangular eyes revealed a dim ray of menace .

“I repeat, leave the stuff behind and you can go . ” As a Magic Shooter at the peak of level-twelve, characters below the level-ten were just like ants in Lin Li’s eyes . If he had not had other considerations in mind, he would have wiped them out completely at the time they’d told him to kneel down…

“Go!” The chief feature of the ant was that it had no self-awareness . In front of a mage with unknown strength, the burly man with a scar did not choose to retreat, but to fight to death instead . This was probably what “men die for money, while birds die for food” meant . The valuables on the ground made people covetous .

At the command of the scarred man, more than a dozen Bloodwolves Thieves abandoned their targets of robbery and grabbed their weapons, rushing toward Lin Li .

“I’ll leave it to you, Sean . ” However, Lin Li did not release any magic . He handed two bottles of potion to the honest young man and told him, “Drink the yellow one first, then the red one a minute later . ”

Then, the fellow went into a theater-spectator mode completely .

“Ah?” Before Sean could understand what was going on, a dozen strong men had already pounced on him . Sean could only grasp his double-edged sword tightly and sweep at them in a hurry .

Ddang! Ddang! Ddang…

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In an instant, the sound of gold and iron rang out without end . How horrifying was Sean’s strange power—the innate strength was almost demon-like, bursting out in an instant . The robbers, who were equally ranked at level-five, all collapsed at the touch . In that moment, they felt as if they had hit an iron plate . Several robbers had no time to respond before they slammed into the wall heavily…

After the sweep had forced the crowd back, Sean opened the bottle of yellow potion and poured it down .

As soon as he drank the yellow potion, Sean felt a warm current growing in his body . And as the warm current flowed rapidly, his skin became rough and hard at once . When he touched it with his hand, it felt like rock…

“Sean, fight well . ”

“Yes! Mr Felic!”

Although Sean was slightly dim-witted, the change in his body was too obvious . How could he not realize that the potion he drank was definitely not a simple one? After all, Mr Felic was Jarrosus’ famous potion master!

Sean was extraordinarily valorous with that layer of rock-hard skin as protection .

In the face of an enemy with numbers ten times his own, Sean did not retreat . He held his double-edged sword high in his hands and rushed forward like a tiger diving into a flock of sheep . In a moment, only a splatter of blood could be seen .

For the Bloodwolves Thieves, this was but a slaughter . The double-edged sword, almost half as tall as a man, was frightening enough . You’d either be chopped to death or crushed to death by it . And look at this monster—his skin was as hard as the scales of a magical beast . No matter what weapons were used against it, only tinkling sounds could be heard; it was impossible to hurt a single hair on his body .

With the addition of his terrifying strength, none of the dozen or so members of the Bloodwolves Thieves could confront him . Every collision of weapons would end with the members of the Bloodwolves Thieves being blown away .

“…” In the blink of an eye, the burly scarred man had lost several of his men . He wanted to throw up blood .

Before deciding to rob the inn, he had already looked clearly into the guests staying tonight, making sure that none of them was above level-eight . He could not understand how such a monster would suddenly appear .

Just look at the terrible strength and the formidable double-edged sword—the seemingly disorganized chops turned out to be so terrifying and acute . He had worked so hard to bring his men up; if he just let them die like this, there would be no one left in the Bloodwolves Thieves…

“Let me do it!” the burly scar-faced man bellowed and jumped forth with a machete in his hand .

The level-eight warrior did have some skills . Although his strength was not yet able to compete with Sean’s, his skillful martial arts and rich combat experience were far beyond those of Sean . The machete was like a venomous snake—every strike was aiming for Sean’s eyes . The protection of the potion, however powerful, could not protect the exposed eyes . So, Sean had to retreat again and again .

In an instant, there was an exchange of offense and defense . Sean managed to parry the offensive with strike after strike of the sword, but his feet withdrew repeatedly, and soon, he stood in front of Lin Li .

“Drink the other bottle!”

“Oh…” Sean delivered another powerful strike, sending the burly scarred man flying . He had no time to build on this victory; he quickly opened the bottle of the red potion with one hand and downed it .

The previous yellow potion had brought a warm feeling, but this red potion brought on a burning sensation . Sean seemed to sense a strong smell of blood, and in a moment, he felt a gush of vigor rushing straight to his head . His eyes swelled with pain, and even the scenery in front became blurred…

And all this brought about an unprecedented strength .

In that moment, Sean could sense that his whole body was full of explosive power . He seemed to hear the ground cracking with every step he took . He held the heavy double-edged sword firmly in his hand, but it felt as light as a feather . The extreme power filled his body, and it was as if he was going to explode .