Back from the Dead - Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

At Golden Fire Hotel, VIP Room

Princess Amirrah was standing at the balcony of the VIP room . Her long straight jet black hair past her waist line flow along with the with cold wind while staring at the night sky filled with brightly glowing stars but in her eyes you can see the gloominess and worries in it .

She heard the door the open and immediately look if it was the girl who have save her . She's been waiting for her already for a day and thinking maybe that she won't come back for her but here she was standing the doorway .

There was something with this girl that she feel she has to trust to her . If this Princess knew that this person who just accidentally save her have the guts to kill her a long time ago I wonder what would be her reaction .

"You're back!" The Princess happily exclaimed and Callista look at the food on the table that hasn't been touch . She put her small bag and car keys on the table and sit at the sofa while the Princess sit on the other side .

"So what's your plan? From your get up and the one chasing you it looks like your not just an ordinary person" Callista said . She didn't want to expose the fact that she know her true identity it will be a big problem if she just casually said she know her .

It was widely known that the Silavanah Country has a princess but they never ever showed her in the public . She only knew her real face and some information because of the organization . Having two memories in this life was quite well pleasing and it comes handy during hard times .

"I'm the first Princess of the Silavanah Country, Amirrah Moira Clavestine . Flying to this country was only a secret and only the higher ups from the Royal Place know this and somehow the fact that I leave was leaked out" She said explaining her circumstances and Callista can sense the anger emitting from her body .

"The Princess? We knew that country has a Princess but we have never saw her face . Claiming to be a part of royalty is a crime . Do you have any proof that you are the Princess?" Callista asked . Even if she knew she was real she needed some affirmation .

"Is this proof enough?" she said and lift the strands of her hair from her right ear and show a piece of an earring ornament and it wasn't just your ordinary ornament . It was a jade colored pearl shaped with a golden flower engraved in it .

One should know that this piece of ornament is only to be wear by Royal females and this is enough proof to confirm her identity .

"So your really the Princess but a Royalty like you, what are you even doing here?" Callista asked while acting looking surprise that she really was the Princess and knowing her identity she didn't even show proper courtesy which the Princess find it odd .

When she was in the Palace, when they knew her identity they would bow and greet her but this girl she acts like her identity is nothing but she neglect it knowing that she save her and from the looks of what she did her character must not be some any ordinary woman .

"It's a business deal that is important to sign . The one should be here signing the deal is supposed to be my brother but he got sick and my father can't leave the country due to some circumstances and it leaves me here in this situation" The Princess said and she could only sigh . She worries more about her brother being sick than the business deal . Some may call her a pampered brat Princess but she knew more than others the happenings in the Palace .

Callista understands cause she knew her situation very well just from the words she spoke . Her brother the crown prince is already sick through his childhood and can't easily leave the country and he will be ambush or assassinated very hard .

While her father, The king can't leave, once he step out of the royal place through that important business deal . I bet once he goes back, his two precious child will have their heads hanging and the Palace has already done some cleaning and he has no choice but to send her little princess expecting that no one still knew her identity but sadly their will be always a traitor and spies everywhere . As a previous assassin she understands it very well .

"The business deal your talking about, when will the signing start?" Callista asked . She got curious and she love this type of fun . She may be in a different body but it can't hide what she used to be . The body she possess is just a shell to protect her lost soul .

"I arrive her one week earlier to the set date . I was planning on enjoying my stay here before the day arrives but I didn't expect the moment I arrive here, there was an ambush waiting for us" The princess said in a depress tone and can't help but feel sad to the ones who accompany her here . She knew the dangers very well and could just silently accept their fates when it comes to protecting her .

"I'm sorry to pry to your business here but can you tell me about it? I'm already in this situation with you why just tell me everything in case if their is something I could help?" Callista said and sneeringly smile hiding her evil intentions to join the fun .

Her enemies are already part of it and maybe some of those bunch of fools saw her hair color . It will be bad to let them assume her as the Silver fox slash Ayane . Well she was in fact the real Ayane but that girl died long ago .

Princess Amirrah was about to tell her the important business deal when Callista heard a loud growl coming from the Princess stomach .

"Uhh . . . err . . " The princess don't know what to react and felt slightly embarrassed .

"They serve you a lot of food and yet you didn't eat them? Don't tell me you didn't eat anything the moment I left?" Callista asked thinking how hungry she have been .

"I'm not used to eat other's cooking and I was poison many times . " she said and Callista remember that her situation is similar to her hubby . Being born with a silver spoon is really hard to live that freely without thinking that someone wants you dead .

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Callista just stand from her sit and called to the reception desk to send her some food ingredients .

"Uhm, I'm just telling you that I can't cook!" The Princess said . She may have some other skills but the one thing she can't do is she doesn't know how to cook!

"Don't worry, i'll be the one doing the cooking just sit back and relax" Callista said and head to the kitchen area of the room . It was really the best room from here . Meanwhile later, the ingredients she asked for already arrive and Princess Amirrah head to the kitchen also .

"Can I be of help to you?"

"Just wash those vegetables first" Callista said and hand her the vegetables she needed and if the Royal Palace found out that their Princess is washing vegetable for someone they would vomit liters of blood or bang their head to the wall .

"I've been talking to you for a while now and still i haven't know your name" Princess Amirrah said while washing these leafy vegetables .

"Ohh, sorry for the late introduction I'm Callista Rashmor" she just said casually but little did she know that her name spreads far across the world and also that didn't left the ears of the Princess who was residing in the Palace .

"What?! Y-your Callista Rashmor? The Queen of Gourmet Food! " The Princess exclaimed and can't believe that the person beside her is the famous Queen that every chef wanted to work with and many famous elites and socialites want to taste her cooking!

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And here she was cooking food for her and she also wanted to taste her cooking . It's because she can't easily leave the Palace that it only became a wishful thinking but now it's a dream a come true for her! And to think she was the one that save her from the ambush!

She was really not an ordinary woman! She truly believe her instincts!

Callista just watch the girl on the verge of tears and also looking happily washing the vegetables .

'Is it really that fun to wash some vegetables?' Callista didn't know what to react to her sudden behavior and just ignore her and continue cooking .

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It's because my author's thoughts exceed . Please read this .

The volume one will end after Princess Amirrah's arc .

The second volume will start with Ashton's love rivals and Callista's investigation on her origins will finally start . This will test Ashton's true love for Cally and for our dear Cally as well .