Back from the Dead - Chapter 11

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:07 PM

Chapter 11

Here I was wearing a pink pastel flared knee-skirt with a lace blouse top . Today is the day that I'll be meeting his family . I spent my days planning on how to impress my in-laws and I hope it will go through according to my plan .

So here I am in the dining area arranging these foods that I cook with the help of butler Yedel . Butler Yedel was feeling overwhelmed on the girl's enthusiasm . These past few days, she's been asking me non-stop about the food that young master's family like and everything about them . He can tell that this girl really care for our young master .

He can see the eagerness of this girl, he remembers how many different dishes she cooks and she let us be her tasters . Her skills in cooking are the best! I can say she prepared well for this occasion . He can also see how she took good care of his young master's meal every day . She cook breakfast every day for him before work and give him some snacks before going to work, she also made lunch for him and request to deliver his food to the company and she also prepared dinner when he got home . Their young master is really blessed with a girl like this .

She looked at the food in table, she cooked a Garlic and Rosemary Spicy Roast Pork Loin because Anthony like pork and spicy food . There were also a Roasted Broccoli with Lemon and Pine nuts and Herb and Honey Mustard Crusted Leg of Lamb because she knew Beatrice like to watch her diet and also she made Zucchini Soup with Creme Fraiche and Cilantro for their child and also for Mother-in-law and also an Apple-Berry Charlotte for their child . There were also a Roasted Chicken Legs with Potatoes and Kales, Big Italian Salad, for dessert it is a Goat cheese cake with rosemary and lavender honey there were also some wine and juices .

Ashton didn't go to the company, here he was helping his wife preparing for lunch with his family . He can see how busy his wife and he find it cute looking at her expression when expecting those dishes she made .

"Cally, they will be here soon . Let's meet them at the entrance, leave those other small things to them" he said when he approach her .

"I was just making sure that nothing will go wrong . So let's go meet them . " she said and cling into his arms while she did a last minute check on her preparations . His hubby is just wearing a white long-sleeve shirt and black pants . Even if he dresses simple, his hubby is still good-looking!

"What are you thinking?" he said when he can feel her gaze at him .

"I'm thinking of how handsome my hubby is!" she subconsciously said . He just slightly made a laugh and her eyes sparkle looking how beautiful and sweet her hubby laughs .

She spent many days showing off this lively girl attitude . It was a good thing for her that this body is slightly weak and frail that I can hide my cold-blooded aura . Even if I have possessed a new body, it can't hide who I was before . I'm suddenly relieve that I have my own room and after a day of work I can just go to bed and release this aura and it was too tiring! Next time I should really exercise and work my skills before!

Suddenly a yellow sports car arrives at our front followed by a red Porsche . In the yellow car a brown-haired man steps out in his a fitted jeans and pink t-shirt top with a gray cardigan . This style is bit weird for me .

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To the Red Porsche, a handsome, tall man step outs and go to the other side of the car and there was a tall blonde woman in an off-shoulder floral dress followed by cute baby boy .

It was also followed by a White BMW and parked and a tall, elegant beautiful woman in a palazzo royal blue pants with a white sleeveless as her top and got out of the car and pulled her shades up .

"Big Bro! I missed you so much!" The guy from the yellow car it was Anthony that rich playboy run towards Ashton to hug him but he was only neglected and throw him away .

"Anthony! You disgust me! How dare you wear that kind of outfit in front of me!" She was Aria and she looked at his brother disgustingly . What she dislikes the most was some people that are lacking in fashion sense .

"Big sis! The moment you saw me you always criticized what I wear!" Anthony looked at her with a hurtful expression .

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"Big bro! Don't you miss me at all? The moment you meet our sister-in-law you shove me already! Am I not your baby brother anymore?" Anthony said while looking tearfully at his Brother Ashton .

"Stop the drama . You're always bothering me in the office" Ashton said and look at him coldly .

"Two of you skip the fighting, were here two meet your future sister-in-law . " Angelo said and carries his child and took his wife .

"Ashton, it's been a while . We rarely meet you and now we heard that you're getting married? Ohh, this must be our sister-in-law" Angelo said and took a glance at the girl beside his brother . Callista blushed when he heard those words sister-in-law .

"Hello! I'm Callista Rashmor . Nice to meet all of you!" She said in a sweet tone and slightly bows to them .

If Jason and her colleagues saw her acting so girly and wearing this outfit . They should already spit some mouthful of blood and won't believe what they are seeing .

"Oh, so you're the unlucky girl that my brother falls for . Hmm . . . Nice, you have a sense of fashion" Aria said while looking at her in head to toe . Ashton's face turns grim when he heard those words 'unlucky girl'

If she wasn't his sister he should have already turned her into mincemeat .

"Come on Sis, how could you say she's unlucky? Look at him!" Beatrice said and laughs . She could feel Ashton looking at Aria with a cold death gaze .

"Thank you . But Uhm, should we go in first and continue to chat . The weather is hot and the child is already sweating" Callista said while looking at the child that Angelo is carrying and gesturing them to come in .

Beatrice the wife of Angelo, her eyes suddenly lit up . What a caring girl . She immediately notices it . It looks like she will like this girl .

"Let's go first . Mom and Dad will arrive a little later" Ashton said and both of them lead his siblings to the house .