Astral Pet Store - Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: Chapter 138 - A Solution

Chapter 138 A Solution

Dong Mingsong didn’t fully agree with him . “We decide what kind of teacher will give lectures . Zhou, you’ve gone too far . ”

Dong Mingsong sounded stern and harsh, “Besides, he is our advanced teacher . Your students offended him . To teach them a lesson was not out of line . I wouldn’t have said a word if Director Fei were to teach our students a lesson if they offended you . ”

Zhou Yunchan didn’t expect that Dong Mingsong would be so protective of his teacher .

Fei Yanbo pulled a long face . He was burning with rage inside . However, since Dong Mingsong was an eighth-rank master battle pet warrior, Fei Yanbo was afraid to argue with him .

Luo Fengtian and the other students knew they had to suffer this humiliation by the looks of it .

They didn’t know that it was a teacher, not a student, the one they had challenged, and an advanced teacher at that, just like Director Fei Yanbo!

A person of their same age . The fact that he was an advanced teacher was unbelievable!

But they could understand why that person was an advanced teacher considering his strength and that horrifying Inferno Dragon . Zhou Yunchan wasn’t happy . “Dong, I understand that you want to save some grace . However, your Phoenix Peak Academy invited us to come here for an academic exchange . Yet, you sent out an advanced teacher to hurt our students . If word of this got out, this would be more humiliating for you than losing the game, right?” Dong Mingsong was taken aback by this remark . If people were to spread vicious gossip about this event, this could exert an adverse impact on the academy .

The audience was never in the mood to find out about the truth . The event just appeared that Su Ping, the advanced teacher, had beaten up students from another academy .

This point alone could invite accusations .

Dong Mingsong answered after a moment of silence, “How about this? He is giving a lecture right now . When he finishes, I will get him here to apologize to you . ”

Zhou Yunchan was less angry when he heard this . “How long before his lecture ends?” He asked .

Dong Mingsong looked at the time and answered, “Soon . His lecture ends at four . ” The others nodded and waited patiently .

Soon, it was after four in the afternoon .

Dong MIngsong called Su Ping at once .

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service…”

Dong Mingsong knew why that was, “He must have turned off his phone since he was lecturing…”

Zhou Yunchan nodded . He could understand this .

Dong Mingsong then called Feng Yanjing at once and told him to ask the teacher in charge of maintaining order at the lecture hall to tell Su Ping to come to the office .

A few minutes later, Feng Yanjing got back to Dong Mingsong, “Vice Principal, I called the lecture hall, and they said… Mr . Su had already left on his bike . ”

Dong Mingsong was speechless .

He didn’t turn the volume of his phone up . However, since everyone in the room was a battle pet warrior with acute hearing, they had heard Feng Yanjing’s embarrassing words . They looked at each other . Nobody knew how to react .

What the hell…?

When they heard the words “on his bike,” Luo Fengtian and the other students were sure that it was indeed the person they were looking for . They produced some forced smiles .

“Well…” Dong Mingsong came back to his senses . He also felt awkward . “Zhou, now…”

Zhou Yunchan curled his lips . They had been waiting there for a long time, and that guy had left on his bike, leaving them hanging there . To make it worse, Su Ping didn’t do this knowingly . He had no idea many people were waiting for him!

Zhou Yunchan said grumpily, “Don’t you have any other means to contact him?”

Dong Mingsong knew Su Ping must have gone back to his store . However, there was a scary presence in that small store . Dong Mingsong would never have the courage to take this group there to seek redress .

Besides, considering how vulnerable Zhou Yunchan and those students were, taking them to Su Ping’s store would harm them . This was putting their finger in the fire!

Since he thought he and Zhou Yunchan shared some friendly relationship, Dong Mingsong suggested, “No . He will turn his phone on at night, I suppose . I will call him to apologize to you, okay?” .

Zhou Yunchan snorted . Apologizing over the phone?

“We will let it slip today . He has to come to school tomorrow, right? The matches will last till tomorrow . We will wait for him here . ”

Dong Mingsong cleared his throat . “He won’t come because he has no class tomorrow . ”

Zhou Yunchan was furious . “Then call him to get him here!”

“Fine, sure . I’ll ask him to come and apologize in person . Okay?” Dong Mingsong had no other choice but to agree .

Zhou Yunchan groaned . “Now, take us to the venue . By the way, let me see how powerful your champion Ye Hao is . ”

Dong Mingsong detected the anger in those words . He told himself bitterly that Zhou Yunchan was transferring his anger to Ye Hao . It seemed that the exchange would be fierce this time…

That being said, he wasn’t nervous . He was glad about this . He wasn’t afraid of losing the match as long as his students stood to gain . Learning was the best award . After all, during matches between academies like this, fatal incidents would not occur . However, when the students went off to the uncultivated lands, the beasts would not show them any mercy!

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star…”

Su Ping rode his bike on campus, humming some songs . He was riding out of the campus to get back home .

Having finished the lecture, he could go back and train the pets .

Soon, he arrived at the store . The first thing he did was to select another group of pets for the dummy trainer . Then, he placed the trained pets into the training space .

Having finished this work, Su Ping sat down and practiced the basic augmentation skills while waiting for business .

His major clients were still those from the Phoenix Peak Academy . Since the time was still around school hours, business slowed down and would only ramp up when school was over .

Su Ping stopped after a while . Taking advantage of this time, he went back to the dragon king’s heritage ground to cultivate . He stayed there for a day and achieved some progress . When he came back to the store, it was five in the afternoon . Students were going to show up soon .

He sat down, turned on his phone and resumed his cultivation as he waited for customers .

Not long after, his phone began to ring .

Su Ping picked it up . He was surprised that it was Dong Mingsong who was calling him . “Is something wrong, Vice Principal Dong?” On the other side, Dong Mingsong was relieved that the call went through . Sulking, he said, “Who gave you the courage to ask me about what is wrong? Don’t you know you have gotten into trouble today?” He sounded quite serious, as if Su Ping had committed heinous crimes .

“I don’t know . ”

Su Ping was confused .

Dong Mingsong didn’t know what to say . Su Ping had not taken this seriously even though he was using a severe tone of voice . He tried to remind Su Ping, “Do you not know what you did by the gate today?” .

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Su Ping answered, “Someone was in my way . I asked them to step aside . That was it . ”

Dong Mingsong almost lost grip of his phone . “You asked them to step aside? Did you need the Inferno Dragon to do that?”

“About that . Well, they refused to listen to my human words, so I had no other choice but to let my pets communicate with them,” Su Ping argued .

Dong Mingsong forced a bitter smile . He could tell that Su Ping was unhappy . After all, he once fought in the uncultivated lands . Naturally, he wasn’t a mild pushover .

Dong Mingsong explained, “Those people came because I invited them to battle with our students and exchange knowledge . They want you to apologize because you beat up their students . I know this wasn’t your fault, but when word gets out, this can be a negative press for the academy . So, if you are free tomorrow, you’d better drop by the academy and say some polite words to them so they can have a nice way out . ”

Su Ping raised his eyebrows . Going back to the academy? That trip would cost him an hour .

“If that’s the case, I think you can apologize on my behalf . Thank you, Vice Principal . ” Su Ping laughed .

Dong Mingsong sounded helpless . “I would have if I could . A few words of apology won’t do me any harm . But they insisted on you coming . I have no other choice . ”

Su Ping was speechless . He had just resolved one trouble, and that trouble’s teacher was just around the corner .

So many shi**y businesses . “Fine . I will find some time to go there . Right, how about you ask them to come to my store?” Su Ping suddenly had an idea .

Dong Mingsong was freaked out . He turned Su Ping down at once . “No, no, no . This is just a trivial matter . We don’t need to make a big scene . Just stop by, and it’ll be fine . ”

“I’m okay with you coming here . ”

“I cannot do that . I cannot . ”

“If you say so…”

The call ended . Su Ping knew he had to go to the academy again tomorrow .

Then, gradually, students began to show up .

Su Ping calmed himself down to cheat them out of their money… erm, to tend to their needs .

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Some were there to pick up their pets, and some were there to train their pets . Su Ping noticed that the number of students that day was small . Most of the students were familiar ones that had come to pick up their pets .

“Is there anything happening in school today?” Su Ping grabbed a student and asked . He remembered the exchange Dong Songming mentioned . Were all the students joining in the exchange?

The boy was flattered to answer SuPing’s question . He was a frequent customer, having gone there three times already . His pet was of the third rank, and he only needed to pay 10,000 for each training . Otherwise, he might not have enough money to go there so many times .

The three training rounds had amazed him . With the help of the pet’s progress, his combat strength had been enhanced greatly as a result; he was considered among the best students in his class at the moment .

He scorned the negative rumors about Su Ping’s lectures spreading on campus that day . He regarded the people saying those rumors as fools .

However, he didn’t argue with them because he was more of a calculating, not openly confronting type .

Due to the negative rumors, some people were speaking ill of Su Ping and as a result, began to dislike Su Ping’s store, claiming it was a place Su Ping used to cheat people out of their money .

The boy was filled with mixed feelings . While he was cross with those insinuations, he was happy inside .

He was secretly happy that if fewer people were to go to Su Ping’s store, then the queuing time… would naturally be less .

What a huge benefit this was for him!

As a “hard-core fan”, the boy could only watch helplessly as the others scolded Su Ping, or maybe, he could grumble for Su Ping’s sake for a bit in his mind .

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