Back from the Dead - Chapter 19

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:34:10 PM

Chapter 19

Callista's lively demeanor is back after a week of suffering from her monthly period . Her hubby was always at her side even though she find it funny that he thinks I was having a deadly disease and well of course he hasn't gone to the company that is why Assistant Albert is going back and forth here in the mansion .

She was strolling in the garden along with Midnight and Moonlight she didn't need to put a leash on them cause they followed her obediently . She just pick up some new freshly tulips and go back inside .

She saw her hubby in the living room sitting in the sofa with some papers on his hand and Midnight jump to him and sat on his lap .

He was a bit shocked to this cat's closeness to him . He just raised his eyebrow looking at the cat that was innocently lying on his lap . When his wife is not looking it would ignore him and when she's with her it acts sweetly to him . This is a one weird cat and was a bit more different to Moonlight .

Moonlight is what you called an attention seeker type and likes to cuddle with Callista very much that he wants to strangle it so bad or drown it in the pond near the garden . He just ignore Midnight and look at Callista arranging the freshly tulips on the vase .

"Cally, I will be leaving for a week it's a business trip to Slovenia" he said to her while flipping through some papers that Assistant Albert handed to him .

"Ohh, Okay! When will you leave? Who's with you?"

"I'll be leaving tonight, Albert will be with me"

"Okay! Be safe and bring home some souvenirs for me and also I'll be leaving today I need to visit the restaurant it looks like my boss is still waiting for me" Callista said and head to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast and snacks .

Ashton felt Midnight move and he look at it and he saw him staring back at him then ignore him and went to Moonlight to play . Ashton just shook his head and take a look at the papers . Thinking that cat is really an abnormal one .

. . . . . . . .

Callista took the car she requested to his hubby . It was quite difficult requesting for him to not have those bodyguards following her . It will be weird when she reach the restaurant looking like that having a lot of chaperones beside her .

She took the red Honda Acura NSX and she love it so much! She really love sports car and she missed those times racing with the three idiots . She hop in and drove out of the mansion .

On the road, she was listening to Coldplay's music when she noticed something . It's because she took a shortcut, It will only took three turns on the road and she will be at the restaurant but there was a detour sign and it made her eyebrow rise up . This road has just some few cars passing and this road is a little bit dangerous because of some previous accidents .

She notice a three black car ahead and she pulled her car beside the road and step out of the car . It wasn't that very far from her and he notice a lot of men in black surrounding someone and in front of them is some guys wearing a dark blue suit . It looks like her shortcut on the road has some danger ahead .

In an instant, she heard gunshots and she hide well near the car . She peek a little more that she realize that those one wearing blue suits is from the Wafflers Azure Organization one of her previous organizations enemy and ranked on as third while her organization is rank the first .

It looks like they really wanted to kill all those men in black and because of that she wanted to have some fun too! She missed those killing time and it's time to test if her skills is still the same and those guys are her enemies so it's not that bad to help those men in black their enemies .

She open the car and look at the car compartment and she was right there was a gun in there! It was a Kahr CW9 . This gun is for a self dense type for women and it will be good to use and she look at the magazine and there was 7 bullets .

She was about to join the fun when she saw a girl with two men in black running towards her and in an instant the other guy was shot to death while shielding the girl .

"Help! Please help us!" the girl shouted while running with those flowy fancy dress .

"Please! Save her! Take her away from here!" The man in black said to Callista while firing his gun to those man in blue suits . Callista don't know what to react . She wanted to join the fun but here she was someone is telling her that she has to get away with this little girl .

"Please! I'll pay you a large sum amount of money! just take me away from here!" the girl shouted to her and immediately enter the car and the man in black push Callista to the driver seat .

"Please, take good care of the Princess" the Man in black said and Callista has no choice but to drive away or else she will receive those rain of bullets .

She wanted to play with them but not with someone that pushes her to protect someone . She drive away very fast and and took many turns to prevent those bastards from following the both them .

She notice that the little girl was wearing is a type of a Royal Dress that she remember and look at the girl beside her who is still sweating and breathing heavily .

'Fuck! Damn it!' she cursed many times in her head when she realize who she was .

She didn't expect that the person she 'save' was the one two years ago that she have to kill! It was none other than Princess Amirrah Moira Clavestine! From the Country of Silavanah in the eight continent .

She remember it well the mission she receive from the headquarters . She was already on spot to kill her that time during the Royal Ball but she receive a call to abort the mission . It looks like that time she was save from her mercy and she didn't expect to meet her in this kind of situation to accidentally save this damsel in distress .

She didn't know what that man in black is thinking to let her safety be in my care . If he knew that I wanted to kill her long ago I wonder what would be his reaction and thinking that this girl trust me to let her get away with me .

"Are you not afraid that I will abandon and send you to them?" I said to her while looking at the road and she felt her gaze to her .

"I know when not to trust people" she said in a hoarse voice

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"So you really trust me that much? You just met me a while ago"

"If not, you should have already abandon me a while ago"

"What if I just want to take you away and ask some ransom to your family?"

"With a car like this, are you really that poor and in need of money?"

She can't help but laugh . This little girl is interesting and not that idiotic . It looks like she know her thing . While driving for about half an hour, we reach the underground parking of the hotel that one of my hubby owns .

"I'll be leaving you here at the hotel and you can call someone to get you from here" I said and was about to get out when the little girl sprang up in her seat and hold tightly in my arms .

"No! Please don't leave me here! It's my first time here and I don't trust anyone here except from you" she shrieked and pleaded . Callista felt a deep headache coming while trying to brush off the arm of the girl clinging to her .

"Let's go out first" Callista said and took the girl and head to the reception area . She took a black card with a golden fire symbol from here wallet . My hubby just give it to me and told me to use it if I'm going to places he owns and he really did give me a lot of different cards that I don't know what's the use of it .

"Give me the best VIP room and clear the rooms from that floor" Callista said and handed the black car to the girl . When the girl receive the card, her eyes almost popped out and her hand tremble while touching the card .

"Just a few moments Miss" the girl said in a trembling voice and immediately called the manager .

Callista along with the little girl patiently seated while they serve them some refreshments and few moments later the manager arrive with beads of sweat falling from his forehead .

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When he receive the call from the receptionist that someone used the Golden Fire Black Card he immediately rushed to meet the user of the card . The only ones who could use this type of card are from the family of Cordiviera's .

"Young Miss, what are your request?" The manager said while bowing to the lady in dress while ignoring Callista who is just wearing some simple jeans and loose white shirt .

"Uhm, the one you should be asking is her" The little girl said while pointing her slender fingers to Callista and the manager broke into cold sweat when he saw the reaction of the other one he just ignore .

"U-uhh I-I'm sorry Y-youn" he didn't finish what he has to say when Callista cut him off .

"Give her the best VIP room from here and clear that floor . Make sure the security is tight and no one is allowed to go there except for the security . Got it?" she said in a cold voice and the manager just could only comply to her request .

"Right away Young Miss, please the room is this way" the manager said and they followed him .

. . . .

"I'll be leaving you here first and don't worry I'll be back" Callista said to the little princess trying to assure her .

"Can I just go with you? I promise I won't be a burden!" The little princess said and tried to cling into her arms but Callista didn't give her a chance to . She was already a burden to her! Callista thought in her mind .

"I'm sorry but I really need to go somewhere . You will be safe here I promise you that so just stay here and relax . " Callista said and immediately run to the door and shut it without giving the her the chance to talk back .

Callista breathe a sigh of relief . She still needed to go the restaurant to clarify some things and also she needed to get home before night because she will head to the airport with her hubby to bid him goodbye .

She didn't expect that some other things would ruin her schedule for today .