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Chapter 89

However, that was exactly what Gerian wanted . He had come today to humiliate the Merlin Family . If it hadn’t been for Lin Li’s persuasion at the door earlier on, he would have blown up the living hall . Now that Lin Li changed his mind, he naturally had no opinion . The old fellow’s expression turned cold, and he began raging .

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“That’s right! It was the Merlin Family who had captured them, so why should the Guild of Magic look for her? Damn it, Evan, are you looking down on me?”

“…” Evan broke out in perspiration as he thought inwardly, Who dares to look down on you?

“Mr Evan, you had better think it over . If you don’t hand her over, it will most likely affect the friendship between our two forces . If something happens when the time comes, we, the Guild of Magic, will not be responsible . ”

“I really don’t know where she is…” Evan was about to cry in panic .  Darn it, what kind of place is the Guild of Magic? First there was the old shameless Gerian and now there is the young shameless Felic . Why are they all so unreasonable?

“Felic, cut the crap with him . You’re not handing her out? I’ll look for her myself!” Gerian couldn’t wait and issued an order to the wolf-like Magic Shooters, “Search! Even if we have to tear down the Merlin Family’s house today, we have to find Felic’s friend!”


The group of bandit Magic Shooters’ eyes lit up at the words “tear down”; they were like wolves that had been hungry for days and suddenly saw a large piece of fresh meat . Before Gerian continued giving out his orders, everyone had gotten the message as they rushed out of the living hall .

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“You guys… You guys can’t do this!” Evan felt he was about to black out watching the group of wolf-like Magic Shooters hurrying out of the living hall . If this group of bandits was allowed to charge into the heart of the Merlin Family, the Merlin Family would be in ruins by the time they came out .

But everything was far from the end .

“Mr Evan . ” Lin Li’s voice sounded again . “As a matter of fact, I, personally, am willing to believe that this is a misunderstanding; and I also believe that it won’t affect the friendship between the Guild of Magic and the Merlin Family . But…”

Evan’s heart tightened . “But what?”

“But, the Merlin Family has to hand over the murderer who hurt my friend . ”

“This…” Evan hesitated slightly . To be honest, this request was not too demanding . With the current strength of the Guild of Magic, they could take the person involved directly from the Merlin Family regardless of his objections . But Evan was absolutely not willing to do so until they had come to the final step .

In the hundred years of history of the Merlin Family, there had never been a precedent of voluntarily surrendering a member of the family . Once this precedent was set, it meant that the Merlin Family had lost the ability to protect its family members, and that the family had completely submitted themselves to the Guild of Magic . From then on, who would still be willing to work for a family that did not have the ability to protect themselves?

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“Can you let me think it over?” Evan asked cautiously, afraid of angering the young Magic Shooter .

“You don’t have much time . ” Lin Li nodded and did not rush him anymore .

The sweat on Evan Merlin’s forehead became denser with every passing second . Under the tremendous pressure of the Guild of Magic, he had completely broken down . This decision concerned the future of the Merlin Family—if he refused, what awaited would be the wrath of the Guild of Magic and the insults from the other forces of Jarrosus; if he agreed, there would be dissension in the family, and no one but the core members would be willing to serve a family that might sell themselves out at any time .

Just as Evan was vacillating, footsteps were heard from the living hall .

Several Magic Shooters had returned, most of them smiling in excitement . Their bulging pockets indicated that they had brought something back with them .

“President Gerian, we found a suspicious place!” It was a middle-aged Magic Shooter who spoke . Gerian remembered that this fellow was Giorgio—he was the one who led the casino smash .

Gerian was surprised . “What place?”

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“The basement just behind . Do you want to have a look?”

“Mm, we should investigate . ”

“…” Evan listened to this serious conversation and immediately wanted to vomit blood .  Suspicious your foot! The basement behind was the Merlin Family’s treasury .  F*ck you, Guild of Magic . You’re a bunch of bloody bandits!

Gerian rubbed his chin with a serious face, then went on to investigate the suspicious basement with a group of Magic Shooters, leaving the poor Evan crying to no avail in the living hall .

“Mage Felic, I… I will hand over the murderer…” Evan knew that the matter could not be delayed any longer . If it continued to drag on like this, who knew if the bandits from the Guild of Magic would find more suspicious places? At last, after repeated struggles, Evan gave in .

“Very well . ” Lin Li stood up from his seat and called over the few Magic Shooters who were standing guard by the door . “Go with me to the dungeon . ”

Evan followed them down the dungeon nervously, and then he saw Lin Li stretching out his finger . “This, this, this, this, and this… Bring all of them away!”

“Yes!” The few Magic Shooters had received the orders and got to work without further ado .

“Wait!” After a whole round, Lin Li had pointed out all the family’s mages guarding the dungeon . Evan stopped him in fright hastily . “Mage Felic, you’ve said only to hand over the murderer!”

“Yes . ” Lin Li replied matter-of-factly . “But now, I’m not sure who is the real murderer that killed Mr McGrenn, so I’m going to bring all the people suspected of murder back for questioning . Why… Do you have any objection, Mr Evan?”

“…” It wasn’t until now that Evan realized how good a person Gerian was as compared to this young Magic Shooter…

Most of the mages guarding the dungeon were only level-eight or nine in strength, how could they compete with the bandits from the Guild of Magic? There was no resistance at all in the process of arrest . A couple of control magic spells had brought them down completely, and then they were tied up firmly with ropes . After the dozen mages were arrested, they gradually understood what was going on . When they looked back at Evan, their eyes were full of hatred and disgust .

In the face of these looks, Evan, who knew he was guilty, could only lower his head and avoid any eye contact with them .