Back from the Dead - Chapter 20

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:34:08 PM

Chapter 20

Callista finally reached her destination and immediately got out of her car and enter the restaurant to the main entrance . She was used to enter the back door but she was not working here anymore .

She was about to head to the boss office when someone called to her that made her stop from her tracks .

"Callista!" She turned around and it was a middle age woman it just look like she just finished her meal and from here memory it was Mrs . Kugami . She always visit this restaurant and is very close to her .

"Mrs . Kugami" Callista called and just slightly bowed to her .

"Oh dear, where have you been? I missed all the dishes you make, are you really not coming here anymore dear?" The woman said in depressed tone . She found out a month ago that she really resign from work and because of that many well known chefs and chef master came to the restaurant to work from them .

"I was busy for a while and I'm here to talk to boss about that matter . I'm very sorry Mrs . Kugami but I need to head first" Callista said and leave and head to the boss office .

She was about to enter the door when someone called to her again .

"Callista!" She saw a young brown haired guy wearing his chef uniform and it was none other than Brandon, the Head Chef of the Reigalla Restaurant .

"What is it?" Callista asked while blinking her eyes at him .

"Uhm . . . uhh" Brandon was loss for words . When he saw her entering the restaurant he immediately follow her .

He was about to asked her how she was doing and why is she gone for a long time and why would she resign . She really like her since she started working here and gaining the title of the Queen of Gourmet food .

He felt his cheeks burned red! He can feel his blushing when he saw her looking at him and he can't help but be mesmerized to her beauty again and again! He never met someone like her is so beautiful and to think she has a good attitude too that many men falls for her .

'Damn it! Brandon! Just be a man and talk to her!'

"Brandon? Do you need something?" Callista asked him when she just saw him standing there like a stick .

"Uhh . . No . . no . . I just heard you came back, i just wanted to greet and meet you" He said and when he said those words he wanted to bang his head to the wall!

'I gathered my courage to approach her and in the end that's all I got to say?' So much for being a man Brandon!'

"Hmm . Okay, it was quite nice to meet you but I'm sorry I need to meet up with the boss" Callista said and slightly bow to him and enter the door .

When Callista left him to the empty corridor Brandon just pulled his hair thinking that he was an idiot to let her go again .

"I really need some love advice!" he said and head back to the kitchen .

Meanwhile at the Boss office .

Callista saw a woman in her 40's it was none other than Ronabeth Sibab the youngest chef to able to achieve a 20 Michelin Stars during her twenties and was titled as the The Queen of Chefs and now she hold many Michelin star restaurants around the world and claim more Michelin stars .

At her age, you can still see her vibrant self along with seriousness on her face and the aura of greatness from her . Ronabeth held her head when she notice someones presence on the room and her eyes immediately lit up when she saw who it was .

"Callista my dear! Your back!" The woman said and sprang up to her sit and embrace the girl in her arms and Callista hug her back too . She can remember that this woman was along side with her through her greatness and everything .

She remember the moments she had met her . It was during the time when she meet her from the orphanage that her foster father introduce her and she was the one who recognize her ability in cooking and you can say she was her mentor and also a mother type to her .

"I'm very sorry for leaving without saying a word" Callista said and release herself from her embrace .

"It's okay dear, I know you wanted to do a lot of things but I just can't let you go" The woman said in a sad tone .

She wanted her to be the one to inherit the restaurant and also be the head chef but she declined her offer . For her, she was more than a daughter to her . She was a single woman and during that time she focused all her attention and time on grooming her to be the best .

"I'm really sorry about that Auntie Rona, I also wanted to stay but I'm getting married now" she said . She didn't want to hide the fact that she's getting married because she trusted her .

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"What? Your getting married already? Well, your already at the age to get married but does your father know about it?" The woman was slightly shocked to this girl sudden confession . She didn't knew that the reason would be her to resign was to get married .

"Yes Auntie, I'll be getting married soon but i haven't told my father about it" Callista said and she already forgot about the family she had .

"Ohh, that father of yours will be truly shock when he founds that his little girl is getting married" The woman slightly laugh knowing what would his reaction would be .

"So this is the reason you wanted to resign? Oh my little girl is already snatched away from me" The woman sadly said but Callista don't know what to say . The reason was so she could freely investigate about her origin and basically she can't say that to her .

"It's okay if your getting married, I won't let you resign but it's up to you if you want to come here anytime you want!" The woman said . She didn't want to let her go if she did those little rats that wanted her will take this chance to take away her person .

"But Auntie, isn't that a little bit weird?"

"No! No! it's not weird! your my beloved daughter so nothing is weird when it comes to you!" The woman said thinking there was nothing wrong with her decision and Callista just could only sigh and just comply to her request .

She spent some more time with her and cook some food to her also and also to the customers that missed her cooking . The costumers were glad to be able to taste her dishes again and the one who left early and didn't visit felt a deep regret that they never tasted their Queen's food .

She chatted also with her co-workers and especially to her best friend Carla while Brandon just look at her from afar thinking how will he confess her feelings to her and when will he have the chance to properly talk to her .

. . . . . . . .

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It was already 6 pm when she arrive at the airport . Her hubby called her telling that his already in the airport because his flight was adjusted to leave 6:30 pm and not 7 pm .

Callista was so exhausted from day till the evening . When she saw her hubby in the waiting area sitting along with Assistant Albert and four other men in black her exhausted face suddenly lit up .

"Hubby!" she called out to him and run in his embrace

Ashton was slightly shocked to her suddenly being clingy and he just let her hug him for a while . He felt better when she's doing this type of sweetness from her .

"Hubby, don't leave me for too long okay! and Also no women! Don't ever look at them! No women contact! Albert! Report to me if his having contact with other girls!" Callista said and Assistant Albert felt his hair from his body stand up . Here he was again being picked up by the Young Lady .

'Lady Callista! must you really torture me? How can I sell my boss! Do you really want me dead!' Assistant Albert wanted to cry but there were no tears to shed .

"Don't worry, your the only woman in my eyes" Ashton said while holding her hand and Callista blushed to what he said .

"Hubby! Bring me some souvenirs!"

"What do you want?

"Bring me some Slovenian Honey! There honey is the best! Bring me some okay!" Callista said and just cling to into his arms while waiting for his departure .

He kissed her goodbye before leaving and Callista was left alone in the waiting area while waving to his hubby and suddenly she remember that someone is still waiting for her at the hotel .