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Chapter 338

Now, Brook was not as direct as before…

Brook worked at the Time Consignment Store for over 20 years . Throughout the years, he rose from a minor receptionist to one of the major executive committee members . Having met many kinds of customers, he knew that the young mage before him was not to be trifled with .

Furthermore, Brook did not have the guts to challenge him, either .

Other people might not know who that sparkly melon was, but definitely not Brook . That man was one of the VIPs of the Time Consignment Store—Young Master Lasorick! From the conversation between them, it was obvious that Lasorick was really reserved when he interacted with that young mage . Hence, how could Brook belittle that mage? He would not want to lose his future by offending Lin Li!

Brook hesitated for quite a while . “Indeed, we have a batch of good magical equipment . However, their prices are much higher as well . If you are keen to see them, I can bring you to take a look…” Brook said .

“I hope Mr . Brook will not disappoint me this time…” Lin Li replied as he nodded . He called Norfeller and the others, and followed Brook along the long walkway . After reaching the third floor, Brook stopped in front of a tightly locked door .

He fished out a bunch of keys from his pocket and opened the door . What came into the view of everybody was a huge showroom with all kinds of weapons and armor on display . Some of the weapons were emitting vigorous magical waves . Lin Li found at least 10 sets of magical equipment with just a casual glance .

“Please follow me…” Brook said . While he led the people through columns of shelves, he described the features of the different weapons patiently . “Look at this double-edged sword . It was made from real thunderbolt adamantine . If its user summons the force of thunder when he uses it, he will be able to break through any magical shield . A firm and tough skin of a beast would be like a thin sheet of paper when it comes into contact with this sword!


Lin Li tried to imagine Norfeller with the double-edged sword . He could not help but feel awkward at that thought of it .

“Mr . Brook, do you have other recommendations?”

“What about this…” Brook responded promptly by directing Lin Li’s attention to a machete beside him . “Have you heard of Doland’s Guild of Blacksmiths?”

“Yeah . ” Lin Li smiled, not saying more . He’d definitely heard of Doland’s Guild of Blacksmiths . In fact, he even nearly had Norfeller get rid of their president…

“This machete was created by Doland’s Guild of Blacksmiths . Being the brainchild of over 10 high-ranking blacksmiths, it even involved the consultation with a real Smithing Master, Mr . Garza, in some vital areas . Despite its black color and unappealing appearance, it was made from the most valuable Abyss Fiendish Iron . Once it tears the skin of the enemy, the power of the curse will infiltrate their body at once . Under the corrosion of the curse, the ability of a sword sage would have been greatly affected . ”

At this, Brook paused . Then, he took the machete before Lin Li . “There’s this mageweath here too…”

“Bloodlust?” Lin Li recognized the mageweath on the machete immediately . The striations on the weapons were all in the color of blood . From how the 27 striae were entangled like a menacing monster, it had to be a high-ranking mageweath by the name of ‘Bloodlust’ .

“Mr . Mage has a sharp eye indeed…” Brook flattered Lin Li with a thumbs-up .


The Bloodlust Mageweath did not have a complicated construction . With such an obvious characteristic, not to mention a Guru like Lin Li, any low-level Inscriber would recognize that mageweath easily . Hence, Lin Li only smiled, and did not take Brook’s compliment to heart .

But, Lin Li indeed had some interest in that machete .

It was not common to find weapons made of the Abyss Fiendish Iron . Those sold in the markets would easily cost up to 10 or 20 thousand gold coins . On top of that, the Bloodlust Mageweath was definitely suitable for Norfeller . Among the high-ranking mageweaths, the principle behind the Bloodlust Mageweath had to be the most evil . Although it did not have much of a special feature during normal use, if it were to come into contact with blood, its desire for blood would be activated . It would seek to absorb the blood of its enemies and convert it into the purest force, turning the user of the weapon into a bloodthirsty beast…

To a Guru Inscriber, it was not hard to summon the Bloodlust Mageweath . In fact, Lin Li had already mastered the skills to create the Bloodlust Mageweath many years ago . Yet, he did not have the chance to create it . The evil nature within the Bloodlust Mageweath required the warm fresh blood of humans . This meant that in order to create the Bloodlust Mageweath, one to two humans had to be sacrificed for it . A hypocrite like Lin Li certainly would not want to do such a thing .  I’m not bored enough to kill people just for a darn mageweath!

He would rather do less of such ill-natured deeds . Yet, if someone really wanted to do it for him, he would definitely accept the offer .

It was like the situation now…

Since someone had already created the Bloodlust Mageweath for him to purchase it with his own money, both parties would stand to benefit .

“Mr . Mage, I know you have great knowledge of these things . Since you know the difference between the Abyss Fiendish Iron and the Bloodlust Mageweath, I’m not going to say anything further . ”

“Yeah . ” Lin Li nodded . At the same time, he was trying to predict the price of such a good weapon .

Just when Lin Li was still thinking if he should bargain with Brook, he felt a thin sense of cold air coming from the corner of the wall . Being a man with sensitive mental strength, Lin Li could absolutely catch it without a mistake .

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It was normal for the different magical equipment placed in the showroom to emit magical waves . However, that feeling the chill gave off was too familiar, In fact, he had felt it in the ruins of Syer Town .

That was the purest death aura ever .

“Mr . Mage, I will just sell it to you at the lowest price: 40 thousands gold coins . ”

“Wait…” Lin Li stopped Brook . He did not catch the price Brook offered the weapon for . His attention was all diverted to that death aura . He pushed the machete away and made his way towards the corner of the room…

“I knew it…” Lin Li exclaimed upon seeing a pair of daggers leaning against the wall . They were covered in a thick layer of gray dust, and he could not tell what they were made of . If one did not look properly, he might not spot them .

But, there was something the mage was certain of . That chilly death aura had to be emitted by the pair of daggers . When Lin Li held onto them, he could sense a familiar wave of death energy flowing within . Although it was not very strong, it was extremely pure . Lin Li had seen a similar force in Syer Town, when they were having a battle with the army of Undead soldiers . Similarly, when he was at the ruins of Syer Town, he felt it when the Humerus Wyrm came down from the sky . However, even if it was the Legendary Lich, Ujfalusi, none of them carried a death aura as pure as this .

“M-Mr . Mage…” Seeing that Lin Li did not reply when he disclosed the figure, Brook actually thought it was due to the huge cost of the weapon .

When he was silently regretting, that young mage asked, “How much do these two daggers cost?”

“Huh?” Brook gasped in shock . His gaze towards Lin Li was filled with perplexity . Was that young mage kidding? How would he be interested in these two pieces of scrap leaning against the wall when he showed no interest in weapons created by the Marathon Smithy?

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“I was asking about the cost of these two daggers . ” Lin Li had to repeat his question .

This time, Brook finally heard the question clearly . Yet, that didn’t mean that he formed the answer to it . For a long period of time, he was looking at Lin Li with a weird expression…

“…” Lin Li did not know if he should laugh or cry . When he was about to repeat his question, the door of the showroom was pushed open .

“Bloody hell!”

The man who entered resembled a silvery winter melon . Apart from the usual followers, Lin Li could spot an unfamiliar young man behind the melon too . He looked younger than 30, and was very handsome . His appearance was great, but his slightly thin lips and small eyes made Lin Li not very comfortable . Especially when his eyes were closed, Lin Li felt as though he was stared at by a snake .

“Sir Lasorick, what brings you here?” Brook greeted Lasorick promptly upon his arrival .

“I’m just here for a walk, and to meet the person who had no interest in weapons created by the Marathon Smithy,” Lasorick replied, and glared at Lin Li challengingly .