Apocalypse Cockroach - Chapter 123

Published at 13th of June 2017 07:09:38 PM
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Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Preparation

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Yang Ke’er and the rest had finished their training, and they were nowhere to be seen . Zhang Xiao Qiang walked into the living room and immediately noticed Brother Long and Chen Yi there . Brother Long raised his head and saw Zhang Xiao Qiang walking in .

“Hahaha!! Lil’ Bro, it truly is hard to glimpse the dragon head*, how’s the sexy woman?”

(Idiom: rarely make an appearance, actual Chinese translation was ‘see the dragon tail but not the head’)

Brother Long was speaking with a perverted expression, as though he wanted to try and use some common ground to draw closer to Zhang Xiao Qiang . Chen Yi’s expression was likewise unnatural, as he laughed: “Haha, I was still saying that Lil’ Bro’s legs must have given way by now, who would have expected him to be this energetic!! Ah!! Youth!!”

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Zhang Xiao Qiang’s expression was extremely rigid, his smile forced . He thought to himself: “Can’t you just get to the point, why do you have to try and squeeze some useless words in?”

Brother Long saw Zhang Xiao Qiang’s forced smile and assumed it to be embarrassment, and urged on: “Hey, that lady was one of my favorites, you see, your brother I, even gave you my chick, when will Lil’ Bro settle the granary issue?”

Brother Long finally got to his point, and Chen Yi kept quiet, his gaze still on Zhang Xiao Qiang . He wanted to know as well . They had already given the woman and gun to him, but there was no sign of the granary yet, and they were getting anxious .

When he heard the word ‘granary’, he pondered a while and felt that it was still better to delay a little while . He still had not yet finalized his preparations, especially modifying the Hummer . He had to learn some moves from Yuan Yi as well . It had only been 2 days, after a few days, once the granary was settled, it would be time for them to move on .

He had also gotten his thoughts clear, the end goal was still WH . Even if the road was blocked by a D2, it was not like there was no chance to deal with it . After all, he had already dealt with 2 D2s and one S2s . He was slightly less afraid, as long as there were ample preparations, it would be fine, and if not, he could still run, couldn’t he? Once Brother Long got the granary, he might not fall out with Zhang Xiao Qiang, but it did not mean that they would still welcome him . He had no reason to stick to their cold asses then . It was better to leave earlier .

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“Keke, it’s a good time to discuss this . As long as the preparations are done, we can set off anytime . En! Let’s set it for a week late . By then, I hope Brother Long has someone to lead the way, I don’t know the place oh!”

He chuckled and he knew they wouldn’t object . A matter that 20 men could not handle had to be handled by him, of course, it was up to him .

Naturally, when Brother Long and Chen Yi heard his words, they were satisfied . They didn’t lack the resources now, they were just worried about Zhang Xiao Qiang going back on his promise . When they heard his promise, they were more assured . Even more so, when they heard it would just take a week, they were even more pleased . They stood up to express their thanks, and after a few words of exchange, Zhang Xiao Qiang turned to head to his room .

Time passed like this, and after an entire week, Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at the Hummer in front of him and was pleased . The front bumper had been removed and replaced with an inverted V horn . The steel corners had been sharpened into serrated edges, and if they drove fast, they could knock the zombies in front of them, and the edges could slice the zombies as well . The tires had been swapped to solid tires that were suitable for all terrains, and wouldn’t perform badly on lower terrain .

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The windshield and glass windows had been covered with wire mesh, and a fuel tank was removed from below one of the passenger seats . It was used to support 2 huge frames that laid against the sides of the roof of the Hummer, which was partly wielded . The length of the frames was about 180 cm, which could store their weapons, especially Yang Ke’er’s mace, and prevent them from slipping or moving about . In the event they had stop anytime, she could just reach out for her weapon .

The frame of the Hummer didn’t need any further modifications, the basic structure was sturdy enough . There was even anti-bullet material inbuilt into it . At the very least, an S2 would not be able to do anything to it . There might be some trouble against a D2, but as long as the D2 was not too close, they could still make a run for it . At the very least, it was a whole load safer than the tractor that they were using previously .

Although the Hummer didn’t look like much after the modification, Zhang Xiao Qiang was extremely satisfied . Wang Le had promised, the HUmmer’s current condition could run for at least a thousand over kilometers with no issues . Zhang Xiao Qiang didn’t need that distance, he just required it to get to at least WH . To him, there was at least some sort of society there, and they wouldn’t mistreat a refuge like him .

Yang Ke’er hoisted her beloved mace and walked to the Hummer, assessing it for a little while, before blurting out: “Ugly!” After that, she flung her weapon into the frame on top of the roof, before opening the door and sat in . She then switched on her notebook to watch some film .

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Yuan Yi walked up to Zhang Xiao Qiang, her hands holding his steel Beast Horn Spear, She was currently extremely cool, her hair tied up in a ponytail, every strand of hair tucked in neatly . She had an aura of a highly trained soldier as she wore the dark green leather jacket, stripped of all decorations, together with her tight black jeans . A shield hung on her back, nested in a holster, while her large machete knife hung by her waist, revealed for all to see . She could easily whisk out the weapon to deal with any threat in a second .

She stood like that with a look full of killing intent, exuding the aura . Her eyes were slightly bloodshot, and she stood like a straight spear . It was as though she was the epitome of frostbite . As Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at her, he found it hard to reconcile the image of this femme fatale with the moaning and sexy lover under him that night .

Zhang Xiao Qiang received the Beast Horn Spear from her and placed it on the roof . Yuan Yi pulled the door open and sat in, shooting challenging looks at the men outside . She was currently in the zone and wanted to trample on anything she disdained .

Su Qian followed shortly behind, her long hair tucked behind her ears . Her ears were bright red under the sun, and the bright sunlight seemed to shine through her skin, revealing the little nerves and blood vessels . She wore a tight red leather shirt, hugging her figure tightly . Her blade was kept in a scabbard hanging from her waist as well . Her left hand held a shield as well, and her entire figure exuded a wild yet sexy charm, and all the men watched and drooled .

She walked past Zhang Xiao Qiang and looked at him, seeing that he didn’t say anything, she went to open the door and placed her shield by her feet, her hands placed on the steering wheel as she looked ahead .

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