Back from the Dead - Chapter 2

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:55 PM

Chapter 2

Fuck this world! I can't believe that I died! I failed the mission! So fucking careless of me! That bitch Liana! She's a traitor! I can't believe that she ambush me and took the three vials that I took from my mission .

And now! I'm just a living soul! For the sake of living and desire to live I even defy the heavens and escape death!

It's been a long week that I'm just wandering around even if I possessed a body I can't even enter it! It means that I can't possess a body that is living! So even if I escape death I can't even live and breathe just like a normal person!

I just look like how my body is so transparent . I just look around in this busy street and I'm just barely holding to this place .

"What a cruel life is this" I just muttered . Is this the end? Is it because I'm so greedy and kill many that I don't have the right to live anymore? And in a few moments I just hear a loud screeching sound with a bang .

I looked where it came from and it just look like there was an accident . Someone was in a car accident and I just saw there was a woman lying in a pool of blood already and in a flash I saw something transparent leave her body and fly upwards!

She immediately looks at that thing and realizes it was just like her but the difference was she had a golden halo above her head .

"Don't tell me she is dead now? Doesn't mean can I possess it!?" With that idea in mind . A flicker of hope shines in her eyes and without any delay in just a flash she arrives at her side . I can't see her face so the important thing to do is occupy the body now .

When I possess her body I can feel an intense amount of pain! Finally! I possessed the body! Haha! But this is not the time to dilly dally! This body is still bleeding and I need to be saved or else there is no use if I die from too much blood loss!

"Someone! Call an ambulance!" Finally! That's right! call a fucking ambulance! Why you are such a slow witted!

"Hurry! Hurry! She's bleeding too much!" Now that you notice i'm lying in a pool blood .

In mere moments, I already lost consciousness .

. . . .

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"Young Master, we already sent her to the hospital . It's best that we should leave now, we still have an important business to attend" The assistant of the man said while bowing into a young man in front of him .

"No, I'll wait for her to wake up to prevent some issues . We just hit her with our car so the responsibility lies with us . Cancel the meeting and bring a new schedule, I'll settle that matter later" A young man in a black suit said and waits in the lounge of the operating room area .

"Young Master! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! This is my fault that we got into this accident!" A middle age man said and keeps on bowing to the young man .

"It's an accident, leave for now . " The man said and the middle age man bow one last time before he said his goodbye .

The young man stood in waiting around with his assistance waiting for the operation to end and after waiting for a few hours the doctor finally step out of the room .

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"Are you the guardian of the patient?" The assistant step in and answer the question of the doctor .

"Yes we are, how is she doing? Is she okay?" The assistant anxiously said .

"She had two broken ribs and it affects some of her internal organs and she has an internal bleeding . She also fractures her left arm . She may have some concussions or post traumatic injury but the surgery is successful and after she woke up she still need to go some test to insure her safety we will send her to the room now" The doctor explain and left after the assistant thank him .

"Arrange all her accommodations in this hospital and also find out some information about that person . I'll be heading to her room now" The young man said and left the area .

The assistant just followed his master's orders . He couldn't understand why his young master wanted to stay in this hospital just to take care of that girl that he had just met . Well there was nothing he could do so he just shrugged it off and do his business .