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Chapter 7

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"I am sure!" Long Cheng shouted through clenched teeth, his fist clenching tightly . This woman will be the death of him and he hadn't touched her yet!

"Just, put your hands away from me for now," he continued, which she slowly did with a scrutinizing stare that clearly stated that her distrust of him .

Long Cheng could always work on getting her trust later, now he needed to calm down first,which was easier said than done because even if when closed his eyes, his errant senses had a brain of their own and would just focus on her intoxicating smell .

When he decided to keep his eyes open, he could not help but stare at her exposed skin, with the light turned on, she looked more tantalising .

"Why not free me instead? I promise it will be better that way," he offered after a while with a mischievous smile on his face . It was not entirely bad; however, Long Cheng prefered for her to play her game with him in participation, not on the receiving end .

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He had his fair share of women to satisfy him but he had never met someone like her that took the games this far, way past the boundaries . She did not even bother explaining herself .

Though he was still worried about this plan of hers that she had not disclosed, and from the look of things, she did not plan to free him any time soon . Well given time, he planned to take the control back .

Long Cheng was also curious as to why she neededs to act like she was not affected by their forming bond . The more their skin touched the more intense it got .
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He was already on edge with his dragon threatening to take over . Though it was filled with excitement at the thought of its mate playing with him, it still does not change the fact that it wanted to claim her very badly .

Long Cheng is a pureblood dragon, thus his wants and possessiveness at a much higher level than half-breeds . It would not sit well with his dragon side to let her get out of this room, without being marked at least or anything to show his ownership of her .

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'Damn, why do I feel like a pussy? So weak!' He cursed himself, still breathing hard . He could feel the sweat from his forehead .

It now madek sense for him why others chose to take laxing herbs that tampered with their physical or emotional urges despite it being so expensive and hard to obtain .

Those who used this type of herb were normally rejected by their own life mates and Long Cheng vowed that it will never be the case for him .

Thinking of this, it helped him calm down and feel better . His beast understood that they could not afford to upset or scare their mate .

Then he observed her, at that moment, he does not see any changes from her . He just couldn't understand, does she really find him so desirable for her that she decided to tie him up? If that was the case, she is not showing any indication of it .

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With a raised brow, "No . Tell me what is wrong with you . " She asked suspiciously as she scanned him again .

"Don't you think it's unfair for you to tie me up? You do not need to do this, I am very much willing to cooperate," Long Cheng grinned, his eyes glinting playfully .

"Come on sweet huntress, my arms are aching," he added when she did not respond, "hey, I promise I will behave . "

"Stop calling me sweet huntress," Lu Meili responded coldly, "I am not one of your loose women . "

"Eh? I never said you were anything like them," Long Cheng responded, feeling intrigued that she called his previous partners loose . There is no way a real mate can be compared to other women . Just being near her was already enough to prove that she is different .

"Lulu, is he in pain now?" Lu Meili asked her NanoGen instead, and then turned her gaze away from him . She then slightly massaged her chest . She did not like the slight constricting pang of pain that she felt whenever she heard him call her 'sweet huntress' .

"It is highly possible, master," her NanoGen responded .

"See! I am really in pain here, so have pity," Long Cheng exclaimed as he tried to look innocent as much as possible .

He was initially annoyed as this 'Lulu' kept on answering with a voice that's neither male nor female and Lu Meili seemed to greatly depend on the robot .

At least now, the device decided to back him up, this time .

"Hmmm," Lu Meili contemplated before finally moving closer to him, her hands reaching on top of his head to untie the enchanted rope that was bounding him…