Assassin's Chronicle - Chapter 254

Published at 18th of January 2018 08:35:14 AM

Chapter 254

The dark figure bellowed angrily, a short, dark staff appearing in his hand . He never expected that Christian could turn the situation around with such a simple trick .

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Intermediate gravity spells were very common, and were hardly a threat to anyone . However, there were situations where it would be the perfect spell to use . After all, there were no bad spells, only bad mages .

The large bear had already fallen through several floors and fell to the bottom of the building . The effects of a gravity spell would last for a few minutes, and the bear could try with all his might, but he would not be able to join the fight .

Green liquid spouted from the man’s black staff and shot towards Suzanna . With a loud crack, the sword in Suzanna’s hand slashed out and her sword radiance blocked all the green liquid .

Christian and Suzanna quickly switched places . Neither knew how many enemies there were, but both Niya and Anfey were unconscious and needed protection .

Suzanna’s sword radiance shattered the man’s bone shield and left a deep slash on the man . The man groaned and took a few steps back . He waved his hand and released another spell . The whole room was filled with a dark glow, and Suzanna’s movement suddenly became slower .

The man took advantage of this and recovered himself . He began whispering another spell . Suzanna bellowed and the light of her combat power became brighter and rippled around her body . She dashed forward . Swordsmasters needed to get close when fighting with a mage . A mage was usually not as physically fit as a swordsmaster, but a swordsmaster could not withstand magic for long . If a swordsmaster did not charge at his enemy, he might as well run away .

The man used another spell, and a light red glow appeared around Suzanna . However, even with the spell slowing her down, Suzanna was able to duck away from the red glow .

A large bone spear suddenly burst through the window and flew towards Suzanna . Suzanna was in midair, and she was going at a fast speed, making it harder for her to duck . She frowned and decided to focus on the man in front of her . She did not have another choice . She needed to protect her friends, and she couldn’t do that unless she defeated the man in front of her . She did not have confidence to take on two mages .

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The large spear struck Suzanna with a loud thud . The combat power around Suzanna quivered, and the spear disappeared upon impact . Combat power was not only a weapon for swordsmen, it was also their shield . An attack like this could not hurt Suzanna, but it was enough to put her off course .

The man waved his staff, and the light red glow moved with his staff . It enveloped Suzanna, and she was suddenly stopped in midair .

A dozen spikes appeared and formed a cylindrical cage with Suzanna inside . The bones shrank and trapped Suzanna .

Suzanna screamed in rage and slashed at the cage . She tried to wriggle out of the cage, but bone cages were one of necromancers’ best weapons . It was practically impossible to escape from one . The bones that formed the cage were not only strong, but also very flexible . Suzanna would never be able to escape it .

For a mage, one of the most important things was the space to use the magic . Swordsmen were not much different . Suzanna’s arms were trapped in the cage and there was not enough space to use her sword . She could not do much damage to the cage with her sword .

The man lowered his staff and turned to Christian . He chuckled lowly . He did not want to hurt Christian at first, but he changed his mind .

Christian could clearly see what was happening on the other side . He did not say anything, and quietly retrieved a magic scroll . Niya sighed and grabbed his arm, knowing exactly what he wanted to do . When the outcome of the fight was still unclear, Niya would panic and hide, but when it became obvious that the fight was lost, Niya found herself suddenly unafraid . She was Saul’s daughter, and she knew she should not shy away from a fight like this .

Another figure appeared in the room . It was the man who had trapped Suzanna . Compared to the other man, the newcomer appeared much more ruthless . Unlike his companion, who hid himself in the shadows, the second man’s white hair, sunken cheeks, and dark eyes were all exposed . Normally, a necromancer would hide his face . This necromancer clearly did not care if anyone found out who he was .

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He reached over and grabbed Anfey . "This is the one Annunciata wants?"

"Yes," the other man said .

Suzanna couldn’t turn around, but she knew what was happening behind her . She screamed angrily and managed to break two of the bones of her cage . This freed her right hand, and she slashed out against the other bones . If she was able to destroy the cage, the sword would hit her as well . Right now, however, she did not care .

"They are still children," the second necromancer said, raising the staff in his hand . "Too childish . "

"Likewise," Anfey said, his eyes flickering open .

Before the necromancer could react, he was thrown onto the ground, his staff falling out of his hand .

Anfey grabbed the necromancer’s head and kicked the man’s back . The necromancer’s body was very frail, and that was enough to separate his head from his body . The headless body fell to the ground, the staff rolling away .

"Anfey?" Niya whispered under her breath .

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"I knew it," Christian said, shaking his head . He glanced at the scroll in his hand and returned it to his dimensional ring . He was only steps away from sacrificing himself to kill the necromancers .

The bone cage disappeared, releasing Suzanna . She did not try to attack the necromancer in front of her, and instead turned to look at Anfey . She stared at him, as if she had not seen him in years .

Anfey turned and kicked the necromancer’s body and shook his head . "There’s hardly any blood left in here," he said . "God knows how they maintained themselves . "

The necromancer in the shadows froze . He did not know how Anfey was able to regain consciousness . Was he faking it all along?

Anfey walked towards the necromancer, playing with his dagger . "How should I call you? Should I call you Lord Necromancer? Or City Lord Nana?"

"City Lord Nana?" Niya asked, shocked .

"Perhaps not the real Nana, but one close enough," Anfey said . "You know what kind of person is the easiest to fake? One ordinary enough you would not give him a second look . Even though there might be a lot of flaws, a lot of people still won’t notice . "

"You knew all along?" Suzanna asked .

"You are too hasty," Anfey said . "Don’t be so impulsive next time, got it?"

Suzanna flushed and nodded .

"Christian knew he should get the bear away, you should take note . Don’t just focus on what’s right in front of you," Anfey said . "Speaking of the bear, Lord Guardian, please, reveal yourself . There is no need for you to hide anymore . "

Suzanna glanced at the floorboard and blinked . If she was trapped when fighting on solid ground, she was truly trapped . She was, however, standing on floorboards . She didn’t need to struggle with the cage .

The ceiling was forced open by a strong middle-aged man . He jumped down and looked at Anfey . "How did you know it was me?"

"There were a few druids downstairs just now," Anfey said . "It’s not hard to guess . " He turned to the necromancer and said, "City Lord Nana, you made too many mistakes . The first time you met us, did you just happen to carry the gift with you? The guards you left with us did not appear at all, neither did the mages and the inn owner, despite the ruckus . The four of us are the only ones left in this inn . You are the only one, to my knowledge, that can make them leave so quietly . "