Back from the Dead - Chapter 1

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:58 PM

Chapter 1

"Ayane, why do you suddenly want to leave the organization? What are you planning to do? You know that you can't easily leave and how can you survive a Class Z mission with just you?"

"Even if I tell you the reason you won't understand me . Jason, I know that you care for me but no one can change my decision and I will do everything to finish the mission . "

Jason Falmore is my colleague and best friend from this organization the Blood Dragon Palace . Both of us were abandoned children and we grew up from the same orphanage and was kidnap by this place at the age of six .

We grew up in this place and fight through the depths of hell to survive in this godforsaken place . I can't even count how many lives I have killed . Eighteen long years is already enough that I was here .

If I tell him the reason that I want to fall in love, get married and have a family and two cats he will just laugh at me that I, Ayane Gaude the no . 1 agent of this place will think of this reason to leave this place .

Well it was one of those reasons, and also the biggest reason is for freedom . I'm tired of this life and I don't want to die with many regrets . The married thing was because during my mission four months ago in Los Angeles that I saw this couple in a secluded area acting so lovingly and sweetly in front of me that I get so piss off that I killed both of them . Well, they are also a part of my target .

That's why I must never fail my mission .

"But, Ayane! You know what happen to Darren right? And also to Fana, Crystal, Lester and Brie and to . . . to . . ," He almost mentions everyone that had failed the Class Z mission just to leave this place . None of them survive and they died .

"Well I'm not them! I will never fail! I've been training for these my whole life Jason and no one can stop me even if it's you . " I already prepared my things for this mission so I need to go and fulfill my dreams .

"Not even me . Fine! But Ayane when you succeed I wish that you can have what you want and . . . Just be safe" He released his hand and let me go and before leaving I hug this guy . I will certainly miss him he was after all my best friend .

"I'm leaving and I'm sorry"

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Jason could only look at her departing figure

If only I could just embrace her and never let go, if only I have the ability to persuade her to not leave but her decision is final and not even I can't make her stay .

When I got back from my mission a week ago, I found out that she storms to the headquarters requesting to leave the organization and everyone thought she has lost her mind .

Everyone knew that you can't leave from this place it is either stay or die from here . No one was able to leave from here . There was a legend from this place that only one was able to escape and that was twenty-five years ago before we arrive at this place .

. . . . . . .

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"Jason! What's the news on your best friend's mission? Did she survive?"

"No one can leave this place that is our fate when we enter this place"

"But she is the no . 1 agent here, maybe she could achieve it! That girl was never ordinary!"

"Hmph! Who knows if she survive or not!"

"Will all of you shut up and just eat! or do you want me to sew all of your mouths for all of you to shut up?!" I can't stand these pathetic fools! Bad mouthing her when I'm here . It's already been a week when she leaves and no one still knew if she survives or not . We still haven't had any news about her well-being .

"Dude, calm down Ayane is strong, that girl is like the daughter of a devil so stop worrying about her . She can get through this!" I hear Saimon said . Yeah, she is strong but I can't stop worrying about her .

"I can't believe our leader left us, it will be boring that she's not here" Christian said while playing with his food . Aside from me, Saimon and Christian is close to Ayane and during group missions, it was always us the ones that accompany her and she was our leader . Not until we hear a loud bang from the entrance .

"Guys! Guys! Big news!" It was Ben the gossip guy . He almost knows everything from this place of what's happening .

"What is it?"

"It's Ayane! Our no . 1 agent! I got the news from the higher ups! She is dead! She didn't survive the mission!" After his announcement the place fall into silence and my world shattered along with it .

"I told you no one can leave this place!"

"So not even our top agent can accomplish the mission"

"She didn't even have a chance so as we"