Back from the Dead - Chapter 12

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:03 PM

Chapter 12

She settles them first and serve some tea and milk to the baby boy .

"Sis! I'm Anthony Cordiviera! Are you really sure you want to hook up with my Big bro here?" He said while looking at with those desires in his eyes . This punk! If his siblings aren't here I already sliced him to a thousand pieces!

She could feel the cold murderous aura around her hubby but she holds his hands and smile .

"I'm not hooking up with him . I'll be marrying your brother" she said proudly and she feels that her hubby had calm down a little .

"I'm not worried about you marrying Ashton and I'll be frank with you Callista the moment you married our brother you should be prepare to what comes after that" Aria frankly said and sip her tea . Of course she knows what she means .

Doesn't mean after she get married with him she will live happily ever after . She is equal to him after that and she will be targeted just being his wife .

Well she is not worried about that she had the ability to protect herself . She will make sure she will not be a burden to him .

"Aria, she will be my wife and she is my responsibility . You don't have to worry about that . " He said and looka at her with confidence that he will protect her and be out of danger .

"Ahh! My eyes! Is this my Big Bro? No way!" Anthony said while trying to keep his hands to his eyes and meanwhile peeking . Aria just rolled her eyes at his idiot brother .

"No worries Miss Aria, I won't let myself be a burden to him" she said and she signaled the maid the thing she prepared for her .

"Skip the formalities, will be family soon . Just call me Sis from now on" She said .

"Don't worry Callista . Don't mind what they say . I heard you were a great chef . I bet you prepared something good for us" Anthony smilingly said to her .

"Uhh yes, I did the cooking . I hope all of you will like it"

"I hope I can eat many! It's sad that I need to watch my diet!" Beatrice said sadly .

"Don't worry about that I prepare the right dishes for you"

"Aww, how nice of my Sis to think about me! Call me Elder Sis from now on!"

"Alright Elder Sis!" she said and receive the thing she request from the maid .

"Sis Aria, I found out that you'll be entering the 30th Fashion Line Awards here is my small gift to you . " she said and give her the sketch book . She had no use to it . It's better to give it to someone better . She bet that was also the wish of the real Callista to show off her works .

"Thank you . I'll open it later"

"How long will be Mom and Dad will arrive! I'm afraid that the food will grow cold!" Anthony said in an upset tone

"The Master and Madam have arrived" Butler Yedel said and a middle age couple enter their sight . All of them stand up and welcome them .

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"Dad, Mom you're finally here . I want you to meet your daughter-in-law Callista Rashmor" Ashton proudly said with a tinge of happiness .

"I'm pleased to meet you Ma'am and Sir . " she said in a formal way and bow to them . The old couple were slightly taken aback when Ashton introduce her to them .

"Ohh, so you're the one our son was chosen" the Madam said but her husband appeared to be quiet and assess the girl .

"Let's continue the chat later . Our lunch is ready" Ashton said and lead the way to the dining area and everyone settled down in their seats . The main seat was taken by the Master of the family which is their father . From his left the Madam is seated along with Angelo's family and to his right was his hubby and with her and his two other siblings .

"Ohh! What a feast! I bet they taste so well!" Anthony said looking at the food drooling and they finally started eating .

"Hmm . This is really good . Well, I heard that you're a chef and this far exceeds my expectations" The Madam said in a pleasing tone .

"Yes thank you, I'm a sous chef at Reigalla Restaurant"

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"Ohh! You work at that restaurant? So you're the famous Queen of Gourmet Food! Callista Rashmor! I remember now! That's why your name is so familiar!" Beatrice exclaimed . When she said that, I immediately look into my memories about this being famous .

"Wow! So you're really her! It is Sis! I always wanted to meet you and eat some of your food! Haha! I can't believe I'll be able to enjoy this glory!" Anthony said and started to pick most of the food and his plate already looks a pile of small mountain . He also looked took a picture from his phone and brag it on his social media .

"I can't believe you're her, Do you remember the banquet at Meihara's Family she was actually the chef that time but we didn't have the chance to see her!" Angelo said and while looking at his wife .

Ashton just looks at his wife . He didn't know any of this matter about his wife but he was proud to have a woman like this in his life .

"You're really famous and I bet you had a lot of offers but why stay only as a sous chef?" Aria asked . She finally remembers that she was really a famous one . She remembers a lot of offers for her to work overseas and to other countries in this eight continent .

"I don't like being in the center of attention and I like to maintain a low profile . I wanted privacy"

"Ohh, you're just like our Son Ashton, always like to work in the shadow while gaining glory, you're really suited to each other! My dear, call me Mom from now on!" The madam joyously said while clapping her hands . Callista just feel a bit of momentarily shock and subconsciously said .

"I thought you don't like me for your son?" when she realized what she said she knew she couldn't take it back and they all looked to her at the same time . Uh-oh this is bad! Urgh! This tongue of mine!