Back from the Dead - Chapter 13

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:34:50 PM

Chapter 13

When she said those words she knew she was finished! But then something unexpectedly happens . After hearing what she said they just all laugh even the Master laugh too! Except for Ashton's face that is frowning and turning grim .

"Sis! Don't worry about it! That's the only thing they couldn't do! Wether they like it or not they had to accept you!" Anthony said while wiping his eyes with no tears to wipe .

"My dear, who told you that I don't like you! Youngsters this days always misunderstood their elders"

"uhh, sorry about that Mada- uhh I mean Mom! I thought you won't like me because of my background being only a chef and also I was an orphan" She said . She never expected this reaction from them . She thought they would skin her alive just by living with him here .

"Well, at first we we're worried about that but meeting you now is the important thing . We just want our son to be happy, from now on you can call me father!" the Master said happily and Callista don't know how to react with this . She thought this man just has a grim face always and don't know how to smile? Maybe she was just paranoid and thinks ahead of what their reactions would be .

"Thank you f-father, I'll be a good and caring wife to your son"

"Sis! Let me tell you something! When Mom and Dad introduce someone to be big bro's wife he got so angry that he made the company of the woman's family go bankrupt in just a day!" Anthony said in a laughing tone

"Shut up you brat! We already know our mistake and that's why we don't meddle with your brother's affair anymore!" The master said and shot a deathly gaze at his idiot son .

Callista just look at her hubby . Well from his attitude he can do that . But he just looks only at her with a blank expression telling 'I don't care about that'

"Anyway Son, when will be the date of the wedding so we can prepare!" The madam said joyously .

"We still haven't decided yet, we still have to plan on it" Ashton said and put a piece of dessert on her food .

"You still haven't had a plan? But why? Your already living with her for a few weeks now" Beatrice said while giving a soup to her baby .

"She was hospitalized a few weeks ago and she was still injured . That's why I let her focus on recuperating first" He just said and with his words it frightened them

"Oh my! What happened! How did she get injured?"

"You just only heal! You could have just arrange this meeting we could really understand that"

"Ashton! Why did you just tell us now that she was hospitalized! We could have visited her and took care of her as well!

"My dear child, are you okay now? Do you feel well now?

She felt a strange emotion running deep through her heart . This was her first time experience this type of emotion could feeling emotionally touch . Well she could not say to them that Ashton bump there car to her .

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"Don't worry mother and father, i'm okay now . It was only a small accident so need to worry about it anymore" She smile and said in an assuring tone .

"Thank goodness! Ashton if she goes out of this house let her have some personal bodyguards around her! Maybe some of our enemies found out that you're getting a wife! I don't want something bad to happen to our daughter-in-law!" The madam exclaimed feeling fearful that something might happen .

"Mom, Ashton wouldn't let her be in danger . So calm down okay" Anthony said to his Mom . He knew what his Mother is thinking .

"It's better to be safe . They almost kidnapped my nephew and threaten your wife, we don't want the same thing to happen ever again" Aria said and instantly they all remember what had happened four years ago . That was a big disaster that happened to the family . It was a good thing that nothing bad had happened to their grandson but it left a big trauma to Beatrice .

"Oh come on! This is a joyous occasion! Stop remembering those bad memories!" Anthony said and tried to make things lively .

"Ashton, just register your marriage to her first and we can have your wedding later . It's better to register her name in our ancestral hall . " The master said . She will be their daughter-in-law and he doesn't want her to go through what her other daughter-in-law had been through .

"Dear, it's not like we don't want you to introduce to the whole world, we just have to make completely sure that nothing will harm you . You are now part of the family"

"It's alright Mother, I understand . The only thing I wish for is to be by his side . Nothing more" she smilingly said to them .

Time pass by, the lunch meeting with his family finally ended . They did also some small talks and bid their goodbyes . Night came and her she was sitting with her hubby in the living room .

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"Hey, what's wrong? Why are you suddenly feeling gloomy?" She asked, after his parents and siblings left he turned gloomy after that .

"Are you okay with it? That I can't announce you as my wife to the whole world?" He said feeling depressed . She find it really cute when her hubby show this type emotion in front of her .

"I'm fine with it and I don't care about the world! With you being my by side, it's already enough for me . There is nothing I could wish for" She said and leaned her head into his shoulder and he just embrace her in his arms .

"Actually, I do wish for something!" she immediately said and looked at her hubby with sparkling eyes .

"I want to have two cats!" She said and pleaded to have her brought cats .

"Why do you want to have cats?"

"So that I have something to take care of and be my babies!" she exclaimed and he just frowns while listening to her reason .

"Why don't we just have to make real babies, don't mind the cats . Let's go to my room now!" he said and suddenly tries to take her away to make 'real babies'

"Hey! Hey! wait! Just listen to me first okay!" she said and she felt her face turning red and hot hearing just what he said .

"What is it?"

"Just give me more time okay! I know that we just met only for a month and I never thought we would progress this long . I'll be frank you with you, I like you very much and I like being by your side"

"For me, no matter how long I have known you be it a month or a year it doesn't matter to me . For me, I know my feelings for you are real . But just give me more time until I can completely be with you . I wanted also to build a family with you but not right now because I am still not ready"

"Also, I need to do something first and when i'm done I can be finally at ease"

She can't tell the whole reason to him . Even if this guy likes her, no one would easily believe a person by just saying 'Hey! I was back from the dead and possess a body!' that will be a big blow to the world thinking his future wife is crazy . He suddenly holds her hand and touch her face .

"Okay . No matter how long, I can wait but don't make me wait that long" He said and she just slightly laugh . She knew that this guy wanted a family too but he just didn't find the right one to have with . He is already thirty years old and I'm five years younger from him .

"Of course I wouldn't let you wait that long! So will you give me cats now?" she said not forgetting to mention of having cats and he just sigh to her request .

"Okay . If you need something with the thing you will do just ask me . Understand?" Her hubby strictly said and she could only nod for a few times .

"What about tomorrow? Let me deliver your lunch and we can just go look together for cats! I need to be there looking at them!" She said in an excited to tone and all he could do is comply with her request .