Back from the Dead - Chapter 15

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:34:37 PM

Chapter 15

Through the use of her hubby private elevator she reached the top floor in a few minutes with the other two bodyguards that accompanying her were his office is located .

The moment she heard the *ding* sound the door to the elevator open . She saw Assistant Albert and it's been several weeks since she last seen him and she saw him talking to a black haired girl and through her outfit it's almost she's stripping naked in front of Assistant Albert .

She can tell her boobs got worked . Even her cheekbones got renovated! And also her butt she could tell that some whatever things is added! Haist, all the things you do for beauty!

"Assistant Albert!" she just shouted at him and wave her hand and her other hand holds the dark green colored food bag with light leaves imprinted on it . She smilingly walks to him but she immediately notice his change of expression . It looks like something is wrong .

Did something happen to her hubby?

Suddenly, the woman namely Megan who was arguing with the Assistant turned around when she heard someone shouted this guy's name .

She saw someone from the private elevator coming out and she was taken aback when she saw a girl in a maroon dressed and she was truly beautiful with her platinum blonde hair bouncing . She saw many beautiful people but this girl is somewhat different and above them all and a sudden envy, rage and jealousy etched from the deeps of her heart .

Assistant Albert was about to welcome and greet the Young Lady and immediately send her to the boss office but this crazy lunatic girl interrupted and insult her .

"Hey! Who are you? What are you doing here? Are you one of those bitches and sluts that like to roam around my husband?!" The girl exclaimed in a mocking and angry tone .

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To Albert if only he was not a man he would immediately smack this lunatic girl's head to the wall for spouting such nonsense! She is truly looking for her own death!

"Uhh? Are you talking to me? Are you sure you're not referring to yourself?" Callista said while looking at her from head to toe in an innocently face . Hearing what she said Albert almost burst into laughing but he immediately suppressed it . Their Young Lady is the best!

Megan's face is turning red from anger! She was born from a high status in this Empire how dare this bitch humiliate her?! She was about to fight back but Callista didn't give her time and spout some more humiliating words . So she instantly rattles some words to her .

"And also 'Hey' is not my name, and from the look of yourself are you really that poor to buy some clothing material that you can't covered up those hideous worked up body of yours?"

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"Are you sure that this is the right place you're going and not to some clubs where some real bitches like you work?"

"How dare you say he is your husband? Are you even married to him? If then show me the fucking marriage certificate! If not scram from here or else I'll break or snap your neck right from here!"

Callista spoke not too fast but with a hint of a chilling murderous aura from her expressionless face . Albert felt that chill to his bone even Megan could feel it and she can feel her legs tremble from just that words from her!

"Hmph! I'll be back later" Megan just said and walked to the elevator . She just suppressed her anger and get back at her sometime later .

"Be back? Do you want me also to snap that long legs of yours?" Callista said while smiling and it was not an ordinary smile it's like a smile coming from hell! But Megan just ignores her and the elevator finally left .

"This is my first time going out of the house and the moment I step in I already met some of my rivals in love? My hubby is too mysterious yet charming" Callista said in a gloomy tone but in an instant she go back to her lively demeanor like nothing had happen

Assistant Albert could not react from what just happen, he spent half an hour trying to make that crazy lunatic girl from leaving but only Miss Callista could make her leave! And now he witness again how bipolar this girl is . Suddenly she was a Raging Ferocious Tiger and now she goes back to being a Little kitten . He could only sigh .

"Sorry about that Lady Callista and also the Boss is waiting for you just enter that door" Albert said and points the only door from this room .

"Okay, Thanks! and oh! Assistant Albert makes sure to spray this room some disinfectants and a lot of it and scrub those floors and tables she have touched! I don't want any germs that can harm my hubby from that nasty stripping girl!" She said and immediately run to the door to meet her hubby .

Poor Albert, he was given a weird task again from her .