Back from the Dead - Chapter 10

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:12 PM

Chapter 10

For almost a week, I was busy investigating and gathering some information about my future-in-laws . My hubby is so sweet so he left some gadgets for me while I stay in the house and he goes to work every day . My cast is already removed and finally I can use my arm now . It's because I heal very fast that I can use my right hand very well now .

It's been a week that I was staying here, all I could do here is eat, sleep and search some work and finally I found all the information that I needed .

My father-in-law namely Richard Cordiviera, from these info that I gathered a man that cares about background very much, strict, and love to investigate people around him and his wife, my mother-in-law Andrea Cordiviera well a sweet, caring woman, also manners are important for her .

My hubby's eldest brother, Angelo Jay Cordiviera, he did not want the company because he was focus on his career on acting and also to his wife Beatrice Cordiviera a top International Model and they also had a five year old child Christopher Jay Cordiviera that is why the succession of the company go to my hubby the second eldest among the siblings .

The next one is Aria Kaye Cordiviera, a famous fashion designer . She owns the no . 1 Clothing Line in this continent the Horizon brand . Just like my hubby she's also a workaholic person and where like on the same age and she's still single .

The last one of the siblings was Anthony Cordiviera . From what I could say this guy is living its life to the fullest! What a punk! A flirt! I can't even count how many girlfriends he had before . What a rich playboy!

. . . . .

Ashton was going down the stairs when he smells the aroma of food . It was different from what he had during this past few years . When he reached the dining area, he saw his wife in a ponytail hairstyle wearing a green apron with a saying on it 'The wife cook is the best!' He saw her put down a plate .

"Good morning hubby! I woke up early so I made you a breakfast!" She said and pulls a chair signaling him to sit down so he just go there and sat down .

"You cooked? Your arm just healed, you shouldn't do this type of work the chefs could do it" He said while looking at her right arm that has no cast anymore .

"My arm is fine now! I told you that I'll be the one cooking for you starting from now so no buts and why! I'll be the chef of this house from now on! Haha!" she said feeling proud of her self . This was her first time cooking for someone . She had planned to cook for him before but she remembers her right hand being injure and now she finally have the time to cook for him . His lip just curved into a smile hearing her words .

"So what did you cooked for me?" he said while looking at the table that is full of different dishes . She sat down also and started serving him .

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"This is waffles with blueberry compote and lemon ricotta cream, you should eat this . I made sure the sugar level is good enough for you to have energy at work and also this is a scrambled egg with smoked salmon it has fresh chives to add bright to the color and also it has a subtle onion flavor! Drink this lemon juice I squeeze this myself so you better drink it . It is also good for your health . " She said while putting those foods in his plate .

What his wife serve, he eats it . This is his first time eating what she cooked and he will love more of this in the coming days . The maids standing aside with butler Yedel can feel their hanging jaws . Their young master is not eating that much when they are serving him but now the lady at his side keep on putting food to his plate and he just keep on eating it! Maybe the sun will set on the east very soon .

"Hubby! Instead of meeting your family in an exclusive restaurant, why not let them come here? I can cook for them!" she said while slicing the pancake with banana .

"Hmm . Okay, I'll them later" he said and wipe his mouth a cloth . In his life, this was the best breakfast he had ever had . He had no problems if his wife will cook; he can tell her wife has the best culinary skills .

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"Okay! Hubby! It's time for you to go to work . Wait! I had prepared some snacks before you go!" she said and took the food bag .

"Let's go! I'll escort you outside!" she said and prepare the food while her hubby finish fixing himself and got out of the house where a Black Mercedes-Maybach wait for him . My husband is really really really rich . I should get used to it now .

"Hubby! There are some blueberry muffins and blueberry oatmeal cookies . There is also a blueberry smoothie there . " She said and handed the food bag with him . She also arrange his collar and kiss him on the cheek and because of this little things she's been doing Ashton is feeling emotional but for her according to what she had research as his wife this thing is just some simple job so she find nothing wrong with it .

"I'm going now, if you need anything just ask Butler Yedel . " he said and also kissed her on her forehead and he enter the car and she could only wave goodbye while her cheeks are blushing .