Ark The Legend

Ark The Legend
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A new game which the nation has dived into. From the bloody battlefields to the pyramids of ancient times, head into the colourful world of Galaxian. The glorious days of the legendary gamer Ark is over. From finding a job to saving the party from a humiliating death, nothing is easily solved……

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Thks for yr post. Can i have V17 raw link??

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Well I am impatient so I was able to get my hands on Volume 17 Raw. Unfortunately I cant seem download it to try and Translate it with any apps, so I decided to just use the built in translator from google books. Im WAAAAYY to Lazy to try and clean it up however I decided to at the very least spend an hour making it more readable. Its nowhere near perfect(Not even close) as I did not want to bother with editing. I was feeling in the Christmas spirit so I figured i’d share it for those who are desperate enough to want to read the crappy translation. Ark the Legend – A Extremely Crappy and Lazy Machine Translation Volume 17 Chapter 1: SPACE After the briefing session ... ... “2 billion!” It is huge money. How big is a 2,000 won Kimbap – Once the arc was a time when you used to eat three times as a kimbap, there is a sad habit of counting the value of money as the number of Kimbap. 1 million Sheep that can build a building with Kimbap when she opens! A sheep that can eat three 300-year-olds a day! If you put Kimbap on one line ... ... . No, whatever! Not to mention investment briefing! It has secured four times as much as the target of 500 million. ‘If that’s the money, I can increase the speed of development of Ikyulus several times more than I expected! ‘ Thanks to Hyun-woo during the briefing session was not able to enthuse excitement throughout. However, investors have an obligation to pay the equivalent of two billion. But Hyun-woo did not worry much. As announced at the briefing, the profitability of Ikyulus has already been verified. Now we need two things. Funds and talent. Of these, the funds have secured 2 billion through the briefing session OK. And the talent ... ... . “ The person who prepared this briefing was called Rapid? It’s awesome. I was wondering why you left this important thing to such a person, and there was a reason for it. What the hell are you doing? Is this the person who originally works? “ ” No, it’s just a penny. “” Yes? “What?” When I asked him about it, he said, nodding his head. “Yes, a whore. He was the one who was not able to get a job on the topic of K major business administration and was playing in a flap. Probably the girl who is packed full of blanks to the bone It’s because of the personality of the seats, but I was a big guy, so I took a guy like that as a subordinate. Actually, it’s true, but at that time, he was so tied up to ask me to take him as a slave ... ... “Let’s just say a word.” It was then that I heard a voice. Hyun-woo and Jo Min-sun turned their heads and a young man was leaning on one leg. He was a young man who was saved by Hyun-woo (?) And Alan. Of course, It is a claim. “Who is yours?” “If I work for a company with a boss as an employee, do you care?” “You said it was a strategic alliance!” “That’s it.” “This damn child is really ... ... .” “Good morning. First time outside? It’s Irina. My real name is It’s Cho MinSun.” When Alan stared at Hyun-woo with a frowning expression, Cho Min-sun, It was a facial expression, but Cho Min Sun came back and swallowed her a gulp. “I’ll talk about the problem next. Two, two, three, standing. “ However, It was darkening Alan. Employees are not in a position to show the president. However, Hyun-woo forgave. I had never expected Alan to be respectful of the president in the first place, but now I feel good enough that such a small matter does not matter at all. Because.  Two billion! Because it is a great success! “Son, what do you do with your eyes so hard? Anyway, thank you. Good job. The boss praises himself. Are you happy? Do not take it easy! This body allows me! “ ” ... ... I know why murder is happening. “ ” I am! “Alan was mumbling with a shitty look. All of a sudden, three of the men came up to me with an annoyance. Although the appearance of ‘?’ In the eyes of Cho Min-sun and Alan in their appearance, Hyun Woo In the past New World, Hyeon-woo’s money was taken away and escaped. Now it was Ferguson and the men called A and B. Hyun-woo grasped their identity in Murakami-tei star and knew his face when he met outside when he was a hairy figure. “what? Did you also come? “ ” No, what do you mean? Who are we? “ I admire the Ark-sama more than anyone, the grandfather of the grandfather who follows the Ark-sama than anyone! Ferguson and A, B are not you? Ack is doing such a big job, but of course we should come! “ ” Yes! Of course!” A, B nodded at Ferguson’s words. ... ... But Ferguson and A and B did not really want to come here. Just looking at the face in the game is a lot of stress, Will they come? Originally, Ferguson and A and B plans secretly securing a stake in Ikyulus, and at a crucial moment he was planning to push forward in front of Hyun-woo. But Ferguson and A and B were poor! There is a lot of money invested more than you can imagine, but all my fortune Let’s put it on even though it’s shiny! But it is also an ark. Two billion! It’s a different dimension than the foul ones like us. This Ferguson! My love for Ark is rising like a spring water! I will continue to serve as a wholehearted Ark! No, let me serve you. Please! “ “Did you see?” Hyun winked and looked around Alan. “This is the attitude of the men.” “Ferguson and A, B?” But ARK interest was their name. “Ho, yes. You guys are Ferguson and A, B. In the subterranean world, there was a lot of effort. Yeah, from now on. Introduce. I am Rapid. “ “Rapid! You! “ Ferguson and the eyes of A and B, the light of the boundary immediately came to light. Ferguson and A and B conspiracy (?) Who were going to enter the leader position of the other party in the gap world without the prefecture is blocked by Alan. It is also fugue Ferguson and A and B - but if you look at it, it will be driven by dinosaurs for four days before you meet Hyun-woo. “Oh, shit! Was it you Rapid? “ “Damn it? Do you mean to me? “ “Yes! What? What are you going to do? Let me be clear on this occasion. I do not know why Ark has entrusted you this important task, but we are the most loyal subordinates. A lot of investment It is a form that I gathered and collected, but it is also a good plan for the planet of the Arc’s. It has nothing to do with your ability! So do not be so stupid that Ark is a little prettier! No, it’s a mistake if you think we’ve forgotten about work in the world. One day,” “Are you pretty? This guy looked at me alternately between Alan Lee and Ferguson. And then he twisted his lips and knocked his fist down the left bank. “Good. I’ll give it to you now. “ “What? Why is the mood so tough? What happened to you guys? I do not know what’s going on, but quit. I did not know you a day or two. Alan, do you remember? Dwarven traders that I sometimes took with me during the New World. Ferguson, A and B are the merchants. There, the North room, It was shoveling. And you guys remember that? A user named Alan who collided with me in the New World. Actually, it was his real name. Is the answer right? Rapid is the Alan. Alan and Ferguson finally uncovered, A, B’s identity! I know the relationship (?) Of the past life (?) Which I could not think of. Alan and Ferguson, A and B were in shock. However, even with the same impact, the reaction of Alan and Ferguson, A and B was the opposite. “Huh, are you the ones who yelled at me that I did not qualify as the leader of the three pigs?” Alan looked up at Ferguson, A, and B, up and down.  Ferguson, A, and B had to retire with a twitchy look. It was a natural reaction when we consider the relationship between Alan and Ferguson A and B in the New World. Until then, he was always in the position of a group of commanders. Ferguson, A, and B, who have never dared to dare, have never been so sad. No, I’ve been struck a few times and Ferguson and A and B are in Galaxy The user who does not want to meet the most when starting a new life is the person who was occupying the second place – 1 place of course - it was ARK of course! But after Ark, Alan finally met. Even these two are together! ‘Curse, this is a curse!’ Ferguson and A and BHell indeed! “Yes, I should talk to you separately. Four, Lee, Seo, Bay. “ It was a moment when the galaxy who moved to find a new life turned into hell. As a matter of fact, Alan is not Alan of the New World, Ferguson and A and B are not the three pigs of New World Once created, human relationships are not so easily changed. Just like the relationship between carnivores and herbivores. It l does not mean that the tiger gets hurt in the legs and becomes the pig’s food! However, Hyun-woo was not interested in the problem between Aran and Ferguson, A and B. Originally a predator I do not understand the insecurity of herbivorous animals, and I’m going to have such a tiny - little place. In that sense, it is a party! I can not pass this day! I will shoot the pork! “ ” I can not get out of it if I’m in that position! “ The place where I heard the answer was Ferguson and A, BI was behind. Hyeonwoo, Jo Min Soon, Alan and Ferguson A and B turned their heads with a bewildered expression, and this time a woman came. A woman in a t-shirt with a torn jeans. When Hyun-woo and his friends thought of ‘?’, The woman laughed with a lively expression. “I’m Kaya.” “Kaya? Are you here?” “Of course. I have invested in Ikyulus, though it is not long. It is a shareholder. So I have to check if my planet development is going well. “ “Slayer Sadain, Melina? “ “I do not know where the other guys are doing. I do not know. I did not contact them separately. But I thought that he would surely come ... . “Did you give up now? “ ” Give up? Who is doing? “ Hyun woo ked his head. However, Kaya looked at Cho Min-sun for a moment without answering and shook his head with a sigh. “Maybe you did not come. I’ll have to give up. “ ” What are you talking about? “ ” You do not even know! Anyway It is a guy who cannot use the medicine to notice. It’s not just you. It’s true that one of the things that’s called a man is dull and ... ... “ Kaya grumbled with Alan (?) With his blunt eyes. Ferguson, who was looking at Mulk-chan Kaya at that time, I opened my mouth with a fist in the face with a palm thump. “Kay? And then, in the forests of the world ... ... “ At the moment, the face of Kaya is back. And for a moment I looked at Ferguson, A, B with embarrassed expression, It did not fall 10 meters in the posture that it was like. If you did not see Kaya in crisis, you’d be right! But unexpectedly, I meet Kaya in real life and I will forget about it. But now it is impossible to come and go. Thanks to Ferguson and A and B for each other It was when I was just watching. “done! I do not care where you guys look at me! Just one. You guys, did you tell Ark or Rapid that I was in the suburbs? Did you? “ ” Oh, not yet ... ... “ Ferguson replied with a crawling voice. Then Kaya blew a sigh of relief. But it also spoke again, shortly, with a bloody eye. “Do not say! kill! I will kill you even if you are angry! All right? Answer! “ ” What? Yeah? Ah yes! I will not tell you! “ ” You answered definitely? “Yes, yes!” Kaya did not release Ferguson and A, B until he heard the answer. The reason why Kaya followed the world of the world was that it was a chance to meet Rapid and raise favorability. Once it is revealed, it is sold. When I arrived at North Ferrat, I wandered in the mist forest for four days. Everything was over. So Kaya did not even show up before Rapid. The side is sold! If you think about it again, it sells very much! ‘Damn it! done! That kid! Now it’s done! ‘ In fact, at this point, when the dog was chased by the North Ferrat, I had this idea in mind. But on the other hand, I heard this idea. ‘I’ll give you a look at how good you are. ’ That’s why Kaya attended this briefing. And the first appearance of Alan in reality ... I was disappointed. Face is in game It was not much different from Rapid. The problem was Alan ‘s limp. Unlike Rapid, Alan was blind on one leg. Alan was able to move as normal as usual in the game with his constant efforts, so Kaya did not know that he had a disability. It was good enough to be prejudiced by the disorder. In the end, it has secured an investment of over 2 billion. Kaya knew that this investment fund was all about Alan, from design to presentation. And Alan has invested two billion dollars I have secured and proved my ability. So far I thought Kaya was no longer a problem with Alan disability. ‘My eyes were correct too!’ Turn him back 180 degrees together with him! ‘That man is not common! Yeah, it’s a shame to give up on failure. My face is my type! I do not know what I followed to the bottom of the world anyway. And then you look at the opportunity again! When I was thinking about that, I heard Hyun Woo ‘s meeting. That’s why Kaya got into it quickly. Dining togetherOf course, if the seat Hopefully! ‘ But Ferguson, A, and B do their best. It did not matter to Kaya how these guys got to know. When it becomes known, it sells. I have no choice but to put a seal on my mouth. That was the most important thing for Kaya. And successfully Ferguson and A, B mouthI came back with a seal. “Dining together? I feel comfortable and I’m comfortable.” Meanwhile, the situation was already over. “Once the investor is cleared and the deposit is confirmed, how do you know how many things you need to do in order to send the equity setting documents, to notarize, to write related documents? But if it is you"I do not think I will be able to do it today. ” At the end of Alan, Cho Min-sun opened his mouth with a sad expression. “It’s a bit of a game story, but I’m going to have a special mission in the galaxy just before I leave this afternoon. It is scheduled. It’s a difficult thing to do when it’s too late, so I have to go in time. “ ” Did you check that? ” Alan asked Hyun woo. “uh? No, it’s ... ... I’m still out of time ... ... “ ” Damn, I do not want to do anything. What kind of party Is it worth it? you! Can not you imagine how things will get twisted when things really happen again in the back? Do not be ridiculous because you are having a party. Go back now and check the problem! “ ” Who is the boss? ... “ ” You’re doing this because you do not do it right! “ ” Okay!All right! You can go! “ Hyun wooted at his snout. ... ... The mood is not arranged in the direction of the dinner. And Alan first tears away, and then Joe Min-sun. Hyun-woo disappeared after the hurricane, saying she would give her away. Now the remaining People are Kaya and Ferguson, A, B. “There ... ... We do not have anything to do. So… ... “ ” If you have a lot of time, you can either bite the pork or not! Damn, why do not you come here? “ At the end of A, Kaya shouted with a voice of annoyance all over the place. OK Ferguson looked upset. “what? Why is that bitch again? Did you give it to me? Did you see us in the neighborhood? I do not even look much older than us. It’s like a nature! “ “Brother, do not tell Kaya that way!” “What? Kaya-sama? “ Ferguson frowned and looked back. Then A, who was making a depressed look, blushed his face. “I thought you were hugging us. that… ... In fact, It’s the first time. So… ... No, not so ... ... Please do not say bad things to Kaya. Kaya is my ... ... It was my first experience, “Ferguson and B, who lost their say. - ... ... Nakuma? The Secret of Ark The sanctuary of Ajit Elim. Single-phaseThe tote floating in the form mumbled to a low voice. “Yes, have you ever heard of it?” And the reason why Ark came to the tote before attending the original presentation is still a lot of riddles It remained. What is the identity of Aegean and Kuma, who sealed it for what purpose, why the seal was broken, and above all ... ... . ‘There is no danger that a similar incident will recur!’ That’s where Ark was most concerned. Nakuma is an ordinary If you were a monster, you did not have to worry. But Nakuma is a kind of spirit life. I can not be relieved that he’s gone missing right now because he’s a real person. If any one of you is resurrected, and if that happens, a case in which it will disappear again, It was not usually a problem for the arc, which has already invested 2 billion and has gathered investors. It was not ARKMAN that worried. – Recently, there was a scene in which the game was scooped out of the game scoop. Even if there was a problem, it was solved. I think it’s a re-emerging issue, but I think it’s a matter of clarity for investors. Why the same thing happened, even if one of the things happened again in the same money It was the most common question at the briefing session. In fact, at this time, Ark was very embarrassed. Ark did not even know that the disappearance of Ikyullos had been broadcast as a game scoop until she heard it. So I thought investors would not know, I did not even have an answer. It was Rapid that solved the problem. – There are two answers we can give you about that part. First, the problem is now completely resolved. And secondly, there is no such thing, but the same thing happens to one of the investors If there is a loss, 100% is our promise to take responsibility. Of course, the content of that part will also be attached to the notarized document. Thanks to the crisis. It is not OK to collect investment money. ‘Unless the identity of Nakuma is clearly revealed, Remains.’ Of course, the Galaxy Union may know about the slabs that will set up a research institute in Ecuador to investigate this incident. This is what I have been doing since I came out of circus. And it should be confirmed before opening the investment briefing session. I did not think the user would know it, and as soon as I got back from Ikyulus, I was delayed to go to the world. The answer of the tote was heard when I thought about it. – I do not know about Nakuma. It was a disappointing answer. However,I did not say anything. – Yeah, all I know is that Nachuma is associated with karma. “on? Rama? What if Rama? “ It is an unknown race that led to the downfall of the four Great Elyos that ruled the past galaxy. “Are Rama and Nakuma related? I made a nukuma Do you mean karma? “- I do not even know it. However, one thing that can be said with certainty is that there is no Nakuma in this galaxy until Karma after. It began to emerge from the planet invaded by Karma and began to appear throughout the galaxy like an epidemic. So I can only think of it related to Karma ... ... . “No?” – I’m not sure it was Karma’s intentions. “Why?If Karma started to show up and Nakumas started to appear. “- Considering the time of occurrence. In fact, many planets suddenly Nukuma occurred, and the 4th Elyos as the main axis of the Galactic Federation was also hit a few. In severe cases, on one planet Tens of thousands of nakuma appeared to be out of control and isolated. But that was also true of karma. Nakuma attacked the Galactic Federation and karma. In fact, Karma also has an enormous number of Nukumas on the occupied planet I had to give up. Karma must have been unpredictable. Things are getting more and more strange. At that time, I was suddenly in doubt about Ark’s mind. No doubt, the Fourth Elyos and Karma are equal to, or more scientific civilization than the current three galaxies It is a race. It did not make sense to say that such races have become so difficult that they have to write the word ‘hitting’ on their nukuma. In the present galaxy, there are a few planets in which NAKUMA occurs, but it was impossible to control and to control the NAKUMA. I do not know what it is. The main reason for not finding a way, however, was that Nukuma actually had enormous power. He was the one who swallowed the planet as a whole. Swallows whole planet. It was an incident that happened in Ikyulus. – Finding the solution of such a situation before the 4th ElyosIt was karma. Once Nukuma starts to develop, it will resume even if you kill it. In addition, the numbers have increased exponentially. That’s why the 4th Elyos were forced to quarantine the planes of Nukuma. Karma has found a way to prevent the proliferation. – revealed According to Bar, the mechanical body that Nukumas make is just a shell. The body is a kind of spirit body contained in the machine body. It can be said to be a ghost. That is why Nakuma is endlessly resurrected. Karma uses ‘what’ Absorbing device. It was a device that absorbed Nakkuma, whose mechanical body was destroyed and returned to a state of spirit. And the plank of the planet “So what do you think?” Ark raised the image above the nymph. It was a cracked image of slabs with geometric symbols. It was a slab that found in Ikyulus, which was blocking the cave where Aegean and Kumar were sealed. – Five! right. What is engraved on the slabIt is the character that Karma uses. I can not decipher the letter, but it is clear that the slab used by Karma to seal Nakuma is clear. But why is it broken? This slab was made by a special force used by Karma. Even the 4th Elyos easily cracked I could not. In addition, after Karma retreats, the 4th Elyos use their own strength to add a ring to the seal and bury it deep in the basement. That ‘s why the seal called the inscription 秘 紋 was buried in the ground. And I found it before EiculusIt is also the reason why Akashat did not destroy Rajkhana’s inscription. It was a seal that was protected in a layered way by the karma of Karma and the Four Great Nations that had been fighting for supremacy of the past galaxy. However, the seal of Ikyulus was broken. In fact, this was the part of the arc that I was most nervous about. According to Tote, the seal was not at least naturally breakable. Moreover, it was buried deep underground. But the earth was broken and the seal was broken. No, the shape of the crack is simply a coincidence, but someone intentionally broke the seal I could not deny it. Who else? Why? Unless that part is clarified, it will be uneasy. And while listening to the explanation of the tote, another anxiety came to his head. “The reason why Karma sealed Nakkuma was because it grows endlessly if left untreated. But the seal was broken. In the meantime, Aseite and Kuma, which were sealed in it, were dealt with, but when we put together what we have heard so far, Nakuma is immortal. It means that you may be resurrected again. ” ... ... That was the part. If the same thing happens during the middle of development What happens? Even if it finishes well this time, investors will not be alone! And armed like a bee, wake up and ask for a return of investment, the bankruptcy in a flash! ‘Do we have to stop development now?’ It was when Ark, uneasy, thought about it. The totes that conveyed the circumstances were words in calm tone. - You do not have to worry about it. “Yeah? Why? “- As I said, Nukuma are the ones that appeared with the appearance of Karma. And I do not know what the connection between them is, but when Karma disappeared, Nama Kuma’s proliferation stopped. NAKUMA has already disappeared. It is difficult to cope with even the Fourth Elyos, which means that there is no way to multiply infinitely. And after the war with Karma, the 4th Chilese also found a way to deal with Nukuma. The point at which the Four Great Nations found out that Nakuma’s body was a spirit body It was this time. In addition, research related to the spirit body has been actively developed, and weapons have been developed that can hit the spirit body in their own way. Although this is a strange, Murat’s awareness of the existence of ear cancer was also due to the study of spiritual studies. - Unfortunately Karma Not long after the departure of the Four Great Nations, there was no development of a weapon that completely destroyed the spirit. However, there are many ways to make a deadly damage to spiritual bodies. And that way, when you hit the spirit, Even if it did not disappear, it was destroyed again by Nakkuma, and it could not prevent the multiplication. However, once they realize that their bodies are spiritual bodies and that they can be hit with energy weapons, they can not be completely eradicated, There was no difficulty. If you did not destroy the machine itself when you were dealing with Nukumus of Ikyulus, but you hit the body, it would take a considerable amount of time to resurrect. I did not know what to do with this. As an energy weapon, I made it. As a result, as Tote puts it, even if it is resurrected, it will be a considerable time later, and even using the energy weapon can handle it without any difficulty. To summarize, there is nothing to worry about right away. “... ... Good luck! “- Glad to see Good luck, you idiot! The arc of a blowing relief squeezed the shout of the tote. - Is that ear decoration? What have you heard? I told you! Nakaumas began to appear in this galaxy since the appearance of karma! Much less swallowing the planet Nachuma’s appearance was not uncommon at the time! But then again, what is happening? “But if Nakuma Ramen is also in Istana ... ... “ - I’m telling you, I do not think Kumar is such a joke! Besides, the slab that was sealing Nakkuma was broken? It means that someone has decided to unlock the seal of Naka Kumar! “But ... ... “- What is that? A man born in a peaceful ageThat’s why it’s a problem! Safety frustration is a problem! Are you still feeling it? The energy event that happened before that, and the Nakuma case of this time, all of which are related to Karma! That’s not a simple matter if it’s related to real karma! Forgotten Are you? You are the descendants of Elim! Your biggest mission is to keep the peace of the galaxy! And Karma is the biggest enemy of this galaxy! What are some lucky things about Karma that are happening all over the place? “But… ... “- But it is not! But this! I told you? Well, the energy case is a little bit backwards, so check it out! Have you checked it out? Did not you? I did not! And the best thing to do is to develop a planet. Is there a consciousness that you are a descendant of Elim? As a descendant of Elim, and a descendant of Elim, have a consciousness as a descendant of Elim! Huh? “Let me talk to you!” The unacceptable arc cried out. “The energy research is not progressing yet, but I do not want to do it! After that, the tree of life is a hair I can not even recognize it because it is already in the galaxy and not visible! And planet development is paid or paid! If you do not have money, you can give me a tremendous amount of treasure! ” However ,there was. – You idiot, even if you develop a planet, even if karma appears, it is sulky! Not only you but all the tribes of the galaxy are in danger of annihilation! “It does not even show up!” – No. So you have to dig deeper It is! It’s already late! Maybe it will be a crush on what you guys are developing! No, it’s shattered! Shattered! It’ll definitely get smashed! Park, do it! Come on! “Even if I say anything ... ... “- So you have to get a sense of crisis! “I already have enough. If you fail to develop this planet, you will starve before karma appears! “- Be prepared! I’m doing the energy research well! Huh? And what happened to the song? Why do you keep doing what you’ve been doing since you’ve been in a query? Welcome best! “that’s… ... “ The arc, which hesitated for a moment, sighs. Even so, the arc was not playing. What the Tote claims Even if it is not because of the great desire to protect the peace of the galaxy, the quest is not something that can be postponed to the user. Ongoing quests “Investigation of Sound Energy (Occupation-I only) “: Investigation of sound energy detected in the change of galaxy. “The beginning of a great journeyDedicated-II) “: Find the quest (3/5). I was not worried about the arc every time I checked the list. However, the “investigation of sound energy” was virtually ending and there was no room for further investigation. Nevertheless, the tote is something It is the start of the journey without completing the quest just for the reason “. Quest to find a new quest! Needless to say, the equipment you receive is the highest grade equipment. In addition, as the tote sings, Elim is a real elem, so it is a necessary item Do. The most urgent person is the arkc. But why are you still struggling? Of course, as soon as I returned from the query, there was a reason why I had to go to Luculus and the underground world. It is also important to develop the Ikyulus. But that was not the whole reason. I do not know the location of the fourth novel. In Xanax’s memory chip found in ear cancer, there was also a clue of the place where the fourth novel was hidden. Even this time it’s not a mysterious way, so just skipping the galaxy’s database I found a potential candidate. The problem was in that place. It was because Ark was not a place to go right now. However, I did not want to explain to such a problem, - What kind of thing is it? It’s just lazy! I mean, why did Xanax use this guy as his successor? “I should not say it,” Ark rolled his head, buckling. “Anyway, I’m looking for a sound energy study, I am diligently studying it, so do not brush it. I have a lot of work to do, so I have a headache. “- Is that all you need to know diligently? Hey, man! Where? I have not talked yet! What? Are you really out? Hey! Fucking bastard! Yes, old. Ignore it? Black, shit! If you grow old, you have to die. I’m scarred by a young little man. Yes, eat well and live well! Then he chewed the tote’s head and left the sanctuary.

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