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Arcane Divine Throne - Volume 1 - Chapter 4

Published at 19th of November 2016 03:35:45 AM

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Red Eyes

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Benjamin glanced at Lucien, then walked to the burned witch’s house with his unique, elegant rhythm .   He spoke slowly and quietly: “Evil witches always like playing with the mind and the perception of kind – hearted people, especially at the night of the silver moon . However, this witch didn’t know the real enormity force, her spells are only able to affect one or two people . ”

After hearing Benjamin’s explanation, Lucien fully understood why only he could hear the cry, while other people in the village were still asleep . Even though they woke up and listened carefully, they couldn’t hear anything .

Benjamin didn’t leave a chance for Lucien to talk . He stretched out his hand, showed his white gloves and continued: “I and these four guards of the church were blessed by the God, so we are able to hear this voice of evil . ”

Hearing his word, all four guards immediately signed a cross on their chest, chanted together

“Only Truth is Eternal . ”

It seemed that they became slightly excited after that . Other civilians in this poor village, who were observing from a distance, also prayed quietly “Only truth is eternal . ” Then they also whispered “This is the power of the God, he is absolutely an honored priest . ”

In the vaguely praise, Benjamin’s face became more serious and solemn . He extended his arm and uttered a short, strange word:

“Paso . ”

All the room was covered by a slightly white light after Benjamin’s word . It looked like a reflection of the silver moon in the sky . Enveloped in the white light, on the wall connected Lucien home and the witch’s home, a bloody red entrance appeared . Under the effect of the Divine – type spell and the mysterious incantation, Lucien and the surrounding civilian shocked . Their mood fluctuated, but the civilian felt revelled and fear, while Lucien felt fear and desired .

Benjamin pulled his hands back, then gave an order to the nearest guard: “Gary, that is the secret entrance . There aren’t any magic traps around here, so you go to open it . ”

Gary hit his chest, caused a noisy sound of impact from his armor: “ Yes, Sir Benjamin . ”

When Gary and another guard went to the wall, Lucien eavesdropped a quiet swearing from Benjamin: “Those megalomaniacs at Court of Judification only used “Detect Magic Traps”; they didn’t even use “Detect Secret Doors”! They neglected it just because this witch is a mere apprentice?”

With the guide of the Divine – type spell, Gary showed his powerful muscles  by isolating this wall in a few hits . Another guard pulled out his sword, hit the wall multiple times . Then a cover was hit and broken , revealed a black corner of the entrance .

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The entrance wasn’t large . It was big enough for one person .   A wind blew through, brought a stench from inside . Benjamin knitted his eyebrows, used his right hand to cover his nose and mouth, while Lucien felt like nausea, and he stepped back two steps .

Gary ran inside the  entrance a bit, observed carefully, then ran back and reported: “Sir Benjamin, this secret passage leads to the sewer . “

Benjamin knitted his eyebrows closer, stared at  Gary . It seemed that he was very unpleasant with this information: “Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir! This diagonally passage leads to the lowest level of the sewer!” Gary replied with utter certainty .

Benjamin didn’t say anything . As an elegant and noble priest, as a member of a long standing, high glorious Lafadi family, he couldn’t imagine that he would walk inside a dirty, stinking sewer . He also stored structure of some Divine – type spells inside his soul,  but there were no “Purification” . If he wanted to cast “Purification”, he had to rely on incantation, spell and hand gesture . Hell knows how many times he would have to use “Purification” if he went through this passage!

“Anyway, she just is a magic apprentice, the Emblem of Truth might be enough to deal with it . ” Benjamin didn’t really care . Then he looked at Lucien, loosened his right hand and talked . His voice was soft but solemn: “ You stayed near the witch, your body had been contaminated with the evil force . Only atonement can purify you . However, your devotion to our God impressed me, so I will lend you my holy emblem . Once you purify the remaining evil force of that witch, you will be able to regain our God’s blessing . Go, Lucien, work for our God, his eye will be watching you . ”

Lucien’s mood relaxed a bit after he went to the church and led Benjamin and Gary’s group to this room successfully . Now, there were four church guards and one priest in here; purification a wraith might be not a difficult task . Even if it was a really difficult task, it wouldn’t need the help from a normal person like himself, who just recovered from a serious illness . Therefore, after hearing Benjamin’s word, there was a voice echoing inside his head: “He even forces me to purify the Wraith? Me? I am just an ordinary person!”

Saw the surprise and the resistance in Lucien’s face, Benjamin’s soft voice resounded gently: “Are you not willing to do it?”

Although there wasn’t any malice inside his word, Lucien immediately shuddered . He knew that if his answer was “no”, he would be very highly likely to become a dead body in here . According to Benjamin’s word, If he accepted Benjamin’s order, Benjamin would lend him his holy emblem . Moreover, some guards would also go down . They only had to deal with an incomplete Wraith, which was created by a magic apprentice, whom Benjamin didn’t pay so much attention to, so the risk should not be so high .

Either Benjamin was really hating the dirtiness of the sewer, or he had a different intention; if he screwed this so – called simple action, it would not bring anything good to him .

Lucien suppressed his hateful intention of his heart, then replied with a stiff smile: “ I am willing to serve our God . ”

Benjamin didn’t care about Lucien’s stiffness . He used his right hand to take down the holy emblem from his neck, then gave it to Lucien: “This is the Emblem of Truth . Later I will cast a “Bless” to you, so you can concentrate more easily . Then you rub your finger on the holy emblem, use your spiritual power to connect with it, and with incantation, you can activate God’s power hidden inside the Emblem . ”

After suppressing his emotion, Lucien was very curious with that holy emblem which can cast divine – type magic .   The holy Emblem had a golden background, was engraved with a white cross which could shine a faint aura . Around the cross, in the golden background, there were a lot of chaotic lines, circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and various other shapes . These shapes entangled with each others in a strange way, made the cross become very mythical and dignified . When he held the emblem in his hand, he immediately felt a soft and gentle power come from that . This power quickly spread out his whole body, made him feel like the warmth of the sun, even he was faced with the cold wind of the night .

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“There are two level 0 Divine – type spells inside the Emblem – “Light” and “Cure Minor Wounds”, each spell can be used three times per day; and three level 1 Divine – type spells: “Holy Light Shield”, “Sword of Glory” and “Holy Light Strike” . These spells only be used once per day, now, listen to their incantations . ”

Lucien knew that there is no way of turning back . He had to go down to the sewer, so these divine – type spells were very important to him . He tried to learn by heart everything Benjamin taught . The incantation of all these spells were one – syllable words, however, their pronunciations were extremely difficult . Lucien had to spend a lot of effort to pronounce them barely correctly .

Benjamin nodded slightly, stretched his right hand out .

This time, there were not any incantation, however, a white light enveloped Lucien’s body . It made Lucien feel that his body is full of power, stronger than ever . His senses also were more sensitive, now he could hear the sound from further .

“”Sir” priest lets Lucien go down, and even lend him his holy emblem?”

“Didn’t listening? It’s the mercy of “sir” priest, he let Lucien go down to wash away his sin . ”

“Praise the God!  Praise the priest!”

Lucien didn’t have so much understanding about this world, so after be blessed by “Bless” spell, he stood aside and calmly wait Benjamin cast “Bless” to Gary and two other guards .

There was a 3 second window between each time Benjamin cast “Bless” .

After finishing everything, Benjamin looked to Lucien and others: “Paul, guards the entrance; Gary, Hausen, Keleya, you and Lucien go down to the sewer . ”

Then, his expression suddenly became serious . He made a cross, then said: “Wish the glory of God will bless you”

“Only Truth is Eternal!”

Three guards immediately answered loudly, their expression was a bit excited . Only Lucien was a haft beat slower; maybe he did respond, maybe he did not .

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Fortunately, Benjamin didn’t pay attention to this . He just saw that group of four walk into the secret passage, slowly went to the sewer .

The remaining guard, Paul, asked his long time puzzled question with a quiet voice: “Sir Benjamin, why did you choose him?”

With the incantation, every guards could activate the Divine – type spells inside the emblem, even himself, Gary or other guards . Even their activation speed would be slower than Benjamin or another priest, or novitiate, or those evil magicians, it would much better than Lucien, who hadn’t been trained anything . If Sir Benjamin didn’t want to go down to the sewer, he could pass the emblem to Gary, Hansen, or Keleiya .

Benjamin leant on the entrance, his right hand covered his nose and mouth, replied with a slightly voice: “His spiritual power is stronger than normal person a litter, he can stimulate the Divine – type spells inside holy emblem better than others . ”

“But his age is too high, so, worthless . ”


Once Lucien entered the secret passage; a mixture of various different stinky odors was blown into his face . Unable to resist, Lucien retched twice .

“You are living in the Aderant area, but you are not used to with the smell of the sewer; so you are not as poor as my imagination . Do you know that in the Holy Song City, or even in the Antifulei, there are lots of homeless people live in the sewer?” Keleiya, who entered the passage first, provoked Lucien . His body and hair was different from Gary and Benjamin, he had a dark hair and a thin cheek with high cheekbones .

Before Lucien could reply, Gary, who just came, said: “Be quiet . ”

Keleiya shrugged his shoulders, shut up and walked forward . They walked a few steps in a passage which was enough for only one person, then jumped out to a spacious sewer . When Lucien landed, his feet stepped on some strange things, which were wet and slippery . These things were everywhere on the floor, and on the surrounding wall, there were full of strange moss . They emitted faint light, so inside the sewer was not completely dark .

Gary lowered his voice: “I, Hunsen, Keleiya are high – level knight apprentices . Try to match with us when you use the holy emblem . In a dangerous situation, immediately summon “Sword of glory” . Gary had a golden beard; his way of action was very calm, which made everyone feel relieved . Among the four guards, he looked like their leader . Then, he held the sword in his right hand, held the round shield in his left hand, then went to search the place of the Wraith with Hunsen, Keleiya and Lucien .

Lucien, who didn’t have any common sense, follow them bewilderingly: “How can I know how strong high – level knight apprentice is?” But, he didn’t have any guts to ask the Gary’s group about that .

Inside this cramped sewer,  the miserable crying sound seemed more powerful  than ever . It seemed that the sound echoed from everywhere, which made it very difficult to distinguish the correct direction . However, Gary and other guards were trained specially while Lucien had better spiritual power, and with the effect of “Bless”, they found the source of the crying sound easily .

This section of the sewer seemed very quiet and frightened . There weren’t any homeless people whom Kaleiya mentioned before .

After some turns, the group stopped at a corner, which looked very normal . Gary pointed to the wall, which was covered by moss, then said to Lucien with a calm but serious voice: “Summon “Sword of Glory” . ”

Lucien felt both excited and frightened . Under the effect of “Bless”, he calmed himself down, then focus his spiritual power on the holy emblem . He felt that warm and moist power again, then he hold the emblem on his neck by his left hand,and he rubbed the cross in the middle with a unique rhythm . While he was rubbing it, he also spoke a strange incantation

“Chiséon . ”

Lucien felt that his spiritual power on the emblem was infested by a lot of white light waves . In front of his eye, numerous white light dot emerged, then linked together, formed a shinning light sword .

“This is my sound?”  The incantation was already mysterious, its pronunciation was also abnormal; plus the effect and power of the Divine – type spell, it sounded low and hoarse, mysterious and strange . It made Lucien startled himself .

Lucien held the sword tightly, felt the extraordinary power inside it . He almost couldn’t resist the upsurge of his emotion, however, Gary’s word made him awake immediately: “ Split this wall . The power of “Sword of Glory” will destroy every magic trap inside . Don’t worry, just a magic apprentice . ”

Looking at the position Gary pointed, Lucien trembled slightly . He had to face with the mysterious and powerful magic power, he didn’t know what dangerous thing will happen . Then Kaleiya sneered: “What a coward and stupid brat!”

Heard that mocking sentence, Lucien understood that he had to bite the bullet . He took two deep breaths; the terrible stench smell made his head clear . He silently screamed inside his heart: “the worst thing is just death . ” Along with that, he swung out the Sword of Glory,  slashed it on the slippery wall . A white light shined, and the wall broke down .

At the same time Lucien split the wall, he felt that he also cut another strange thing . There was an inexplicable broken sense, and a faint black smoke rapidly disappeared under the power of “Sword of Glory” .

The wall completely collapsed . Inside of it, there was deep darkness .

Suddenly, from the dark needs, two strange, cold – hearted, ferocious red points glowed .

Numerous similar pair of red points glowed; these points quickly filled up the darkness .

Lucien immediately felt his mouth dry; his mental also collapsed quickly, and his palms were sweating . Each pairs of red points, it seemed like a pair of eyes!

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