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Chapter 148

Lin Li could clearly sense how rapidly the mental spell of the Lich was rising—it was going to reach the entrance of the cave very soon . The two magewealths at the mouth of the cave were meaningless . Mental Protection would not prevent the Liches from coming at all as they were all Mages by nature . Even the Archmages were of a lower ability compared to them in the field of Mental Spells .

“Mage Felic, what happened?” Kayla asked anxiously . The huge impact caused by the Force of Death was so oppressive that it could drive people mad . Hence, everyone decided to head out to take a look .

After that, they saw that black and scrawny floating shadow; the hoarse and low voice added an ominous and sinister quality to the figure .

“Oh my god, a Lich…” Kayla said nervously as he broke out in a sweat . He was a level-11 Magic Shooter, after all . How could he not be able to recognize the monster? It was just not within his expectations that he would see such a high-level undead creature there .

Sarsen frowned, but remained silent . Since he came from Nightfall City, he was more aware than anyone else the danger a Lich posed . With its proficiency in Mental Spells and deep knowledge of magic, the undead creature was comparable to any Archmages in terms of abilities . Even if it was the level-13 Sarsen, he would not dare to challenge a Lich .

Just when everyone was stunned by what they saw, that Lich suddenly stopped in its tracks . Then, everyone heard a hoarse voice echoing in their heads . “Who’s there…?”

The voice of a Lich carried a screeching noise as though it was an old pair of bellows . When the voice reverberated in his mind, a chill went down his spine . The buzzing in his mind was so tormenting that it was like a hammer smashing onto him, breaking his head into pieces .

Kayla was not only the only one that experienced discomfort from it . Everybody’s faces ashened at the moment they heard the Lich’s voice . It was pure mental disturbance that no magic shooter could shun .

Although Sarsen’s expression did not change, his hand gripped tightly onto his magic staff . Despite having the ability to forcefully resist the mental impact created by the Lich, it was obvious that he was still disturbed by the tremendous noise .

Lin Li was the only one who stayed unaffected .

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After all, he had a freakish mental strength . Even if it was a Lich that was proficient in Mental Spells by nature, it would not be able to pose any risk to him . Freaks would be freaks, we should not use the yardstick we measure normal human beings to measure Lin Li’s capability .

“WHO’S THERE…?!” The Lich repeated impatiently . Underlying its croaky voice was a greater force compared to before .

“Damn…” Mason felt suffocated by the huge Mental Energy it produced, and was nearly breathless . After he finally managed to resist it, he spat out a swear word with great difficulty .

Right after Mason’s swear word left his mouth, Lin Li knew that the fella was going to create havoc . Unlike Hell Ghouls and Skeletal Warriors, Liches were real Archmages . Although Mason kept his volume soft, since he was standing at the entrance of the cave without the protection of the Seal of Life, his Scent of Life went out immediately . If the Lich did not discover that, it would not be true to its name .

“IT’S YOU…!” Another growl sounded out in everyone’s heads .

“We are in big trouble…”

At the moment it growled, the black haze flew towards the cave menacingly as though it was blown by strong wind .

“HUMANS, HOW DARE YOU CHALLENGE BHASKAR IN THE POWER OF DEATH!” The Lich hovered within the cloud of black smoke, and its pair of green eyes flashed like phosphorescent light . Under the strong wind, its wide sleeves flapped, and it unleashed its powerful Mental Strength again .

Its target was Kayla .

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Since Kayla was just a level-11 Magic Shooter, he was not as strong as Sarsen . Yet, he reacted very quickly . Right after the Lich started talking, Kayla’s magic staff was already high up in the air, establishing Mental Protection Fields around themselves .

Although the collision of the two’s Mental Energy was unlike the Elemental Magic that would create brilliant sparks all over, the danger within it was a lot greater than how calm it appeared to be . The moment Kayla established the Mental Protection Fields, the surroundings started to distort . Subsequently, a tremendous gust of energy flooded over, tearing the fields apart .

When that happened, the vicious bite of mana caused Kayla’s face to ashen .

“HUMPH!” The Lich growled in the air . And… that was only the start .

“AH…!” Kayla screamed as he was harshly thrown against the wall of a crag like a kite that broke its string .


Someone drew a mouth of breath among the crowd .

Everyone was stupefied by what they saw just now . Even though Kayla was a level-11 Magic Shooter, before he was able to unleash any magical spell, he was severely injured by a mental spell .

That Lich, which claimed to be Bhaskar, was indeed terrifying…

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“WHO’S NEXT…!” The sleeves that were flapping in the strong wind and the pair of bright green eyes scanned the crowd . Then, the strong aura it transmitted forced everyone to feel breathless .

“I remember it now!” At this moment, Mason suddenly exclaimed . “I remember who this fella was already…”

Lin Li was surprised for a moment before he turned towards Mason, and whispered, “Who’s that?”

“He is Bhaskar from Chevan City . During the huge massacre after the Dark Age, he was one of the mages executed by the great lord, Osric . I read about him in the Guild of Magic before, but who knew he came to Shadowglen to become a Lich…”

“Such a big shot?” Lin Li’s heart skipped a beat . That Lich before him existed since the Dark Age!

“I’m impressed that people still remember me…” Even the Lich could not hide his astonishment .

Since it had a body and was skilled in spiritual magic, it was natural for it to have a sharp hearing too . Although Mason’s voice was soft, Bhaskar could still hear what he was telling the rest .

“T-t-that’s because… you are a renowned figure!” Realizing that the tone of Bhaskar became gentler, Mason praised the Lich as he tried to squeeze out a smile on his face . He was a shameless fella, after all . If he didn’t mind flattering Macklin, how would he care about buttering up a Lich?


“Really, really! Mr . Bhaskar, weren’t you the hero who pioneered the revolution against the High Elves for the freedom and harmony of humanity? Not to mention the small Chevan City… even the entire Felan, or the entire Anril, was singing appraises of your gallantry! Why don’t we set a time and date to allow me to bring you around personally? I’m sure you might meet a few pretty ladies who admire you…” Mason poured out his flattering words in a steady flow . Before Bhaskar got convinced by the boot-licking, his friends already swooned at Mason’s obsequiousness…

“…” Lin Li almost choked on his saliva .

What’s Mason thinking about? To bring a Lich out of the Shadowglen… Is he crazy? Without the Death Energy in the Shadowglen, not only a Lich like Bhaskar, but any powerful undead creature would be like a fish out of water .

“There’re really people who remember me?” asked the Lich . No one could decipher Bhaskar’s thoughts from its gruff voice due to the lack of emotional waves .

“I swear!” Mason assured Bhaskar sincerely . He was not lying . The huge massacre conducted by Highlord Osric was recorded down extremely clearly in the entire Felan, and hence Anril . And that included the namelist of those victims…

The strong wind around them seemed to stop, and even the black clouds started to fade away . Bhaskar’s pair of bright green eyes turned dimmer gradually too . It just hovered in the air quietly, as though it was deep in thought, recalling its past memories…

Seeing how his words evoked Bhaskar’s memory, Mason was secretly elated . When he wanted to enhance his art of flattery, fierce wind howled . The black fog that were dispersed gathered together again, thicker than previously…