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Published at 23rd of May 2020 02:00:10 AM

Chapter 526: 526

Actually, Roland City was not that much more developed than Alanna; in fact, it was actually inferior in various aspects . However, the unique Dark Age architectural design of Roland City was what piqued the interest of Wilkinson and the rest .

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Such architectural style was present in Doland City too . However, Wilkinson and his peers were too obsessed with the pharmaceutical knowledge that was imparted to them by Lin Li, so much that they practically did not leave their accommodations at all . Without a thirst for knowledge like theirs, even the most talented individuals would not be able to attain the achievements that they had .

 Wilkinson and the rest scanned their surroundings in curiosity; meanwhile, the two Undead creatures remained composed, seemingly treating everything around them like it was transparent . Lin Li looked extremely bored, causing Brook who was in charge of reception to feel a little worried .

 Lin Li’s purchasing the daggers using the Glittergold Trade Union’s VIP crystal card was still fresh in Brook’s memory, and he clearly remembered that Lasorick, the son of Doland City’s castellan, had some feud with President Felic .

Lasorick and his friend, Argus, would definitely be present during the auction, and if they were to run into Lin Li, Brook would be put on the spot because he could not afford to offend any one of them . It would be unlucky if he got into trouble .

 Ironically, one would be bound to end up offending both parties whenever they tried to avoid offending either of them . When one tried to please both parties, it would usually backfire, and they would end up failing to do so . Brook was just an insignificant figure who knew that he would definitely be chased out if anything severe were to happen . Hence, it would be impossible for him to maintain a neutral position .

 He stole a glance at the bored President Felic, and began to form ideas of his own . Although he was not going to take sides, he just wanted to take precautions in case something really happened . He would at least have someone to defend him .

 President Felic was a Glittergold Trade Union VIP crystal card holder and the President of a Guild of Magic who had recently gained the support of the pharmacists . Even William regarded him highly, and visited him personally at the Tower of Dusk . Since William respected him so greatly, Brook reckoned that President Felic’s words were definitely significant and impactful .

 Anyway, the stubborn Lasorick was just being tyrannical and haughty because he had a castellan for a father . In fact, he was incompetent, and even William could not be bothered to meet him . How could his father compare to the Glittergold Trade Union?

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 “President Felic, you don’t seem to be too interested in the scenery here . Why don’t I introduce you to the upcoming auction?” Brook asked, trying to suck up to him .

 Feeling extremely bored, Lin Li nodded, and said, “Oh, I’ll have to trouble you to introduce it to me, Mr . Brook . ”

 “It’s my pleasure to do so, President Felic . ” Brook deliberately stopped in his tracks to bow to him respectfully . He then continued to show Lin Li the way while introducing the auction to him .

 Since the scale of the auction was larger than before, they decided to hold it in the Elven Theater in Roland City .

 Just like its name suggested, the Elven Theater was a building from the Dark Age, and also one of elven-style buildings preserved the best after the war . The Elven Theater was very famous in the Breezy Plains, as well as the entire Felan Kingdom . It could be considered a landmark of Roland . In the Elven Theater, there were 2,000 ordinary seats and 150 VIP rooms . Clearly, the auction was going to be held on a large scale .

Some might think that 2000 guests were not a big deal, and it could not mean that the auction was definitely conducted on a large scale . However, they had to remember that it was an auction, not a concert . Besides, it was an auction held by the Time Consignment Store, where only the prestigious and strong deserved to be given a seat . Those who were leaders of 500-member-strong forces might not even be worthy of a standing ticket .

Indeed, the strong forces in the Breezy Plains would not be enough to fill up all 2000 seats, and there were only a few forces in Felan Kingdom which could meet the standards . There were also forces from Ledin Kingdom, which bordered the region on the other side .

 Although William modestly mentioned that the auction held by the Time Consignment Store had a little bit of influence, it actually had great influence over various countries .

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 Of course, not all forces would come to participate in the auction every month . The Time Consignment Store would always prepare a catalog of items that would be up for sale during the next auction one month in advance, and distribute them to the VIP customers . That way, they wouldn’t have to come all the way for the auction if there wasn’t anything that they were interested in .

 By right, the potions that Lin Li had handed over to William should only be put up for auction next month because they had missed the catalog registration window . However, the auction this time was larger in scale compared to the previous years; hence, all of the VIP guest would be present . There was thus no need for the potions to be registered in the catalog .

 After hearing William’s words, Lin Li began to admire him for being able to manage the auction of the Time Consignment Store so excellently . It was a feat that could not be done simply with good eyesight and taste . The idea of a pre-issued catalog was undoubtedly a smart move, which was enough to win him a group of loyal customers .

Actually, a catalog was not quite mandatory in order to allow the guests to find out the items that would be put up for auction in the following month, because the forces could totally hire people to keep close tabs on the monthly auctions and feed them with information beforehand . It was something that most medium forces did .

However, the catalog was no longer meant to be just a notice, and instead had gradually become a status symbol, just like the Glittergold Trade Union VIP crystal card and the membership cards of various industries that Lin Li had owned before he traveled to Anril .

 Regardless of whether those who received catalogs were interested in the items on the catalog or not, receiving a catalog monthly meant that they were valued by the Time Consignment Store . It meant that the Time Consignment Store was certain that they had the ability to purchase the items that were to be auctioned off . It was a form of respect that was enjoyable for them . Unlike others, they didn’t need to send their people to keep close tabs on the auction every month . That gave them a sense of superiority .

Without a doubt, there was only a small amount of people who would receive catalogs each month . There were 2,000 ordinary seats and 150 VIP rooms in the Elven Grand Theater . Those who received catalogs every month would be eligible to sit in the VIP rooms . However, there would be less than 100 VIP guests in the upcoming auction .

“President Felic, Boss has already added your name to the VIP list personally when he returned . From now on, a catalog will be sent to the Tower of Dusk every month,” Brook said earnestly and respectfully .

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 “Oh, please thank Mr . William on my behalf,” Lin Li said courteously . Although the catalog was not a necessity that he couldn’t do without, he acknowledged it as a token of goodwill from William .

 Finally, the group arrived at the abode that William had arranged for them . It was a castle! The castle was not meant for all the guests, and was only allocated to Lin Li and his entourage . Although it was only a small castle, it did not seem cheap, and was in fact very posh and luxurious .

 “This is the castle used by us to host the royal family . The boss knew that President Felic may arrive with numerous companions, and that it wouldn’t be convenient to arrange for you guys to live in ordinary hotels . Hence, he borrowed this place from Lasorick . We hope that you will have a pleasant stay for the next few days . ” As a subordinate, it was necessary for Brook to relay William’s intentions .

 Lin Li shook his head slightly, thinking to himself, This old man William has even borrowed a castle . How can I have the cheek to shortchange him again during the cooperation?

 Although both magicians and pharmacists had a higher social status than nobles, their living standards were far worse than those of the nobles . The purpose of the castle that was used for accommodating the royal family members was to give the occupants as pleasant of an experience as possible . Lin Li and the rest seemed to have become country bumpkins all of a sudden .

 After arranging for Lin Li and the rest to settle into the castle and fulfilling his boss’s instructions, Brook bade them goodbye and left .

The auction was to be held the next day . After Lin Li and others explored the castle thoroughly, Wilkinson began to get extremely jittery and fidgety . Although he had already seen most of the scenery of the streets of Roland City, he still found it interesting .

Lin Li sipped on some royal tea, while the two Undead creatures stood by his side, exuding a cold and daunting aura .

Wilkinson and the other pharmacists seemed to be gossiping about something while standing together . At last, Wilkinson smiled and walked towards Lin Li .

 “Wilkinson, try this tea . The aristocrats really know how to enjoy life,” Lin Li said while raising his cup .

 “Nah, it’s alright,” Wilkinson frantically said while waving his hand .

“Okay . ” Lin Li took a few more sips, and looked up to see that Wilkinson was standing in front of him . Staring at him peculiarly, Lin Li asked, “Is there an issue?”

 Although Wilkinson was two years older than Lin Li, after several months of training, he and the other pharmacists had begun respecting and admiring Lin Li, especially after all the scoldings and lectures .

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