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Chapter 314: 314

“I do have some ideas about this…” As they returned to their initial topic, the old man slowly regained the wise demeanor of an elder . He drank his tea leisurely as he spoke in a mild and slow manner . “If I’m not wrong, the people who kidnapped the castellan’s son were the Syer Bandits…”

“…” Lin Li pursed his lips secretly as he thought, What a nonsense! Everyone in the Breezy Plains knows that the ones who kidnapped the poor kid of the castellan’s family were the Syer Bandits—they are the survivors of the epidemic in Syer Town, and have a leader called Vanskore!

“Haha, I’m sure you’re secretly scolding me for spouting nonsense…”

“…” Lin Li almost bit his tongue as he stared at Basel both in shock and suspicion . He had so many questions .  Surely this old man isn’t capable of mind-reading? How come he knows what I’m thinking…

“Don’t worry, President Felic . I’m not able to read your mind, and even I know that what I just said was nonsense…” The old man smiled as he looked satisfied with himself . “But that’s not the point . The point is, I’m afraid not many know that the Dragon Mountains are not the real hiding spot of Vanskore…”

“Huh?” Lin Li was stunned when he heard this . “It’s not the Dragon Mountains? Then where would it be…”

“A place you wouldn’t think of . ”

“My dear Head Referee, can we not go around in circles? What do you mean a place I wouldn’t think of? Don’t tell me Vanskore is hiding in the ruins of Syer Town…” Lin Li suddenly froze at this, and after a minute, he carefully gulped and said, “That… that can’t be it, right?”

“It is . ” Basel smiled and nodded his head as though he hadn’t just seen President’s blank expression, and carried on speaking, “Roland City has been increasingly hard on the Syer Bandits for the past few decades, and even had the Sky Knights from Alanna thoroughly search the Dragon Mountains once . However, they haven’t found anything besides a few low-ranking men—not a single core member of Syer Bandits has been found . My dear President, do you know why that was the case?”

“This must be because Vanskore has got many spies in Roland City…” Lin Li shook his head as he spoke . “No, no, not spies; no matter how powerful Vanskore’s spies were, they couldn’t have made it into the Sky Knights… So many searches, yet they haven’t caught a single core member, that must mean that the Syer Bandits were able to escape quickly enough each time . So, Sir Head Referee, you’re saying that there must be a special way they use to escape, something like a secret passage…”

“Yes, one that leads to the ruins of Syer Town!”

“I understand…” Lin Li nodded his head as he was really enlightened this time . No wonder the Syer Bandits had been so bold as to kidnap the son of Roland City’s castellan . Who else would dare do this? Even if they were stronger than the Syer Bandits, surely they would find it difficult to go against Roland City’s army?

Moreover, the Salaz Family that ruled Roland City was an important noble family in the Felan Kingdom, and held power in Alanna as well as the Breezy Plains . They had also been on good terms with nobles like that Marathon Family, and who knew what would happen if the nobles joined forces?

Only the Syer Bandits would be brave enough to this…

They were not in the least bit afraid of Roland City’s castellan, because if he wanted to completely uproot their organisation, surely he would have to find their base first .

If not for Basel’s hint, Lin Li would never have thought that their real hiding spot was in the long destroyed Syer Town . .

But how did Basel know this?

Basel only gave a vague reply to Lin Li’s question . “I have my ways…”

“…” Lin Li rolled his eyes at that .  Damn it, this old con man…

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That said, Lin Li was in a pretty good mood as they had accomplished more than what he’d expected to during this visit to the library . They now knew where the Syer Bandits were really hiding, and they also got a Legendary mage and some other decent ones on board too .

While he was unsure where the loyalty of the Legendary mage lay, he was quite sure of the other mages joining them . If it all went according to plan, they would be the pioneer core members of the Breezy Plains’ Guild of Magic .

He was confident that even if Basel decided to change his mind in the future, the other mages would still follow him loyally .

Who else besides him could provide these mages with state-of-the-art magical equipment, an endless supply of medicine, as well as a chance to learn advanced magic? Anril was materialistic like that—anyone willing to pay the highest price would have the most followers, and even if Basel was highly respected by the mages, he would surely be no match for Lin Li with what the latter could provide them with . Each of the three aforementioned points was more than enough to tempt any mage, and if he was willing to spend money, it was only a matter of time before he won them over .

“But, Mr President, there is something I have to remind you about . There is something strange about Syer Town, so you must be careful if you’re going there . ”

Lin Li paused . “What’s strange?”

“I’m not sure about that . I’ve been there a few years ago, and noticed that the magical wave there is somewhat different from other places . I haven’t gone to investigate what’s different, though . No choice, I’m a feeble old man, and not as hardy as you youngsters…”

“…” Lin Li couldn’t hold back from rolling his eyes when he heard the old man pretend to be weak .  Damn it, you’re a Legendary mage! If you say you’re not hardy, then who is?

But never mind, if he doesn’t want to say it, there is no use in pressing him .

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Having asked everything he wanted to know, Lin Li did not wish to stay longer . After a bit of chatting, he left the library with Norfeller and Duke .

Norfeller remained emotionless, and followed Lin Li like a shadow . Meanwhile, Duke looked as if he had just encountered something out of the world . He had a glazed expression, and occasionally stared at Lin Li as though Lin Li was a ferocious beast instead of a human while they walked…

Duke could not believe that he was walking next to an Archmage!


He had tried to steal an Archmage’s wallet!

However, Lin Li was in a rush, and did not seem to notice Duke’s staring at all . Time was ticking, and he really wished he had a pair of wings as the week he had promised the dwarf was already half gone . He had originally thought that saving the castellan’s son would only take a day or two, but after hearing what Basel said today, he realized this was not that easy . The bastards of the Syer Bandits had conjured up a secret passage between the Dragon Mountains and Syer Town!

This joke was getting out of hand…

The secret hiding spot of Vanskore for the past decade or so could not possibly be found so easily; who knew how long it was going to take him this trip .

“Duke, get a carriage and meet me at the Adventurers Guild . ” Lin Li led Norfeller down a few streets to the Adventurers Guild after giving instructions to Duke . Syer Town was strange indeed; he was going to have to get some help .

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Lin Li walked into the Adventurers Guild, and went straight to the reception for mission recruitment announcements .

“Excuse me, I’d like to make a recruitment notice for a mission, reward will be 30,000 gold coins and I need at least three members . Best if one of them is a bandit and any adventurer who accepts the mission is at least level-15 . ”

“Ok, please give me a moment . ” The receptionist was a young lady in her twenties . She had short, red hair and a delicate doll-like face, making her look exceptionally adorable . As she accepted Lin Li’s crystal card, she could not help giving him a glance, surprise evident in her eyes . It was not often that someone announced a mission for 30,000 gold coins, and to think he would be so young too…

The young lady retrieved a form from the desk, and asked, “May I know what will the mission be about?”

“Searching a deadly area . It’ll be highly dangerous and details will be given in person . ”

“Alright . ” The young lady filled up the form for Lin Li, and had him check it before asking someone from the staff to disseminate the information .

A reward of 30,000 gold coins was pretty attractive, so Lin Li had only been in the resting room for five minutes before footsteps could be heard . It was the lady from before, and there were three young adventurers behind her .