Astral Pet Store - Chapter 514

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Chapter 514: The Immortal Dragon’s Soul

Chapter 514 The Immortal Dragon’s Soul

The white bones that fell off from Su Ping were re-formed as the Little Skeleton, which was exhausted . The Little Skeleton flew to the Purple Python’s head as soon as it came out, letting its bones scatter around, which was the skeleton’s resting mode .

The Purple Python perfectly understood Su Ping’s intention, immediately placing Su Ping in its mouth to conceal his presence as they made their way back .

On the outer wall .

The Otherworld Heavenly King had fled and the leading beast kings had been killed by Su Ping . The remaining wild beasts were without their leaders; they were still striking the outer wall, albeit with less energy .

Many titled battle pet warriors hurried over from other sides to help . “I heard the Otherworld Heavenly King is here . We’re here to help!”

“Are there really several beast kings?”

“Where is the Otherworld Heavenly King?”

Those titled battle pet warriors were surprised after they arrived, because they failed to see any beast kings in the area . Were they victims of fake news?

Venerable the Blade as well as Qin Duhuang and many titled battle pet warriors of the Qin family were among the reinforcements . The Qin family was the only family able to spare some helping hands at this moment .

Things changed drastically when Su Ping’s Swamp War Crocodile arrived at the east side; it worked well with Qin Duhuang who had just reached the legendary rank and the Storm Scorpion he had bought from Su Ping . The east side was secure and the rest of the wild beasts could be handled by Xie Jinshui .

Qin Duhuang gathered a team and hurried over upon learning about the threats at the south side .

He wasn’t in charge of the south side, but there would be no more Longjang if it were breached!

No egg can remain intact when a bird’s nest is overturned!

But the situation in the south baffled all of them .

The outer wall was broken but the wild beasts found there seemed to be the weakest of all . There was no trace of the Heavenly King, at all .

“Is the Otherworld Heavenly King here?”

“Did you send out the wrong information? Or was this all a ruse?”

They went to question Mu Beihai, Liu Tianzong, and the titled battle pet warrior from the government .

Mu Beihai produced a forced smile .

Of course, they had not been sending out fake information!

“What you heard is true . But the Otherworld Heavenly King has just left; Mr . Su is chasing after it . They just left the area together . ”

“Indeed . There were three beast kings here but Mr . Su finished all of them!”

Liu Tianzong and Mu Beihai explained .

Mu Beihai darted a glance at Qin Duhuang, realizing that his old-time rival seemed different . There was something scary about him .

Mu Beihai had never been close to Qin Duhuang but he was not afraid of him, either . However, just standing next to Qin Duhuang was making Mu Beihai shudder with fright .

“He finished the beast kings?”

“The Otherworld Heavenly King is gone? And Mr . Su went after it?!”

Astounded, they all stared at the two that had just briefed them about the situation . Chasing after the Otherworld Heavenly King? Is there something wrong with your mouths or our ears?

We’re talking about the Otherworld Heavenly King, king among beast kings!

The Otherworld Heavenly King has lived on the Blue Planet for thousands of years; no one has been able to solve that problem yet . Now, you were telling us that Su Ping is going after it?

“Who is this Mr . Su?”

Some titled battle pet warriors from other base cities felt they had to pose the question .

The locals didn’t answer because they were still processing their astonishment .

Who is this Mr . Su?

Mr . Su is Mr . Su!

The one who no one can understand!


Venerable the Blade was so shocked that he was only able to utter one word . Eventually, all the words left unsaid turned into a bitter smile . He had thought that Su Ping had demonstrated his strongest abilities at the Supremacy League .

But there, this day, Su Ping had driven a Heavenly King away! That was the Otherworld Heavenly King, for crying out loud .

One that even the legendary battle pet warriors were scared of!

They would have to gather in groups of seven or eight to even talk about fighting this Heavenly King, king among beast kings!

Venerable the Blade remembered that Su Ping was merely at the titled rank .

A titled battle pet warrior fighting a Heavenly King?

Venerable the Blade stopped his mind from wandering around . His world view had been turned upside down .

The wild beasts were still running rampant while they were still in shock . The fire and the shouts dragged those battle pet warriors back to reality . Qin Duhuang was the first to recover from his astonishment . Even though the revelation had filled him with apprehension, he understood that dealing with the wild beasts was the priority at hand; they had to do their utmost to prevent more casualties from occurring

“Come on, people . Let’s finish the wild beasts!” Qin Duhuang shouted . He unleashed astral powers that belonged to those at the Ocean State .

The ones unaware of his breakthrough were startled by that burst of energy .

Legendary rank!

Those at the peak of the titled rank knew that such rich astral powers couldn’t have been found in titled rankers . They couldn’t help but eye Qin Duhuang with respect .

Venerable the Blade was just as startled . He and Qin Duhuang were acquaintances . That old man who had lost his edge for quite a few years had broken through to the legendary rank .

The most stunned of all were Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong . They had spent years fighting a battle of wits and courage with Qin Duhuang; still, the latter had surpassed them by reaching the legendary rank!

Soon, Mu Beihai remembered that faint calling he once felt . He believed that he would soon reach that rank as well .

Still, the thought of the calling reminded him of his deceased battle pet, the Flaming Dark Phoenix .

The thought of the phoenix burning itself and transferring its energy to him was about to tear his heart apart . “Kill them! Kill those bastards!”

Mu Beihai clenched his teeth . He didn’t wait for anyone else, directly charging into the battlefield .

There were no more beast kings . The most powerful of the remaining beasts were those at the peak of the ninth rank; they posed no threat to Mu Beihai .

The others were startled by Mu Beihai’s sudden burst of anger . The miserable cries of the beasts kindled their spirits . One after another, they also joined in and charged toward the wild beasts .


A large number of wild beasts gathered next to the hole on the outer wall were cleared away by Qin Duhuang and the others .

Venerable the Blade held his saber and ran around madly among the wild beasts . Each wave of his saber would claim the life of one wild beast . Even the beasts at the ninth rank died with a single slash!

All the others resorted to their special skills . The morale was rising and the tables had turned for a moment . The wild beasts were pushed back from the outer wall!

Those aimless creatures fell into disarray under the vicious attack . The number of wild beasts on the south side was smaller, to begin with . The battle pet warriors managed to exterminate a great number, including many beasts of the ninth rank . The wild beasts began to withdraw!

They fled and ran, leaving behind many dead bodies!

Blood flooded and remains piled up .

The battle pet warriors who survived the tragedy felt both glad and sad . The dead bodies didn’t just belong to wild beasts, their fellow battle pet warriors were also mixed among them .

S were

“Look, I think that’s Mr . Su’s battle pet . ”

Liu Tianzong, who was chasing after the wild beasts, suddenly saw something coming in the distance that made him smile .

The others also saw a python approaching .

Only a few titled battle pet warriors who had taken the trouble to get to know Su Ping knew about the battle pet that he seldom used . “Is Mr . Su back?”

Su Ping was back . What about the Otherworld Heavenly King? Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The titled battle pet warriors rushed to Su Ping .

Venerable the Blade and Qin Duhuang killed the beasts in their surroundings and ran to meet the python, too .

The snake pet wiggled forward regardless of the many titled battle pet warriors . Not even Qin Duhuang was able to make the python stop .

Suddenly, the python heard something . It stopped and opened its mouth .

Su Ping sat up . He had recovered a bit on the way back and was finally able to move about on his own .

He flew out from the Purple Python’s mouth and stood on its head . He cast a tender look at the scattered bones of the Little Skeleton and patted its white bones .

“Mr . Su!”

“Mr . Su, you’re back . ”

People happily called his name .

Mu Beihai asked, “Mr . Su, where is the Otherworld Heavenly King?”

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Those who hailed from other base cities were asking about who that Mr . Su was . They gazed at the young man in a daze . It turned out that Mr . Su was a young man; they had thought Mr . Su was some legendary battle pet warrior who had remained incognito all this time .

“He is the Fate Challenger!”

Someone who participated in the Supremacy League recognized Su Ping right away . It was a surprise that Mr . Su was the Fate Challenger who had created a scene during the Supremacy League!

That person who had dared to kill a legendary battle pet warrior was there, in the Longjiang Base City!

“It got away,” Su Ping said in a low voice . A glint of killing intent flashed in his eyes and vanished .

Still, that was amazing news .

The fact that Su Ping looked so unhappy left the other people speechless .

A Heavenly King had been pursued by a human being, one person! Such a piece of news was so stunning, it would not only rock the Longjiang Base City but the whole world!

The legendary battle pet warriors would be petrified!

Those who were aware that Su Ping was a Fate Challenger wondered if he had made the breakthrough to the legendary rank in a couple of days, back when he was at the titled rank, during the Supremacy League . Otherwise, how could a titled battle pet warrior have the ability to fight a monster like the Heavenly King? Su Ping looked around the battlefield . The wild beasts were running and a large number of them had been slaughtered . The ground was drenched in blood, covered in beast corpses . The dead beast kings stood out .

Su Ping clenched his fists .

The thought of the Inferno Dragon pained him .

Suddenly, he heard a feeble voice . “Master…”

Su Ping was struck dumb .

Was that… the Inferno Dragon?

Was it still alive?!

Abruptly, Su Ping stood up and looked around .

People were baffled by the sudden movement .

But Su Ping didn’t care what they were thinking . Finally, he saw a faint, golden figure in the air .

It was the Inferno Dragon!


Although his astral power reserve was almost empty, Su Ping squeezed out the rest and dashed toward that golden figure as fast as he could .

The familiarity told him that it was the Inferno Dragon . It was right there!

The golden figure floated in the air, unable to move otherwise; even turning around was incredibly slow . The Inferno Dragon was happy to see Su Ping approaching . Su Ping on the verge of tears but he held them back . He suddenly noticed that the bond of the contract between him and the Inferno Dragon was feeble but it was there .

Su Ping wasn’t sure about the state of the Inferno Dragon .

It had no tangible body; it was more like a ball of energy .

Is this the Inferno Dragon’s soul?

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He didn’t know; he had no idea about what to do .

“That is the dragon’s soul . ”

The system jumped out . It sounded solemn; there was a trace of emotion in its voice, which was different from how it usually sounded like .

“That monster just destroyed its body . The dragon must have learned skills to refine its soul before . I think that is because it has spent a lot of time with you and the Little Skeleton . The dragon learns to save its soul in critical times . The soul remains also because of the spring you bathed in . ”

Su Ping asked at once, “What do I do now? Can the Inferno Dragon recover?”

“The body is gone, and the soul is exposed to nature . If it weren’t for the Divine Energy, the soul would have been sucked into the world of the dead and your contract would have been terminated . That would be ‘death’ as you humans know it .

“You will have to visit the world of dragons and find the dragon origin to help your dragon rebuild its body and bloodline . I also suggest you find an herb called Soul Nurturer to refine the soul as soon as possible . Otherwise, the Divine Energy won’t last long enough . At this rate, the soul won’t last more than three days . ”

So, I have to find the herb in three days? Where should I even begin?

He asked the system .

“That is your problem, not mine,” the system answered . Su Ping bit his teeth .

He didn’t blame the system, though . He was grateful enough that the system had offered him some guidance . “Can I take it to the contract space? Will the soul last longer there?”

“You can but still, you have three days . ”

Su Ping was in a gloomy mood but he still chose to call the Inferno Dragon’s soul back .

“Wait for me . I will find a way to bring you back to life . I will not let you vanish!” Su Ping said to the Inferno Dragon’s soul .

The Inferno Dragon replied with a weak voice, “I will not fall…” It promised .

Su Ping clenched his fist . His eagerness to finish off the Otherworld Heavenly King became more intense .

Su Ping went back after the Inferno Dragon’s soul was retrieved . He asked Qin Duhuang and the others without delay, “Have you heard about some herb called Soul Nurturer?”

The system could not help him . He had to rely on those people and Joanna .

If they didn’t know, he would go and ask Joanna .

“Soul Nurturer?”

No one expected that question .

“I haven’t heard of it,” someone answered with a timid voice .

The others shook their heads .

Su Ping turned to Venerable the Blade . He had been working with a legendary battle pet warrior, so he might be versed enough to know .

Venerable the Blade had never seen Su Ping so anxious before . Although unwilling, he shook his head in denial .

Su Ping’s mind felt heavy .

Suddenly Qin Duhuang said, “I think I’ve heard of it . ”

Su Ping’s eyes glowed . “Where can I find it?”

“I’ve heard about it from Xie Jinshui . I think the herb is… at the Tower . ” Qin Duhuang sounded uncertain . “We were drinking and he mentioned it in passing . You’ll have to ask him . ”