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Published at 7th of August 2019 02:10:07 AM

Chapter 195: 195

After gently pushing open the tightly shut gates, the scene that Lin Li saw was beyond his expectations . There was not a burning furnace, nor an unbearable temperture . There were only all sorts of bizarre runes, fluttering in the air like butterflies .

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Beyond the tightly shut gates was a completely different world . Just standing there made Lin Li feel like he was dreaming . The sky above him was full of stars, and there was a bright and clear moonlight under a bright moon, while under his feet was a bottomless abyss that was a mix of red and black . With the shrilling howls, it was as if blood and darkness were relentlessly entangling together .

These two different sceneries had perfectly merged together . It was not in the slightest bit abrupt, but, in fact, had a harmonious sense of beauty .

“How is it, not bad, right?” The great soul trader was abnormally excited . It brought Lin Li into the endless void while proudly showing off . “This is the only Void Crack within Felan . It is in between the abyss and the star world . When Osric was building the Eternal Furnace, it was me that brought him here . Look below your feet, that is my hometown—the abyss where countless demons reside . ”

“Oh…” Lin Li nodded; he seemed apathetic . Within a day, he had experienced too much excitement . The assassination of a level-16 archmage, the floating Infernal Palace, as well as a 1200 year old hammer . Oh, yes… within this hammer was a great soul trader . All of these felt like it was a dream .

Lin Li thought that since it was a dream, another Void Crack would be nothing much…

With such thoughts, Lin Li followed Connoris into the Void Crack . The feeling was really weird as all he saw was a boundless abyss, but it felt like solid ground when he stepped on it . Looking at that endless entanglement of blood and darkness made Lin Li feel curious .

The center of the Void was crimson red, and when Lin Li approached it, he could clearly see that this crimson red was heavy and palpitating .

“Dom, dom, dom! Dom, dom, dom!” The sound was slow but rhythmic—it was like a strong heartbeat . The numerous rays of crimson red radiating from this heart were entangled like a spider’s web . They stretched all the way to the boundaries of the void .

“This is the heart of the Eternal Furnace, the magical crystal of a fire dragon . Back in the day, after Osric had caught this fire dragon called Red Fang, he did not kill it immediately . Instead, he constrained it in the Void Crack, and used a sharp blade to split open its skull, extracting this magical crystal . He then channeled of Red Fang’s life force into this crystal when it was on the verge of dying so as to allow it to maintain life . Look at it now, doesn’t it look like it’s alive?”

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“Indeed…” Lin Li nodded . The life force that was emitted from this magical crystal was indeed full of vigor . It was like heaven and earth when it was compared to the rock that he had extracted from the Dragon of Destruction .

“Look at these now…” After Connoris had finished speaking, it brought Lin Li to the spiderweb . “The Eternal Furnace and that heart are connected by these webs . Enormous amounts of energy are transferred through this and provide energy to operate the Eternal Furnace . This is also the method for Osric to pass down orders . So, from a certain perspective, this heart is actually the real controller of the Eternal Furnace . Obtaining it is the same as obtaining the whole Eternal Furnace . ”

“What should I do?” Lin Li did not hesitate at all . For him, the temptation of the Eternal Furnace was too huge . This was related to Osric’s secret and a world that was untouched . It was related to a floating castle . In Lin Li’s perspective, all of these were filled with a lethal temptation .

“Just place the hand with the Brand Of Dusk on it . ”

“So simple?” Lin Li looked at, but did not rush to place his hand . Instead, he reached out and grabbed Connoris, opening the Ring of Endless Storm at the same time .

“You… what are you doing?” Connoris immediately had a shock when it was grabbed . It was especially so when it saw the dark portal that emerged from the Ring of Endless Storm . It was so scared that its voice was shaky .

“Nothing…” Lin Li smiled, and, with an earnest look, explained, “This is the magical crystal of a fire dragon . I’m just worried it might hurt you if I stir up something too big . For your safety, I decided to put you into the portal . Relax, other that being a bit dark, it is absolutely safe…”

“What the hell! Put me down, I am not hiding in some damned portal!”

“Mr . Connoris, please cooperate . This will be better for both of us . ”

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“You’re still suspicious of me!”

“Of course . You operate a soul trading business . Whom else can I be suspicious of? Don’t forget, you lied to me once just now and told me that you are the relic of the Dark Iron Dwarves, Moradin . Now, there is a red dragon’s magical crystal . How can I know you’re not lying to me again?” After recounting Connoris’ lies, Lin Li then showed an earnest look again . “But don’t worry, I am a virtuous person . I won’t do anything to you . I’ll just place you inside the portal, and release you once it is safe . ”


“Of course! However, if anything were to happen to me, don’t think about living peacefully . Let me tell you honestly, this ring is called Endless Storm . Whatever secret it has, even I am not clear . I only know that whatever is placed inside… unless I am the one that does it, not even Osric can release you if he is resurrected . ”

After he finished speaking, he affectionately patted Connoris with his hand . “So, Mr Connoris, you’d better start praying now that I don’t run into any trouble . Otherwise, you better be prepared to stay inside the portal forever…”

“Shameless!” Connoris struggled within Lin Li’s hand . Its angry roar seemingly echoed throughout the whole portal . “You’re actually suspicious of such a kind demon like me!”

“Cut the bullsh*t…” Lin Li was too lazy to listen to him . He lifted his hand and shoved it into the Ring of Endless Storm .

“You… Wooo…”

Connoris’ voice drowned within the Ring of Endless Storm . The Void Crack immediately became unusually quiet . Other than Lin Li’s breathing, there was only the sound of the gigantic heart’s beating…

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Lin Li stood in front of the gigantic heart, feeling the heat that seemed to be palpable . This time, Connoris was not lying . This was indeed a fire dragon’s magical crystal . This was definite . Lin Li could clearly feel the pure yet powerful aura . Only magical beasts that surpassed the legendary-level could produce such a terrifying power .

Lin Li took a breath, and slowly stretched out his right hand . The Brand Of Dusk on the ring finger started to shimmer…

“Boom!” Just when the right hand had come in contact with the heart, Lin Li heard a loud sound .

Following this loud sound, an endless stream of energy started to leak out from the gigantic heart instantaneously like flood waters . It surged towards the Brand Of Dusk, and, in that instant, the Brand Of Dusk that was already scorching became as hot as white-hot iron . It was so hot that Lin Li felt like cutting off his finger .

Yet, at the same time, Lin Li’s boundless mental strength also seemed to have found an opening, and surged towards the Brand Of Dusk . Two kinds of energy of the same scale were clashing together like Mars crashing into Earth . Suddenly, there was a bloom of a blinding light…

“Boom!” Lin Li seemed to have heard a loud sound .

After that, everything was deathly quiet .

It seemed like everything had disappeared . The gigantic heart stopped beating; the sky full of stars was now dark . The Demonic Abyss that was an entanglement of red and black seemed to be blocked by a fog . Even Lin Li could not feel not feel the existence of his body . It was like his soul had separated from his body, leaving behind a weak consciousness fumbling about with difficulty .

There was no sound nor light—just an endless darkness and solitude…

Nobody knew how long this state continued for . Maybe a year, or maybe a second . In short, it was under these circumstances that Lin Li suddenly saw a ball of fire rising, and then he felt countless memories entering his brain…

These were fragments of memories that were like shattered glass that had been cut up by someone . Some were images, some were voices . There were even some that were a vague feeling . If he wanted to find out what they had in common, then it would still be as messy and incomprehensible .

With the surge of the countless fragmented memories entering his brain, Lin Li instantly felt a sharp pain . This pain was at the level far from anything that a human would be able to tolerate . It was like an invisible hand had reached into his brain and relentlessly roiled .

The entanglement of the chaotic fragments of memories was like a mess . Both the old and current memories were repelling and swallowing each other . No matter how powerful Lin Li’s mental strength was, he almost fainted . He was hugging his head with red eyes and rolling on the floor as if he had went mad . There were consecutive painful groans as pain that’d never been felt before was continuously torturing him .

This torture went on for a long while before Lin Li finally felt that the fragments of memories that almost drove him mad had finally calmed down .

When Lin Li opened his eyes, a thought appeared in his head .  So that’s what happened…

This was a natural realization that was like the time when he used the Scroll of Wishes—he suddenly felt that he knew all of the life skills thoroughly . It was just that the previous process was more peaceful; this time, it was incomparably painful .

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