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Chapter 33

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The moment Lu Meili successfully hid her presence, the dragon shifters, chasing her got perplexed .  

"Where did she go?" One of the dragons that were chasing Lu Meili exclaimed when they suddenly lost track of her . "I know I hit that bitch! You could smell the blood, right?" 

Instead of answering the question and admitting that the other dragon shifter also could not sense Lu Meili at all, "Damn it! This is shameful! Did she use magic to hide?" He asked with disbelief . There was no way a woman could've moved so quickly while injured, especially inside the Thunder Forest .  

It was even more surprising, that after being all alone she was moving around the forest like it was not her first time at all .

'She is a pest and should be killed!' They all realized . Initially, after receiving the order for the chase, they still held back as they felt that it was unfair to the female . However, after death and what they have seen so far, it only felt right to dispose of the woman . They could not let her wreak further havoc .  

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The murderous desire was getting stronger in their heart . They should be a team of obedient members, following their commander's order for bringing Lu Meili back alive .   Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

However, that thought had already been dismissed when one of them attacked her and was able to draw blood .  

They continued their chase until they were already on the top of the mountain and totally frustrated .  

"Fuck! She completely vanished!" One of the shifters exclaimed voice laced with disbelief . Due to his annoyance, he punched the closest tree, and with that single hit, the tree was blown away, along with its roots .  

He probably imagined the tree as Lu Meili . "Is she a spy from another planet or clan?" One of them wondered . For them, Lu Meili was probably a shifter from another race, hiding her real identity .  

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"So, what now? Do we report what happened to Rusan? We could not ignore that the woman killed him . " The death of another shifter was a significant thing and required necessary punishment .  

"Yes, we need to do that . She is way too dangerous and unpredictable for us to handle . It' best to hunt her with the help of others .  

I hope Rusan's mate is holding up . " One said gravely . It annoyed him to admit that they were so cautious, dealing with just one woman . They felt conflicted as they still strongly desired to continue the chase .  



Everyone's thoughts got scattered, on the sound, coming from the sky . The rain accompanied by thunder continued to fall from the dark sky .  

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"She is badly injured and could not have gone too far . Let's go find her . " After one of them said that, the dragon shifters disappeared as they went back to search for their comrades .  

It did not take long for Long Cheng to appear from his hiding place . He has been searching silently, and since it was not his first time to enter the Thunder Forest, he was used to moving around with stealth, like a hunter looking for its prey .  

In the past, whenever he came to Thunder Forest, he looked forward to it as he enjoyed the danger while he searched and finished his task as soon as possible . But now, he just felt cold .  

A strange coldness, accompanied by anxiousness and the thought of murder .  

Anxiousness, for his mate's safety . Murder, for the soldiers that were supposed to capture her alive and unhurt, but decided to hunt her like one of the low-class beasts in the Thunder Forest, who would run for their lives when a dragon shifter was around .  

It took all his strength to hold back from killing his clan members . The other thing that he was thoroughly concerned about was the information that his mate killed one of them .  

Long Cheng could not believe this . He was way too confident that his mate was not a pushover and thought that she was not that stupid to act against a being from another planet, which could even result in death because it was a grave law . Now, he was not sure anymore .  

'Where are you?' Long Cheng thought worriedly to himself with annoyance as he tried to sense Lu Meili's presence . "She is injured . " The thought was making his heart feels heavy, not only because she was hurt and he was not able to protect her, but also because the smell of blood would entice the beast towards her which was threatening .  

"Your Highness!" A female voice shouted with unmasked delight .  

Long Cheng's concentration was interrupted On the arrival of another dragon shifter, Lou Mary .  


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