Apocalypse Cockroach - Chapter 199

Published at 13th of September 2018 02:29:45 AM
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Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Origin

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Zhang Xiao Qiang was somewhat shocked looking at the large bullets in his hands . If such bullets were to hit a human being, would they still remain an intact body?


Zhang Xiao Qiang had big palms and was able to cover Shangguan Qiao Yun’s entire hand, but the length of the bullets in his hands was even longer than his palm, nearly as long as cigars .


Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at the shocking Type-54 12 . 7mm anti-aircraft machine gun (DShK 1938) bullets, he had no idea what would happen if these bullets were to strike a human’s body, but he knew that the bullets should be able to penetrate through a Type-D2’s skin . Looking at the bullets before him, Zhang Xiao Qiang enjoyed the happiness for a while . He found some Type-54 anti-aircraft machine guns in the armory, although they were not preserved that well and had some instances of rust, Zhang Xiao Qiang had Wang Le, Wang Le was an expert in repairs and machinery, if he could repair the latest technologies, what were decade old technologies to him?


Moving forward, Zhang Xiao Qiang saw many M191A6 recoil-operated machine guns’ bullets, which he gave to his machine gun teams . These bullets looked to be less, but that was compared to the heaps of other bullets available . Zhang Xiao Qiang did some simple calculations, even with the total number of bullets he had opened were hundred thousand, there were still crates that were unopened, most probably they were able to retrieve a million ammunition .


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Aside from the M1919A6 heavy machine gun bullets, Zhang Xiao Qiang saw 7 . 7mm bullets for the Type-92 heavy machine guns, but the quantity was few with less than ten thousand . When Zhang Xiao Qiang opened another crate and saw the number of bullets inside, he was truly shocked . Inside, the bullets were wrapped tightly into bundles with kraft papers .


Zhang Xiao Qiang removed the kraft paper and revealed bullets that were distinctly differentiated with two colors, one had red circles while the other had yellow circles . 14 . 5mm bullets with a length of close to 16cm and felt like a quarter of a kilo held in hand . The tip of the bullets already took up half of the length of the entire bullet .


Zhang Xiao Qiang thought about a show he watched before, [My chief and my Regiment] . In the show, there was an anti-tank gun used by the Japanese, where their bullets were just slightly larger than the bullets in his hands .


Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at the bright copper-nickel bullet head but could not think of any weapons that were able to shoot the large bullets in his hands . Type-92 Battalion Guns? But the length feels wrong?


Zhang Xiao Qiang walked further in and saw 70mm high-explosive anti-tank warheads for the Type-92 Battalion guns… .

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By the time Zhang Xiao Qiang returned to the surface, noon had already passed . Fortunately, his members had brought three days worth of rations . This was Zhang Xiao Qiang’s rule, something that he had concluded through all the dangers he had faced before . There are too many uncertain elements in the apocalyptic world, preparing more means having a higher chance of survival . The gun fires from the Watchtower never stopped, the members all took turns to fire and have their lunch .


The members on top were split into two firing squads, Three realized that just by using half of the manpower, split into two teams to take turns firing was sufficient to stop the rats on the wall . The rest of the members could rest or reload the empty magazines .


Since the appearance of the rats, all the members were fighting intense battles . Regardless of those who had used the M1 Garand Rifles first before changing or those who were using the Type-81 ARs all the way, all of them had suffered under the powerful recoil of the automatic rifle to the point that they were unable to lift their arms while resting .


With the situation stabilized, Three had the time to narrate the cause of the rat tide .


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The day before yesterday, Zhang Huai An’s worry about the food problem in the base struck a chord in Three’s heart, especially that Zhang Huai An actually wanted Three to stop accepting new survivors . This made Three extremely unhappy, who had longed to transform the Combat Team into a large troop, with him being the captain of the troops . When that happened and he truly became the captain of the troops, aside from Zhang Xiao Qiang or He Wen Bin, his voice would be the most powerful .


With regards to the two people above him, he never had the thoughts to do anything against them . It was Zhang Xiao Qiang and He Wen Bin who rushed into a horde of thousand over zombies to pull him . Without saying, Three would always remember this in his heart, but he never cared about the others .


Furthermore, Old Frank, who was in charge of construction, had a few hundred men under him . There was no need to talk about Lu Ren Yi, in Three’s eyes, he never bothered about Lu Ren Yi, but Zhang Huai An, an outsider, actually wanted to stop him from accepting survivors . Without the manpower, there was no source for troops, without a source, when would he be able to accomplish his plan of building an army?


Without being a Captain, wouldn’t Old Frank be forever above him? Who knew when would Zhang Huai An climb over him as well?

For this, Three became worried about the food . He was not someone who would remember grievances and had to resolve them, he did not know how long the food reserve in camp could hold before depletion . He only knew that the number of meals required for a few hundred men in a day was more than enough for him to eat for a year . A year worth of food reserves, to him, was already a large number .


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They were currently in a prison meant to hold over a thousand prisoners, the amount of food they required was not a small number as well, and since it was a prison, it was impossible for many trucks to move in and out all the time, so to ensure a stable food source in prison, Three reckoned that the prison had a storage to hold their food . When Three informed Zhang Xiao Qiang that he wanted to look for supplies, he was in fact, looking for the food storage .


The process of searching for the food storage went smoothly, aside from a few skeletons, they never encountered a zombie . In the beginning, they were cautious, but by the time they reached the food storage, they had relaxed . The food storage was large with a huge lock on the doors .


They opened the food storage together, but when the light entered, they saw a large rat nest . All the food were bitten into pieces with moldy food scattered all around . Every corner on the ground was littered with rat piss and feces, with rats larger than an adult’s fist hoarding food everywhere . The sound of the doors opening surprised the rats, but it only caused them to squeak . Just when Three found it strange that the rats were not afraid of humans, 10 rats the size of cats with dark red fur suddenly charged at them .


10 Type-95 ARs fired in unison, many of these rats bled and fell halfway while chasing after them while the scattered bullets killed many of the fist-sized rats that were hoarding food . Due to this, all the rats that were considered large before the apocalypse but seen as mere small rats in here, all squeaked and scattered further into the food storage .


Seeing these rats frightened away, Three no longer cared about them . He looked around and saw that there was no oil to dredge up, led his men away . Before they could walk for long, they heard a strange noise, like countless of leaves rustling in the wind . Following that, this noise slowly came closer, they stood in place and looked around carefully, not knowing where the danger was coming from .

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