Apocalypse Cockroach - Chapter 250

Published at 18th of January 2019 03:32:13 AM
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Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Charging in

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The same black cloth covered her face, only revealing two pitch black and clear eyes that looked to be lost in thought . The skin around her eyes was spotless and soft . Shifting slightly downwards to the side of her face, a small and faint scar could be seen .


After driving past an oil tanker, the off-road vehicle drove to an empty space left of the coalfield, where a few abandoned vehicles were left behind . A small Toyota vehicle continued to burn while the other vehicles were ridden with bullet holes .


The windscreen at the front of the vehicle was covered with spiderweb-like cracks with a few scattered bullet holes . An S2 corpse laid near the few vehicles, the skin on its body boiled away and half of its head gone .


Four S2 zombies were still attempting the impossible, while one of the S2 turned . The off-road vehicle’s engine had attracted its attention . Hearing the engine that was approaching, the S2 shot towards the vehicle like a hunting dog .


“DA… . ” The blazing hot Type-54 AA bullet shot towards the incoming S2 . Right at that moment, Zhang Xiao Qiang suddenly realized that everything around him seemed to have turned into slow motion . In his eyes, the S2 that was sprinting towards the vehicle like a hunting dog was like a puppy walking unsteadily and he was able to ‘see’ the trajectory and wind behind the bullets shooting out from the gun that was supposedly flying at 830-850 m/s .


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“Bang” The S2 exploded like a water bag . Countless bones, flesh, and innards flew and spun in the air in slow motion in Zhang Xiao Qiang’s eyes .


As the S2’s parts fell to the ground, Zhang Xiao Qiang’s vision suddenly returned to normal, inducing a burst of immense vertigo in him . Zhang Xiao Qiang almost puked but endured the spinning vertigo and aimed the gun at the remaining S2s . Wave after wave of the pain struck at him and prevented him from aiming well .


The Type-54 AA gun’s loud gunshots alerted the three remaining S2s . They no longer attempted to climb up the building but turned and rushed at Zhang Xiao Qiang’s off-road vehicle .

“CREAAAK… . ” The off-road vehicle came to a sudden stop . Zhang Xiao Qiang dropped the handle of the gun immediately and drew out the Beast Horn Spear and King Rat Blade before jumping out of the post and onto the hood of the vehicle .


The distance between the vehicle and the S2s were not far . In the blink of the eye, the three S2s were right in front of him . Two of them pounced towards the vehicle while one pounced at Zhang Xiao Qiang, who was on the hood of the car . In that instant, Zhang Xiao Qiang had barely landed on the hood and used the momentum to leap outwards .


In midair above the S2, Zhang Xiao Qiang leaned to the side and avoided the S2’s left claw while directing the Beast Horn Spear in his left hand to stab straight into its heart from below the claw . The inertia from his jump and his weight was enough for the Beast Horn Spear to stab into the S2 and forcing it to fall .

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“Plop…” He and the zombie fell to the ground . “Chi…” Zhang Xiao Qiang used the Beast Horn Spear and nailed the S2 into the ground, which retaliated by swiping its claw out at him .


Zhang Xiao Qiang continued wielding the Beast Horn Spear while staring at the incoming claw . He braced himself and raised his left arm . “SHUA” Zhang Xiao Qiang’s sleeves were ripped into pieces, the claw broke his sleeves and got caught onto a greenish-black skin .


Zhang Xiao Qiang released the Beast Horn Spear and rolled to the side . Looking at his broken sleeves, Zhang Xiao Qiang could still feel the fear in him . If he did not look for Wang Le to prepare a set of battle uniform made out of the porcupine rat skin before moving out, he would have died there .


The 80cm Beast Horn Spear remained stuck in the S2’s chest . Knowing that it was no longer capable of climbing back up, he turned and faced the other two S2s .


Everything happened in a few seconds . After jumping off the hood and going against the S2, the other two zombies arrived at the side of the vehicle . As one of them was about to claw at the door, it was kicked open .


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The door was broken by Yang Ke’er’s kick and collided onto the S2 . The immense force pushed the S2 backward, “Bang… . ” It collided into the other S2 behind and both fell to the floor . Without losing its inertia, the car door struck the other S2 and continued flying .


As the saying goes, ‘When it rains, it pours’ . The two S2s that were struck and fell did not even have the time to climb back up when a large scimitar hacked down on them . That was how the two fearsome-looking S2s were hacked into four pieces on the ground .


Zhang Xiao Qiang turned at the time when Yang Ke’er finished chopping them and kept the scimitar . She turned towards him and gave him a smile . Zhang Xiao Qiang ignored her smile and threw the Rat King Blade over to her .


Resembling a scythe, the Rat King Blade spun in the air and sliced through the head of one of the S2s . The teeth on the Rat King Blade sawed through them with ease and released brain fluids and black blood from the head .


When the S2 fell to the ground, its sharp claws were only a few millimeters away from Yang Ke’er’s trousers . She looked at it and showed it her tongue, then raised the blade in her hand and hacked down on the remaining S2 .


While Zhang Xiao Qiang glared at Yang Ke’er after throwing the Rat King Blade to her, Shangguan Qiao Yun and the other two passengers got off the vehicle . Shangguan Qiao Yun checked the magazine that stored 10 bullets before pulling on the safety of her gun and looked around .

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Guo Fei and Chen Ye stood by the side and waited for orders . Yang Ke’er’s walked over to the S2 that was nailed to the ground and beheaded it, then pulled out the Beast Horn Spear and returned it to Zhang Xiao Qiang in an attempt to curry favor from him .


Zhang Xiao Qiang and the group inspected their equipment before walking to the large doors . They had to bypass obstructions made out of various cars and he wanted them to take caution . After thinking about it, he kept the Rat King Blade back into its leather sheath slung by his right leg . The leather sheath had layers of cotton inside to prevent the Rat King Blade’s teeth from cutting it apart .


Zhang Xiao Qiang held the Desert Eagle in his right and the Beast Horn Spear in his left hand and took the lead . Beside him, Shangguan Qiao Yun held onto her sniper, followed by Guo Fei and Chen Ye and Yang Ke’er taking the rear .


The loud gunfires from the 14 . 5mm AA guns continued to occur outside of the coalfield wall, along with explosions caused by Type-92 Battalion Guns . A bright and red light descended from the sky as the loud explosives reverberated in everybody’s ears .


Zhang Xiao Qiang’s military boots stepped on the ground filled with slack and produced creaking sounds . He carefully walked through the pathway formed from the vehicles . The narrow and rugged pathway barely had light within and was extremely dark . He raised his head and looked up at the sky, the weather was gloomy and downcast, the dark clouds covered the blue sky, it was already past 3 in the afternoon . Zhang Xiao Qiang quickened his pace .


Occasionally, Yang Ke’er would look behind them, the entire team were extremely careful . They raised their heads and looked at the roof of the vehicles, at the bottom of the vehicles and even at the crevices between each vehicle . Chen Ye and Guo Fei caught an S2 rushing towards them from across the field and knew that the narrow space would only hinder them . Only by taking the initiative and attacking the S2 could they win .

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