Apocalypse Cockroach - Chapter 251

Published at 22nd of January 2019 09:48:56 PM
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Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Ambushed

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(TN: Changed Yang Ke’er’s weapon from a scimitar to a dogleg machete, realized that scimitar isn’t the right translation . Sorry guys!)


The gunfires from the main building continued incessantly . The battle outside the walls became even more intense and only Zhang Xiao Qiang’s location was strangely quiet .


“Bang…” The sound came from the roof of a car on their right as a black figure appeared . The few of them turned to look . An uneasy feeling surged from Zhang Xiao Qiang’s mind, he knew that they were being eyed by the zombies but did not know how many S2s had their attention on them . He continued to lead them through the dark and narrow space .


As they advanced slowly, the unease became even stronger . More and more black figures flickered around them . It was definitely more than one S2, and three black figures would occasionally appear in front of them .


The black figures appeared more frequently, heightening their sense of cautiousness even higher . S2s appeared at different corners and moved silently on the car roofs . From the cracks between the vehicles, figures of the S2s could be seen flitting across, most possibly after eating a few HMG bullets, they had learned to be prudent .

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This prudence made the S2s the most difficult to handle, they were like assassins lingering around in the darkness, having given up their berserk frontal assaults, they moved around Zhang Xiao Qiang’s team slowly, seeking a dead angle to kill them . They had come to recognize that the group of humans before them were not food on a platter being served to them .


The team kept looking left and right, the black figures that moved constantly caused ripples of emotions to stir within them . Guo Fei’s right hand that held the blade trembled slightly . Eyes bloodshot, he remained fixated on the phantom-like S2s and could not resist but to lick his dry lips .


Chen Ye gently unsheathed the Jing Wei Blade . She stared at the S2s and held onto the handle tightly . The black cloth covering her face prevented others from seeing her emotions, but her calm and steady steps, straightened back and clear eyes revealed that this girl, that enjoyed hiding in the shadows like Guo Fei, was not afraid .


Yang Ke’er held her blade and shield and followed behind . The previous fight almost turned her into a zombie, causing her to become even more careful, to the point that she reacted to every slight sound behind her, the dogleg machete in her hand ready for action .


Zhang Xiao Qiang moved quietly at the front . He was not afraid of his back with Shangguan Qiao Yun by his side . He had complete trust in her with her mysterious marksmanship but was unsure of how long the firepower outside could hold the sea of zombies . His plan was to converge with Three and withdraw quickly . He was not afraid of fighting the S2s lurking around them as long as they return to the Battalion Guns .

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“BANG… . ” A loud gunshot occurred behind him . An S2 dropped from the bus to the left of Zhang Xiao Qiang and fell to his feet .


The 7 . 62mm bullet had struck the side of its skull, but its brain was miraculously spared from any injury, allowing the S2 to continue struggling . The brain resembled a walnut kernel within the black blood vessels, as some yellowish fluid flowed out from the hole .


Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at the moving S2 and used the Beast Horn Spear in his left hand to penetrate through its defenseless head . After twisting the spear gently, the S2 stopped moving like a machine without electricity .


This S2 was perfectly hidden at Zhang Xiao Qiang’s dead angle but Shangguan Qiao Yun caught sight of its black leg . Seeing that Zhang Xiao Qiang was walking right past the zombie, she did not even hesitate and fired off . As the shot came from a difficult angle, the S2 did not die instantly .


The Type-85 Sniper Rifle’s shot was a signal for the surrounding S2s to attack . It was unknown whether there were 10 or 12 of them, but many black shadows jumped from their corners . Some of them sprinted on the vehicles, some appeared at the cracks between the cars, some rushed from the front and some from the back .


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Following another fire from the sniper rifle in Shangguan Qiao Yun’s hand, an S2 on the vehicles dropped and rolled down until it struck a car that had its hood opened .


Zhang Xiao Qiang did not have the time to witness Shangguan Qiao Yun’s victory . Two S2s were running side-by-side towards him . The two zombies used four limbs and charged at him like two black panthers .

A motorbike brake chain swung out from Zhang Xiao Qiang’s right hand, colliding onto the two S2s . The metal chain barbs bit onto their black and withered skin and hooked onto them . Zhang Xiao Qiang then used the chains to tie around the two zombies .


The two wrapped up zombies were like two kittens tangled in yarn . They scratched the floor while being pulled by Zhang Xiao Qiang .


“BANG BANG… . ” Two gunshots exploded the two S2 heads .


Yang Ke’er faced three S2s, but the tunnel only had a width that allowed two s2s to run side-by-side . , forcing one to take the lead with the other two behind . Yang Ke’er stared at the first zombie coldly and drew the steel shield on her left hand closer to her body .

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In an instant, the S2 jumped towards Yang Ke’er and unleashed two sharp and black claws . Yang Ke’er swung her left arm, connecting the steel shield with the two claws, instantly breaking them apart . The strength behind the steel shield was so great that the impact did not lessen her speed as it continued to smash onto the S2’s chest . The S2’s ribs were immediately shattered, and this unfortunate S2 was smacked aside like a ping-pong ball .


This S2 was swung back faster than it ran over, “Bang… . ” The S2 smashed onto a small vehicle, shattering all the glass that dropped to the ground . The S2’s lifeless corpse dropped to the ground with broken glass all around, the large pit on its body hinted that all the bones in its body were broken .


Yang Ke’er looked at the remaining two zombies and raised the large dogleg machete in her hand .


“WUUUU… . ” The dogleg machete unleashed a sharp howl as it slashed through the air . The added spin from her body allowed the dogleg machete to sweep past the cars by her side and landed on the next zombie, slicing its head into half . The force behind the dogleg machete was powerful enough to cleave the zombie’s head away and forced the body to fly outwards . The body bore into the metal surface and got stuck, along with the machete .


Even without her main weapon, Yang Ke’er did not panic . She used the steel shield in her hand and smacked out again . The last S2 received the same treatment as the first zombie, the only difference was that the first was flung into the air while this zombie was smashed onto the ground . This S2 spun on the ground like a spinning top before being stuck beneath a small vehicle .

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