Back from the Dead - Chapter 16

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:34:27 PM

Chapter 16

When she enter his office, the interior is a mix of white and black there are also some paintings hanging the wall and some big vase and there was two another room inside this office . This office is quite big and she can see the wide window where she can see the outside . The thing that she was shocked the most was his office has its own kitchen!

Her hubby is sitting at his swivel chair and looking at his papers like it was his biggest enemy and his eyebrows is almost meeting .

"Hey hubby! I'm here! What are you doing?" she said cheerily and good thing there was an extra table where she put the stuffs from her hand and took it all out and arrange it on the table .

"I'm looking at the shipment of the new product from the Medical Technology" he said . She was his wife so there is nothing he could hide and he keep on flipping through some papers .

"Do it later . It's already lunch time" she said as she keep on taking out the food and suddenly she felt his hands around her waist hugging her from behind .

"What did you cook for me?" He asked and she felt his breath around her neck sending shivers to the core of her bones and it was tickling her!

"It's just some simple dish and I cooked enough for the both of us!" she said and he can smell the aroma of food that she cook for him .

"Could you took some eating utensils first? It looks like i'll be the one who's to be eaten!" She said and she felt him hug her more .

"Hmm . That's a better idea" He said and keep on teasing her . Her wife is too cute and he find it refreshing and amusing .

"Tease me more and you won't taste my dishes anymore!" she said and he just slightly laugh and made his way to his own kitchen and took what she asked .

"So this is the reason why Butler Yedel didn't want me to bring some eating utensils . Why do you even have your own kitchen?" She said to him when he put down the utensils and he arrange it . This was her first time knowing that a certain someone has his own kitchen in an office .

"I was poisoned two times when I was young . I only eat at home and cook my own lunch here" He just said casually and something itch in her heart .

"So what about the times when you can't cook?"

"Hmm . I just let it pass, your now here so I won't be having problem having lunch now" He said and her heart hurts even more .

He can't easily trust someone because of this and he just only know her for almost a month yet he trusted her . She felt deeply move . This was her first time experiencing someone that truly trust without any questions except for the three idiots while the other agents from the organization is allergic to her .

"Thank you hubby!" She hug him and look at him with thankful expression . He knew what she mean . He just look at her tearful expression and caressed her cheeks .

"Your my wife and I will always trust you . Come on let's eat before the food grow cold" he said and let her sit down and he took his chair as well and then she started serving him some food .

"When do you want to register our marriage first?" He suddenly asked and took a piece of cauliflower and put it on her plate .

"Hmm . It's up to you, but when we have the wedding let's do it on during the Autumn season! It's the best season for weddings!" she excitedly said . It's already summer that's why the weather is scorching hot! She love the Autumn season very much .

"Okay, do you want me to hire some wedding planner?"

"Hmm, okay! Just tell me if you have found someone" She said and suddenly they hear a loud voice coming from the office .

"Big brother! Your baby brother is here!" It was none other than Anthony and Ashton suddenly felt a headache coming .

"What do you want?"

"Big Bro! Ohh! Big Sis is here as well! Wow! you cooked some food!" Anthony said and rush to the table and took some food and shove it to his mouth .

"Big sis is really the Queen! I'm so very blessed to have you as my big sis!" Anthony said in a teary tone and his mouth is full food .

"You punk! How dare you eat the food I cook for my hubby!" She immediately exclaimed and slap his hand when his trying to take the last piece of meatballs .

""Big sis! Food are made to be eaten you can just cook again for him!" He exclaimed and try again to took the food but Callista just shield it with her spoon and it was like a battle of spoon and fork trying to get the last piece of meatball .

Ashton just massage his forehead and watch as the two in front of him battle for that last piece of food .

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"Enough already! Anthony, what are you even doing here?" Ashton said in an angry tone and because of that he lost focus and lost the battle and Callista took the last meat and eat it .

"Ahh! Big sis! Your so mean!" Anthony felt like he was going to cry! He so felt cheated! It looks like it's already hoes before bros now!

"I win you punk!" Callista said in a cheery tone!

"Big bro! Your so mean now! Dad freeze all of my account! I was humiliated last night that I didn't get to pay the drinks! So Big bro why don't you lend me some?"

"You punk! Is this what you came for? Hubby! Don't give him any! Let him teach a lesson!" Callista said in an evil tone and of course her hubby listen to her thinking it was the right thing to do .

"W-what? Big bro! Don't you love me anymore?" Anthony still pleaded at his brother thinking he will listen to him .

"Go to Aria" he just said and Anthony's world suddenly cracked

"No! She will already kicked me out the moment I enter her studio!"

"Then go to Angelo"

"His always busy and he will just scold me!" He said and just slump on the chair .

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"I'm feeling good today so why just give him a $1000?" Callista suggested .

"What? $1000? That's not enough!"

"Learn to save money you punk!"

After a moment of lecturing Anthony he suddenly left with a gloomy face and just took the money he was offered to . Poor him, when his brother is still single no matter what he did he would still give him much money but now he was suddenly in an agony that his big bro has a wife now .

. . . . . . .

Ashton was finally done with his work and there are no more schedules on the afternoon . Callista just waited for him while playing with her phone doing some research .

"Boss, the car is ready" Assistant Albert said when he walked in . Ashton immediately stand up and took his wife .

"Finally!" She said and put the phone in her small sling bag and cling to his arms and made their way out of the office .

Out of the office she saw someone again and it was none other than the nasty stripping girl!