Apocalypse Summoner - Chapter 40

Published at 6th of March 2017 04:53:47 PM

Chapter 40

Chapter 40 - Summon of Darkness

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TL-ed by Wei

Edited by LD

Through igniting the Royal Insect Core and thereby combusting one’s soul, one could ultimately obtain a momentary upgrade in strength . This was one of the soul combustion methods that Li Jiayu had invented during his previous life . However, it was not without setbacks as it would bring about an extreme burden on one’s soul and physical being . One mistake and Li Jiayu’s life would be thrown into the fray; his soul would be scattered and dispersed! 


While contending against the outstanding heroes of the previous life, Li Jiayu had resorted to using this method once . However, what he had used back then was a Cherry Flame Dragon’s Dragon Core . At that particular moment, a bizarre phenomenon had occurred and in the end, an “Undead Dragon King” had been summoned . The heavens and earth had shuddered in its prestige . One move had been all it had taken; the experts of various nefarious sects had been obliterated and all his enemies had been rendered terror-stricken!


However, the repercussions he suffered at that time had been exceptionally severe, to the extent that that half of his soul had been consumed . One could only imagine the pain he had to endure . After that event, Li Jiayu had drifted into a coma for no less than two months . Had it not been for the Priestess of Radiance, Hsiao Wanqing, healing him covertly, Li Jiayu’s soul might have collapsed and withered away completely .


Despite sobering up two months later, Li Jiayu still had to recuperate for half a year . During that six-month period, he had been unable to take care of himself and had to depend on a summoned Ogre that was boorish, barbaric and did not pay attention to hygiene… Every time he got reminded of the Ogre taking care of his everyday life, such as food and the like, Li Jiayu would feel like crying .


Li Jiayu definitely did not wish to utilize this kind of self-mutilating soul combustion technique for the second time!


However . . . there were no other choices now!


His chest had sunken inwards from that blow and his ribs might be completely broken . Li Jiayu had a hollow gaze . Aside from his memories, disordered thoughts were also swirling chaotically in his mind . However, what emerged, in the end, were the vehement feelings of fury, agony, grudge and indignation!


'Is it really impossible to beat it? . . . ‘The Abyssal Vine Demoness is too strong, too fucking strong . I am not its opponent!’


‘Defeated . . . I’m definitely going to be defeated… There’s no way of winning this!’


‘This is so frightening . I’m actually trembling . My entirety is shuddering… Why is it that the rain that fell onto my face is so cold…’


‘Escape… We must escape! After we flee from here and once I’m fully recovered, based on my qualifications and my advantages as someone who has gone through a rebirth . . . Even if I can’t protect Hsiao Wanqing sister, I will at least be able to keep my father and younger sister safe!’‘No, not like this!’


‘There no point in being strong! I’ve had enough of the loneliness!’


‘How can I . . . How can I lose my loved ones again?’

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‘If my beloved sister dies before my eyes, there would be no meaning to being my rebirth!’


‘I will not lose anyone! Not even one!’


‘I will never allow any of my beloved to leave my side again! I want them by my side, cheering and laughing with me!’


‘Bastard! Bastard! Even if you’re the Abyssal Vine Demoness . . . Even if you’re a hundred times stronger, I will not let you prevail!’


‘I am not a good-for-nothing! I am not a loner! I am not a coward! I am the Great Summoner that crawled out from the depths of hell to get revenge! I want to grind the bones of all my enemies who offended me and scatter their ashes!’


‘I must not lose! How can I lose to a trash-like Middle Second Tier demon? Even if it ends up in mutual destruction, I will be the one stepping on it! I shall risk my life!’


“Strength! I demand strength! Royal Insect Core, burst! Burst! Burst!”


With a heart-wrenching bellow, Li Jiayu garnered what remained of his strength to guide his spiritual energy into the Royal Insect Core . In a flash, the Insect Core was set alight!


Sssss~A bright blood-scarlet flame blazed like a blood-feathered phoenix that streaked across the nine heavens and descended unto the mortal realm . What accompanied that was a light and heat that one could ever look square in the eyes . It danced gracefully in the darkness of the night and refracted a mesmerizing illuminance!Whether it be soaked by the rain, or blown by the wind, the fireball silently blazed in Li Jiayu’s palm with an indescribable beauty!


This mesmerizing flame instantly attracted everyone’s attention! The transport team at the supermarket, the 300 people rescued from the female dormitory, the people in the experimental building and the survivors of the male dormitory looked simultaneously toward the place at which the battle was taking place . . . On the thirteenth floor—


“Hmm? Over there, towards the Gymnasium . . . In the far corner!”


“What kind of light reflects that kind of illumination?!”


“Binoculars! Didn’t we manage to scavenge binoculars from the Military Enthusiast Society? Hurry, take a look at what exactly happened over there!”


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“I see it . It looks like… Li Jiayu!”


“Oh, heavens! He’s laying on the ground and throwing up blood!"


"Is he alright?”


“Li Jiayu is definitely fine! He promised me that he’ll nurture me into a sorcerer!”


“Aside from Li Jiayu, there are also several axe-wielding warriors with bloody holes in their bodies! They have all sustained terrible injuries . It’s unknown whether they’re alive or dead!”


“Look guys! So many vines… There is also a ginormous eyeball!”


“This is terrible! Vice principal Hsiao Wanqing and Captain Ran Hongxia… They were dragged into the dance hall by vines!”


The survivors on the thirteenth floor instantly cooked up a storm! Their hearts were filled with worry and they burned with anxiety . The room was filled with a ruckus . If Li Jiayu could not handle that monster, then the entire school was finished! Li Jiayu’s safety was linked with the lives of everyone else!


At this moment, the student, who was observing the scene with the pair of binoculars, noticed the fallen Li Jiayu move!


Li Jiayu pressed the fire painstakingly and strenuously into the space in between his eyebrows!


 After a moment, the Insect Crystal’s flames seemed to turn into water . Unexpectedly, the water penetrated his skin and flowed into space between his brows!


Straight after that, Li Jiayu’s eyes seemed to ignite and burst out two rays of chilling light!


“Abyssal Vine Demoness! I want you dead!”


Li Jiayu’s elegant face contorted with malevolence and his drenched white hair was instantly dried by the flames of his soul . Every single strand of his hair swayed and danced in the chilling wind and soul flame . His hair became disheveled, yet contained an extreme chill . A murderous aura soared through the skies!Li Jiayu placed his hand on the ground and pried himself painstakingly off the ground and stood up unsteadily . Even if his leg was fractured and even if the corner of his lips flowed with fresh blood . . . he must stand!

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What followed after was the emittance of a sinister and ice-cold, yet intimidating, aura that spread outwards like a tide and gradually loomed over the entire gymnasium .


All the students, who were observing Li Jiayu through the lenses of the binoculars, felt a chill surging through them as though a demon had gripped their hearts . An unspeakable fear had begun to overcome them!


At this moment, even the Abyssal Vine Demoness, that wanted to examine Hsiao Wanqing and Ran Hongxia, had no choice but to be startled by the aura of darkness emanating from Li Jiayu . The Abyssal Vine Demoness’ white eyeball spun and stared fixated at Li Jiayu! The veins on the gigantic eyeball twitched slightly as the Abyssal Vine Demoness re-examined the opponent it had defeated .


It was still unmistakably the white-haired juvenile . However, there was a black aura being emanated from his being . It seemed that there were concealed flames burning on the surface of his body . Li Jiayu had a gloomy expression and his ice-blue pupils gleamed dazzlingly behind the black aura . This made him appear like a different person; it was as though he was a crazy, wild beast . His sharp murderous intent burned incessantly!


The Abyssal Vine Demoness was puzzled! 


‘That human that was on the brink of death a moment ago . . . how did he become like this in a blink of an eye?’


The Abyssal Vine Demoness felt an unprecedented pressure just from his imposing manner!


“Undead life form from the distant space, I am apprentice summoner, Li Jiayu . Please permit me to disturb your slumber . Pardon my presumptuousness, I urgently beseech your help…”


As Li Jiayu’s chanted, a black fog started to arise around him, contrasting against the light from his soul flame and his ice-blue eyes . It formed an intense contrast between light and darkness, appearing bizarre yet mesmerizing .  There seemed to be spirits hovering faintly around Li Jiayu’s side . These spirits whispered, wailed and howled . Their voices resembled weeping, yet chuckling as well . The mournful cries echoed faintly and overflowed with an ominous atmosphere .  


The Abyssal Vine Demoness knew it needed to bring an end to Li Jiayu’s chanting! Otherwise, it felt it was likely to suffer Li Jiayu’s counter attack . . . because Li Jiayu brought her an unspeakable sense of unease!




The Abyssal Vine Demoness issued an even higher reverberating shriek . This was a terrifying Spirit Cyclone, so terrifying that the trajectory of the fine rain had changed . Even the axe-wielders, who had collapsed on the ground, groaned in agony . For those with weaker mental strength, a “pa!” sound resounded and their brains actually exploded, their brain paste splattering all over in the rain! 


However, these shrieks were useless! Li Jiayu’s spiritual strength had been raised temporarily by a large margin and was not to be outdone by the Abyssal Vine Demoness’ spiritual strength . He did not seem to be affected in the least!  The Abyssal Vine Demoness panicked and gave up on its spiritual attack . It used its body directly and let loose thickened devil vines that coiled toward Li Jiayu with all their might . By the look of it, the Abyssal Vine Demoness seemed intent on strangling Li Jiayu to death, dismembering his body, then making his body resemble a fried dough twist!


“Heed my call . Descend upon this world— Mummy of Resentment!”


Li Jiayu’s voice resounded in the last moment just as the devil vine was about to collide into Li Jiayu!


Li Jiayu’s incantation was finally complete! His soul flames became more evident and his ice-blue pupils emitted a ruthless splendor!


Bang, bang, bang!  


The sounds of teeth-aching impact suddenly rang out! On the thirteenth floor, the male student with the binoculars jumped in fright! It was because . . . he saw the marble floor beside Li Jiayu crack unexpectedly, then six old-fashioned sarcophaguses . These sarcophaguses formed an angled formation, protecting Li Jiayu in the middle!


Yes! That’s right, six sarcophaguses! These six sarcophaguses had exquisite carvings of grim reapers and the atmosphere of death permeated from narrow cracks in the sarcophaguses!


Devil vines lashed onto the sarcophagus but did not manage to move it even by a single inch! The pupil of the Abyssal Vine Demoness’ giant eyeball shrank and veins started to fill even the whites of the eye . It knew that trouble was approaching! Soon after, the covers of the sarcophaguses swayed faintly, then were pushed open . The covers fell to the ground with a “crash” .  


Six silhouettes emerged slowly from the sarcophaguses . Every one of them oozed with ominousness, misfortune and the atmosphere of hell!


Those were six terrifying-looking mummies!  


They were wrapped entirely in rotten burial bandages . Due to their ancient states and the decomposition process, the initially pure white bandages had been dyed into a filthy, turbid yellow . They emanated a foul odor mixed with what seemed to be preservatives . A mere glimpse of these creatures made the guys feel suffocated .


Mummy of Resentment— a sinister and brutal creature of the darkness!    


Their internal organs and brains had long since hollowed out . Their tongues were severed, eyes gouged, nose and ears cut off, and six senses sealed . Even though their souls remained in their dilapidated bodies… After several thousand hundred years of great changes, they had inevitably nurtured a ruthless and wild hatred towards all living beings with complete physical bodies!


Mummy of Resentment! A Lower Second Tier dark summon!


“Kill it! Kill the Abyssal Vine Demoness and I will put you guys to eternal rest!”


Li Jiayu smiled coldly, like an owl in the darkness had spat out these words .