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Arcane Divine Throne - Volume 1 - Chapter 3

Published at 19th of November 2016 03:36:25 AM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: A Long Night

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Even the transportation to another life in another world could happen, so a library inside the head wasn’t a strange and unacceptable thing . However, Lucien felt very confused because many books in this Library weren’t able to open, or didn’t have any content .

He tried to keep his composure, so the Library wouldn’t become unstable and difficult to read . Then Lucien opened every kind of book inside, and recorded what type of book could be read .

“Historical, able to read . ”

“Economical, no problem . ”

“Arts and music, same . ”

“Math, Physic, Chemistry, Biology and other science types, just a part of them was accessible, the remainder was unable . ”

“It might be the rule of each world is different, so I couldn’t read these books, but why I could recall the similar knowledge which I studied in the college, instead of being covered?”

All the books could be open were mainly in the entry level of high school, however, university library certainly would not collect all high school textbook . These were just a few scattered educational researches and medieval papers for student reference .

There were many books in the Library . Lucien just discovered this problem after reading a small part of them, however, he was uncertain and unable to give a plausible reason .

Due to recent serious illness, the body of Lucien was very weak, and his mentality was also bad . After reading a large number of books, his mind fall in a state of confusion, so he couldn’t focus anymore . The Library also faded away .

Struggling back to the bed, Lucien fell asleep . He knew that he need to revitalize both his health and mind to face the tomorrow . He also didn’t forget that he only had one piece of black bread left . Survival has been always the most important thing .

When Lucien was beginning to drowse, waves of squeaky sounds and sharp, harsh bits of wood came to Lucien’s ears, woke him up from dreams of the food and the warm, soft bed .


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Drowsy Lucien flipped himself over his bed and tried to continue to sleep, however the sound of the mice became louder and harsher, which made him unable to sleep . After a long haul, the scratching sound didn’t stop . Lucien tried to cover his ears by the blanket, but this sound was penetrating from every direction, simply couldn’t maintain a quiet environment to sleep .

“What the hell is that kind of life!” Became irritable, Lucien couldn’t help but burst a swear . His mental felt in the worst state . He had to eat the most unpalatable food, the black bread made by fermentation in the sawdust . He also had to wear the linen clothes which kept sanding his skin, and used a blanket which unable to keep warm . He couldn’t even go to sleep, which had the power to make people forgot all the tired .

Squeak squeak squeak, squeak squeak squeak, It liked there were ten thousand mice inside the wood .

Lucien bitterly gritted his teeth, carefully listened to the sound coming from the mice . Since he was unable to sleep, it was better to find and kill some mice, so he could scare the others . He also secretly swore:

“I must get out of this life as soon as possible!”

Focused on listening, Lucien tried to distinguish the direction of the gnawing sound .

Squeak squeak squeak, squeak squeak squeak…

As soon as Lucien started to concentrate, he realized that wasn’t the sound of the mouse, but obviously waves of tragic, plaintive cries .

Woo Woo Woo, Woo Woo Woo…

In the quiet night, the sound of the mice suddenly stopped . Only the crying sound of sadness came .

Lucien’s heart thumped violently, caused hyperemia to his brain . All of his senses became exceptionally sensitive . It seemed that he was able to hear the sound of the cold night through the crack in the door . Now the crying sound like someone was singing an ethereal song, which was half magical, half mundane .

Immediately got out of the bed, Lucien subconsciously opened the crate, held the last piece of black bread in the hand like it was a self – defense weapon . Anyway, its hardness was enough to stun the thief .

Thump thump thump, thump thump thump…

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Lucien was so confused that what the thunderous sound is, but immediately found out it was his own heartbeat . In his ears, this sound was so intense .

Felt a spooky wind blew around, Lucien’s hand grasped the piece of black bread tightly . He couldn’t endure the fear come from his thought: “ There was magical and mystical art in this world, so was it really Wraith?”

Fortunately; through the experience of cross – over, witnessed a burning execution and  Divine – type magic by his own eyes; Lucien didn’t have a trembling hand fear in this terror atmosphere . While his mind was blank and his thought was tense, he tried to slow down his breath and calmed himself down .

Moving toward the door, step by step, Lucien discerned the direction of the crying sound .

The dreary cry in a silent night suddenly became very clear, however, the neighbors seemed to be lost in their dream . No one gave a slightest movement .

“It would seem that the cry came from the lower part of the right wall” The closer Lucien was to the door, the more clearly he heard the cry . “Wait, the right side of my house was the burned witch’s house, weren’t it?”

Lucien was shocked: “Did the church burn her house already? Was there a hidden cellar or chamber, hiding her grieving or others?”

When Lucien, who read a lot of novels, thought about hidden chamber,  the words “lucky chances”, “treasures”, “magic notes” suddenly flashed through his mind .

Woo Woo Woo, Woo Woo Woo,…

The cry became more mournful . It caused Lucien involuntary shuddered, made his brain clean in an instant . “Even if there were treasures and magic notes inside, these items must be protected by that  Wraith . ”

“I was just an ordinary person who just recovered from a serious illness, and I also didn’t know about this Wraith strength and weaknesses . How could I deal with it?”

“I might be confused by this Wraith, or killed, or possessed!”

After awakening, Lucien analyzed his current situation . The more he thought, the more fear gripped him . If he had been blinded by the greed and the thought of lucky chance; rushed to find the treasures, he would have died utterly .

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“But waiting was also not good, who know that Wraith would run up or not” . Lucien’s brain thought rapidly, tried to find a countermeasure .

Suddenly, a thought sparkled through his mind about who was able to help .  Then he carefully walked to the door with the fear that the Wraith would suddenly appear in front  or behind him . The piece of black bread inside his hand was wet by sweat . Cold sweat ran down Lucien’s forehead, then he opened the door little by little .

The door was half-opened . The outside was a deep night with cold wind was scrolling . Lucien walked  outside step by step, saw a little light of oil lamp far away . He realized that there was no Wraith around him, and the crying sound was also weaker . Lucien relaxed a little, inhaled a deep breath, then yelled loudly .

“There was a Wraith! Harmful Wraith!”

The sound was loud enough to shock himself . Lucien never thought that he can shout as loud as that .

Woof woof woof,… The wild dogs barked in scare .

While listening to these sounds, Lucien hurried to Aderant Church . Purification the Wraith; let the professionals do their job!

“As a neighbor of the burned witch, It was possible that the Church already noticed me . It would have been nothing if I was the original Lucien . However, I had the secret of cross – over, and if I made a small mistake, they would know about it . My initiative of searching the help from the church was not only about the Wraith, but also to exonerate myself from the Witch . I wanted to tell them that I believe in the Church and the God, so I wouldn’t be noticed in the future”

Lucien already thought about the situation that some Church’s members would treat him as the witch’s accompany and kill him to get the witch’s legacy, so he decided to shout out and woke up everyone in the village . In a hurry, he couldn’t think any better ideal than this .

Adelaide Church was not far away, after a short time, Lucien could see a building which was shining a golden light from candles . At the main door of the church, two guards with silver chain mail was standing . When they saw Lucien coming, one of them raised his hand to stop him, the other pulled out his sword partially to prepare with unexpected situation . Midnight always made people feel dangerous .

“Why did you come here?” The one raised his hand asked .

Lucien responded with a strained voice: “There was a Wraith, I heard its cry . It came out from the room which the burned witch had stayed!”

The guard seemed a little panic when he heard it . He didn’t doubt Lucien’s word, because he was just a knight apprentice, and he couldn’t judge this kind of situation . He let Lucien stay in place and watch by another guard, then he turned himself into the church to report to tonight priest . The sound of armor collision became smaller and trailed off as far he went .

A few minutes later, a young, white –robed priest came out of the church with this guard . He had a blond hair and a very thin face . He maintained a unique rhythm while walking, which seemed very elegant:  “I am priest Benjamin, please tell me about the Wraith . ”

The two guards stood quietly near priest Benjamin, didn’t have any action . They were afraid of the sound from their armor would interfere Benjamin’s question .

Lucien patiently repeated how he found the cry of the Wraith, and his thoughts  about the church with a sincere and respectful attitude . After he finished, Benjamin showed a little soft smile: “Well, you did a good job . You overcame the fear and report it to the church, this action showed your devotion to the God . ”

He commended Lucien, then turned around and gave some orders: “Thomson, call Gary, Paul and two others in their group .  This witch is only a magic apprentice, we don’t need to disturb the bishop . ”

“Yes, sir Benjamin . ” Thomson didn’t waste a word . Benjamin was an official priest . Although his ranking was only level one, it was enough to deal with the remaining magic trap or informal magic of an apprentice . The difference between them is larger than that of an official knight and an apprentice . Just like the difference between an official priest and a deacon, either the status or the strength .

Benjamin asked Lucien some personal question, until the four guards wearing a similar silver chain mail rushed over . Their equipment was similar to Thomson’s, but their power and pressure was much higher .

Outside the burned witch’s house, a crowd gathered . Their candlelight looked like starlight, twinkled bit by bit with the silver moon on the sky .

At this time, Lucien realized that this world’s moon had a silver color .

All the whisper and the panicky noise disappeared when Benjamin’s group came . People in the crowd revealed a reassuring felling . They gradually followed them, and discussed quietly .

“I didn’t hear the voice of the ghost . ”

“It doesn’t matter . One purification from a priest is also good . ”

Lucien listened carefully . He was still able to hear a vague crying sound, why others couldn’t? However, Benjamin, who didn’t show any change on his face, told to Lucien in a monotone: “ There is indeed a Wraith” . It was obvious that he heard the crying sound .

Four guards also nodded slightly . They also heard it .

P/S: In the raw, the name of the first book is 圣咏之城卷 but it was changed into 圣咏之城 after 83 chapters . I guessed it was a mistake . Because “” means “holy”, “” means “chant (or song)”, “” is a preposition in Chinese means “of”; “” means city and “” means book . So “圣咏之城卷” means “Book about the city of holy song” .

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